Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Children of LGBT parents are redefining the traditional family - August 27, 2010 - Children of Gay Parents

Children of gay parents are just as likely to succeed as children of straight parents, a new study shows.

Editor’s note: SDGLN is putting human faces to key issues of our times. Today, we take a look at parenting in the LGBT community and how children with gay or lesbian parents feel about issues they must confront, including legal hurdles and outright discrimination.

What is a “normal” family?

For years, the mainstream media has defined a “normal” family as one that has a mother and a father. This belief was even part of the argument made by supporters of California’s Proposition 8 during the recent historical trial.

But, according to children of gay and lesbian parents, “normal” cannot be defined by the gender or sexuality of parents. Instead, a “normal” family is one that is rooted in love and respect.

These children are reclaiming the word “normal” for themselves -- and for generations to come. To do that, they want the world to hear what it is like to live with gay parents.

“I didn’t realize I was different.” - Christine Sheppard, daughter of a lesbian mother

Growing up with two mothers was normal to Christine. As a young child, she didn’t realize she was any different from the other kids in her neighborhood.

In fact, she felt lucky, because unlike many of her friends who were splitting time between divorced parents, she had two moms in her house. She had the undivided attention of both women, which meant she always had someone willing to help her with her problems and share in her happiness.

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