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Roman Catholic - hierarchy child sexual abuse “cover-ups” ordered by Benedict XVI to avoid public outrage & criminal charges - falsely accused gay priests - WATERGATE?

Posted 12/17/09, Revised 1/15/10 and 3/16/10


Nazi Persecutions of Homosexuals

90% population a degree Homosexual Orientation

Fundamental Attribution Error 
 Blaming the Victim & Belief In A Just World 
(why the majority of people remain silent, unaffected by other people's pain and suffering, even for children) 

The research data 

of the child sexual abuse.  At the same time the Ireland Murphy report
revealed the facts about the decades of cover-ups of the child sexual abuse cases by the Roman Catholic hierarchy globally. It also revealed that Benedict XVI had ordered these cover-ups and to punish anyone challenging the hierarchy


The Ireland report also revealed that the civil government had colluded with the cover-ups of the child sexual abuse cases. This was likely aided by the overwhelming support of an unknowing public of the facts. According to the report, Benedict XVI 

did this before he was made pope, as Cardinal Ratzinger, which went on for the past 30 some years.

The Ireland’s Murphy report was like the one domino that flipped backwards exposing the decades of criminal negligence by Benedict XVI and the hierarchy. It also raises the question whether Benedict XVI used the homosexual orientation to muster world attention to shift the blame off the hierarchy and place it onto homosexuals. Hitler used the same tactic when he first came into power blaming homosexuals for all societal illness, at that time, thus encouraging public intolerance and violence towards homosexuals. Is history repeating itself?  Read more Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945  


There appears to be similarities regarding Benedict XVI's child sexual abuse cover-ups and Nixon’s “Watergate” cover-ups. The strategic advice given by “Deep Throat” to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, reporters for The Washington Post in the Watergate cover-ups to follow the “money” the same may be true with Benedict XVI, to follow the “child sexual abuse cover-ups.” Unfortunately, it appears that Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s child sexual abuse cover-ups would likely involve billions of dollars more than has already been spent. It has already been revealed in the Ireland report that people in the civil government had colluded in the cover-ups. Ongoing investigations would more than likely increase this number, as it did with Nixon and all his men 1974. Read more 

Condemning Gay Marriage 
Maintaining Cover-up
Benedict XVI & the Hierarchy - Failing to Protect Children? 

It is questionable whether Benedict XVI and the hierarchy continue to publicly condemn “gay marriage” in order to maintain their cover-ups and avoid doing time in jail. This is especially true when Benedict XVI and the hierarchy have not offered any substantiated evidence either from the bible or from science to support their objections to Marriage Equality. They have rejected all scientific research to the contrary and offer no explanations as to why. Is this what happened to Galileo?

Benedict XVI and the hierarchy openly began condemning of homosexuals, which began in 2002, when the child sexual abuse cases first became global news, which started in Boston. It is becomes very difficult to believe Benedict XVI and the hierarchy objections to sexual orientation, when major Christian denominations this summer 2009 
joined the long established Christian precedence of accepting LGBT people (with their partners) in all forms of ordain ministries. These difficulties grow even stronger to believe because of all the research data that is compiled from all the major medical, psychiatric, psychological and social workers national and international professional associations regarding human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity. (APA - repudiate gay-to-straight therapy)

though most appreciated is confusing because just one year before the Vatican refused to support protecting homosexuals. Unfortunately, it can be suspect whether or not it is meant more as a strategic form of distraction or is it based on truth? This kind of “lukewarm” support for homosexuals is unsettling and confusing, can it be trusted? No one wants to have doubts about their church leaders. However, unexplained inconsistencies naturally cause people to reluctantly question their church leaders intentions.

Unfortunately, the Vatican has a history of the misuse of time to avoid opposition. Pope John Paul II made a historical public apology in 2000 for the sins of the Church through the centuries. Because Benedict XVI and the hierarchy have not been forthcoming with any substantiated reasoning to explain their long opposition against homosexuals, and then with their sudden shift of support for homosexuals, again, with no explanation, it is only logical that questions are raised.

Proper explanations would dispel thoughts that the Vatican’s sudden shift of support for homosexuals at the United Nations was meant as tactic:
(1) to appease their opposition from the LGBT associations and their allies
(2) to allow more time to past for people to forget the Ireland Murphy report “December 09”
(3) to forget the research data report
presented at the US bishops fall meeting “November 09” stating that “Homosexuality was the not the problem” of the child sexual abuse cases.

In addition, clarification has been asked about what is the meaning of “unjust discrimination” that was used in the Vatican’s statement. The meaning is not clear. Did the Vatican in reality say anything different regarding homosexuals?  

In light of the devastating Ireland’s report regarding the intentional cover-ups of the child sexual abuse cases led by Benedict XVI and then shifting the blame by publicly wrongfully condemning homosexuals, which also increases the life time harm caused to children who grow up gay, all strikes at the very foundation of the credibility of Benedict XVI and the hierarchy. It is unsettling and frustrating for everyone. Because in both instances children are being harmed for life and in good conscience of all Catholics something must be done to protect children. It is like what Jesus said out of frustration about people who are lukewarm, preferring people to be either “hot” or “cold.” People want to believe Benedict XVI and the hierarchy, but transparency and constancy must be forthcoming first before people in good conscience can do so. And at all times it must be remembered that children are the victims of the actions of Benedict XVI and the hierarchy. How is justice to be upheld for everyone involved?  From 2002 to 2009 these were the most revealing years of the decades of Benedict XVI and the hierarchy child sexual abuse cover-ups. We must all work together to protect children, immediately and harm no one.

There have been major world leaders (Tony Blair), 
celebrities standing up, and some “coming out” in support of LGBT adults and children. Barack Obama became President of the USA in 2008, it was clear that he valued knowledge from all sources, past and present and on all levels. President Obama has demonstrated that he is willing to debate important issues and clearly explain his strategies (Nobel Peace Prize). 
With all due respect, in contrast, unfortunately Benedict XVI and the hierarchy clearly are not interested in obtaining knowledge from all sources regarding the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, therefore they lack the necessary logic and clarity to be able to understand their opposition to Marriage Equality.  

Pope John Paul II had the right formula when looking for truth, which was by not separating science from religion. Pope John Paul II 

Unfortunately, Benedict XVI dismissed this caution, immediately after he became pope, April 2005, by removing the scientists that Pope John Paul II had set up on all committees in the Vatican. And immediately, Benedict XVI, fell into error, just as Pope John Paul II warned would happen if science and religion are separated. 

Advocates of Marriage Equality must not allow extremists (misled Christians) to separate science from their religion. This is also good advice for our people in government to find the line that separates church and state. It also helps us to know when the church has crossed the line and is harming innocent people, especially children, as was done by burning witches and hanging people because of their race.

Implicit Child Abuse
Vatican’s Unsubstantiated Antigay Teachings Galileo (Again)?

The harm caused to children growing up gay who are subjected to the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings though it is a form of implicit child abuse that often leads to more explicit forms of violence, is in fact, far more deadly than witch burnings or hangings, because it becomes self perpetuating. It teaches a child how to treat people inhumanly, as adults. It fosters implicit and explicit forms violence. With all due respect, unfortunately Benedict XVI and the hierarchy appear to be prime examples of what happens to very young children who are taught to suppress, consider as evil their natural human feelings for bonding with other human beings, to feel one with another human being.  Instead though not intentionally, they are taught to consider human life as unimportant and disposable, because in effect that is how they were treated as children.  Repeatedly shamed, scolded or physical abused, as very young children, because of their natural innocent feelings and expressions to be close to another person of the same sex. More often than not they unknowingly repeat this same kind of inhuman behavior, as they experienced as children on others, when they are adults. This is because their natural feelings for human bonding, feeling one with another human being, have long been destroyed in their early childhood years growing up by being subjected to these unsubstantiated antigay teachings promulgated by the Vatican. 

This is why it is imperative that we do not allow the publicity of the “child sexual abuse cases” in Ireland to die down without convictions and proper restitution made to the victims. Christ warned us about the importance of protecting children, which Benedict XVI and the hierarchy seem to have long forgotten. "Protect children and the entire world will be safe." If we forget the children we will lose just like Benedict XVI and the hierarchy are for not protecting the "little ones." They tried to maintain secrecy about this ongoing sexual abuse of children and continue to do so. However, now the fact that we, the world, have known about it for the past seven years (2002-2009), it is now our responsibility not to remain silent and begin protecting children.  However, it is vitally important that we do not become vigilantes, self-appointed doers of justice, which would only compound the violence being done to children worldwide. No one is ever protected in this manner. 

It is sad to state that the Vatican’s great defense in dealing with “cover-ups” is to allow time to past, lots of time, years and years, for people to forget. It took the Vatican 400 years to apologize to Galileo for condemning him because he said the earth revolves around the sun.



We the public have been made aware of the global harm to children by Benedict XVI and the hierarchy, we are responsible to protect children. No harm or disrespect is intended to anyone, but when and how do we become responsible to protect children. As Catholics, we know in the end we all will be judged severely on how well we protected children. It is vital that each and every Catholic individually learns to facts about the child sexual abuse cases and about human sexuality and not collude with the harm being done by our silence or ignorance. Again, it cannot be stress enough that it is equality important that we must avoid at all cost not to become vigilantes, self-appointed doers of justice. This is where the necessary “checks and balances” are essential before any help protecting children can begin. We do not eliminated crimes against humanity by creating other crimes of against humanity.  The harmful symptoms of “groupthink
can arise in any group of people, who are not cautious enough to learn about their devastating potential to unintentionally cause severe harm to innocent people including children. With the necessary "checks and balances" in place that remain constant, we must then remain strong in our protection of children. It is so very easy to slip into becoming worst than the aggressors.

No “Checks and Balances”

A major problem with the hierarchical structure of the Roman Catholic Church is that there are no “checks and balances.” When the necessary “checks and balances” are not in place to protect any organization, it leaves “not making waves” the rule that governs the hierarchy and opens the way to many devastating mistakes harmful to everyone and allows corruption to grow. The following statements are harsh statements, but unfortunately they are heavily documented. (1) Benedict XVI and his hierarchy failed to protect children from child sexual abuse for decades. (2) They mistreated and intimidated the victims and their families who came to report the child sexual abuse, in order to cover up publicity of any child sexual abuse. (3) They failed to protect children by repeatedly reassigning the child sexual abusers to assignments where children would be present. (4) When the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children became public, globally, in 2002 they shifted the blame wrongfully onto gay priests. (5) By falsely, against known research to the contrary, blaming gay priests they implicated the entire LGBT community and how they are fighting against Marriage Equality. When the scientific facts known for decades about human sexuality have been discounted with no substantiated facts given to explain why, it causes many questions whether Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s fight against Marriage Equality is more a fight to maintained the cover-up of the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children? Benedict XVI and his hierarchy need to clearly offer substantiated reasons why they are against Marriage Equality. This statement needs to be spelled out in great detail and follow Pope John Paul II’s test of truth of not separating science and religion. (6) Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s continuous public propaganda against homosexuality encourages public intolerance towards LGBTQ&I adults and children. They continue to do this even though this summer 2 major Christian denominations approved LGBT singled and partnered people for all forms of ordained ministries. (7) Benedict XVI and the hierarchy’s continuous promulgation of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings that are harmful to children in their early childhood psychological developmental years, harm that is crippling throughout their lives. They have continued this even after the beginning of the year, 2009, the Family Acceptance Project research studies had shown the negative effects caused to youths, when their sexual orientation is not accepted, having health problems, suicidal ideation, etc. They ignore all the major medical, psychiatric, psychological and social workers national and international professional associations regarding their findings regarding human sexuality and sexual orientation. WHEN DO WE START PROTECTING CHILDREN?!?!

Written by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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Important note: I mean no disrespect to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children. Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

Someday, maybe,there will exist a well-informed,
well-considered, and yet fervent public conviction
that the most deadly of all possible sins
is the mutilation of a child's spirit.

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Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well-considered, and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins
is the mutilation of a child's spirit. Erik Erikson

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