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Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ, Whose Mercy Endures Forever!

Dear Fr. Marty Kurylowicz,

Here is the link to my official Organization Intersex International OII Letter to the Organizers of the White House LGBT Health Conference. Please use this link to explore the new OII Network site. I am one of the founding Board Members of the OII Organization Intersex International, which is now the World's leading source of information networking and advocacy for Intersex Human Rights.

Due to environmental estrogens (endocrine distruptors) 'failure to masculinize' differences in sex differentiation are increasing globally. As a result, parents, doctors and religious leaders will have to cope with more intersex babies. This is a medical ethics challenge. Doctors are recommending that parents abort otherwise perfectly healthy babies who are intersex. This is like the sex-selection abortion of female infants. It is a tragedy. There should be no death sentence for being the 'wrong sex'.

The struggle goes on! I think of you often and remember you in my prayers.

Jesus Christ's Divine Peace and Love to You!

Brother David / Bhakti Ananda Goswmi

ps Thank God ! After 62 years the State of my birth has finally corrected my Birth Certificate to say "Male".