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Part 4D - Update: Feb 6, 2018 - NAZI ABUSE OF SCIENCE -> GENOCIDE “RACIAL CLEANSING” & WAR CHILDHOOD -> CURIA - GENOCIDE of HOMOSEXUALS - - Part 4D - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’

Speaking Out - TRUTH - On Homosexuality - Seeking End - Historical Pervasive Destruction Force of ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’ - made HITLER Dictator - Ushered in GLOBALIZATION - Now Threatens - Global ANNIHILATION

Cardinal Marx, Germany - says ANTI-GAY DISCRIMINATION, NOT same-sex marriage, is DEFEAT for Church - the Church must also express its REGRET that it did NOTHING historically to OPPOSE the prosecution of homosexuals

Curia & Hierarchy - 60 Years BREACH in this DIALOGUE on HOMOSEXUALITY - Twisted Word “LOVE” to Mean Opposite - Fatal - to human development - REENACTMENTS of NAZISM - Dissociated Repressed Homosexuals - A Self-perpetuating Violence

Pope Francis UNTWISTING Distorted Word “LOVE” - by Reactivating DIALOGUE between SCIENCE and RELIGION = Light of TRUTH - Gives Meaning and Value - to LOVE 

Published Letter to Bishop Walkowiak - Challenging CURIA’S Publicly Established record - Complete ABSENCE of SCIENCE on Homosexuality - Attempt to Remove Fr. Marty Kurylowicz from the priesthood - Void of TRUTH & LOVE - Allows VIOLENCE against CHILDREN to Continue Generationally Photo






The continuation of: 

Update: Dec. 9, 2017  
Part 4C - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’ http://fathermartykurylowicz.blogspot.com/2017/12/part-4c-homosexuality-if-it-is-not.html  

Update: Dec. 6, 2017 - 
Part 4B - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’ http://fathermartykurylowicz.blogspot.com/2017/11/part-4b-homosexuality-if-it-is-not.html

Update: Nov. 3, 2017 -
Part 4A - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL


Update: Sept. 22, 2017 - 
Part 3 Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL

Part 2 - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL'

Part 1 - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’

TP 61679
Peru trip confirms: For Francis, the opposite of ‘clerical’ is ‘close’

Pope Francis Apologizes To Sexual Abuse Victims, But Still Backs Bishop - January 22, 2018 https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/01/22/579708880/pope-francis-apologizes-to-sexual-abuse-victims-but-still-backs-bishop

Smiles all around as Pope Francis takes the poor to the circus
Jan 13, 2018
ROME - Inside a large white tent on the outskirts of Rome, clergy and volunteers shared a laugh with the poor, the homeless, refugees, low-income families and a group of prisoners, all gathered for an evening at the circus sponsored by the Vatican...
There was nothing if not enthusiasm for the pontiff among the 2,100 people on hand, summoned for a free night at the circus by the Office of Papal Charities. All permanent deacons in Rome were called to invite the poor or lonely and escort them with their own cars to the Medrano Circus, in Saxa Rubra, about a 30-minute drive from the city center. Read more: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/01/13/smiles-around-pope-francis-takes-poor-circus/






Harming - C H I L D R E N - For Life 
  M i s i n f o r m a t i o n
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

American College of Pediatricians (ACP)
NOT - A Credible Medical Organization
American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
 Credible Medical Organization

Pediatricians back Pope Francis on ‘gender theory - Aug. 9, 2016
…A paper released this past week by the American College of Pediatricians [ACP] on gender dysphoria (GD) in children-a psychological condition in which children experience a marked incongruence between their experienced gender and their biological sex…Read more: https://cruxnow.com/commentary/2016/08/09/pediatricians-back-pope-francis-gender-theory/
The American College of Pediatricians Is an Anti-LGBT Group - May 8, 2017
Did you read this headline and think I was accusing The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) of opposing the LGBT community? That’s the problem. A small anti-LGBT group called the “American College of Pediatricians (ACP)” created a name that is easily confused with the AAP, the largest pediatrics organization in the country.
It is disturbing that news organizations and physicians are citing the "ACP" as a reputable source. The ACP is a small group of physicians that left the AAP after the AAP released a 2002 policy statement explaining that gay parents pose no risk to adopted children. The Southern Poverty Law Center has repeatedly labeled the ACP as an anti-LGBT hate group that promotes false claims and misleading scientific reports. Chillingly, the group has moved beyond its online reports, deeper into the political arena. They have gone as far as filing amicus briefs to U.S. courts for major cases concerning LGBT rights. Their reports have gained traction, despite clear criticism from expert physicians in the field. When asked about the ACP, Dr. Scott Leibowitz, medical director of the THRIVE program at Nationwide Children's Hospital and chair of the sexual orientation and gender identity issues committee for the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, did not parse his words, "It can hardly be a credible medical organization when it consistently chooses to ignore science and the growing evidence base that clearly demonstrates the benefits of affirmative care with LGBT youth across all ages."
Below are a few false statements propagated by the ACP that have the potential to harm LGBT youth: Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/political-minds/201705/the-american-college-pediatricians-is-anti-lgbt-group

Pope Francis visits children’s hospital on eve of the Epiphany - January 5, 2018
On the eve of Epiphany, when most Italian children wake up to find gifts and candy, Pope Francis visited a pediatric hospital outside Rome.
The pope arrived at the Palidoro Bambino Gesu Hospital at about 3 p.m. on Jan. 5 and visited the various wards where about 120 children are receiving treatment, according to the Vatican press office… Read more: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/01/05/pope-visits-sick-children-eve-epiphany/








Part 4D - Homosexuality - “If it is NOT a choice, if it is NOT a disease, in the perspective of faith it can only be a GIFT” - Bishop Cruz, Brazil - ’seeks to END ‘PREJUDICES that KILL’


How did the Vatican become inundated, over the past 30 years, 
with men lacking the proper credentials 
who are unqualified to hold any position of 
Church authority?

Reprehensible Ignorance of 
Curia and Hierarchy
Science of Homosexuality  

Unaware of the Science on Homosexuality since 1957 
Against proven facts: they continue to make erroneous connections - that destroy a person reputation 
NO connection between being gay and pedophilia 
NO connection between gay adult pornography and child pornography 
NO more than PLAYBOY - straight adult pornography
is connected to child pornography 

Hitler Exploited - Ignorance Societal Antigay Prejudices
Political Weapon 
Deaths of 70 million people 
Today the Threat of
Nuclear War 

The one single question that kept driving my research of the curia and hierarchy - was the same one that has been annoying me ever since I came out 1997 - how come the men at the Vatican were not aware of the science and scripture on the homosexuality? How could the science on homosexuality that is accepted by all the major medical and mental health associations and organizations around the world stating the homosexuality is a normal and positive variation of human sexuality and that attempts to change or repress a child’s gay sexual orientation has been to have caused dangerous effects on the safety and well-being of the child - not even be in the radar range of understanding by the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy??? They cannot all be so stupid. Or can they be??? If they are - how did they ever get to be leaders of the Catholic Church?

Ironically, the answer is related to the same reasoning for which I came out March 1997. I came out to protect children growing up gay from the lifelong harmful effects caused by the unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms that strongly contributes to forcing the suppression of a child’s gay sexual orientation. The members of the curia and hierarchy clearly exhibit the symptoms, as adults - of being forced to suppress their gay sexual orientation during their early childhood years.  
For several years - prior to my “coming out” I had been thoroughly and professionally studying and researching the science on homosexuality (University of Michigan and the American Psychological Association), including in spiritual direction and in psychotherapy. 

I have also - listened to parents of gay children, from across the US, those who are Catholic riddled with guilt from, first, subjecting their gay children to the dictates of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality, because they were led to believe it was the best treatment for their gay child - instead, they were horrified to find that they were causing their gay children unnecessary and excruciating suffering. This type of revelation for loving parents is extremely devastating to learn that what they thought was beneficial for their gay child that it was presumed sanctioned by God - God’s will - was in fact lethally harmful to the safety and well-being of their gay child. Including, realizing that they were contributing the hostility of the social environments of their child. And somewhere through this process parents agonized in any number of possible ways from feelings of guilt, betrayal and anger towards God, until like in organizations, such as, Pflag ("Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays") they were then able to openly discuss these endless feelings with other parents of gay children - often including a number of Catholic parents. In meeting with other concerned gay parents they were able to resolve their issues and find support and healing and reconnected ever more closely to their gay child or gay adult child. 

A good part of my moral reasoning for “coming out” March 1997 - 20 years ago - was, first of all, of course to protect children growing up gay from the lifelong harmful effects caused by the unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms that strongly contributes to the forced suppression of their gay sexual orientation. But I also felt deeply for the parents of gay children who seem to be tortured by the fact - believing that they somehow caused their child to be gay. And then to feel additional severe grief when they learn that what they were led to believe was God’s will according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality was lethally harming their gay child. For me, as stated above, I had previously spent several years professionally studying the both the science and scriptural aspects of homosexuality - I knew the truth of the matter that these parents of gay children did nothing wrong that being gay truly is a gift from God. Being a priest I could not stand by and do nothing - if I was dumber - more stupid - like the curia and hierarchy were and still are - I could have avoided “coming out.” However, I was loved as a child and all of my life - by my dad. I certainly did not deserve to be loved anymore than any other child, but I was and that has made all the difference - in my realizing my responsibility to protect all children - in the same way that my dad loved me. 

R e a c t i o n   F o r m a t i o n
Parental Autonomy Support and Discrepancies Between Implicit and Explicit Sexual Identities: Dynamics of Self-Acceptance and Defense - 2012 
When individuals grow up with autonomy-thwarting parents, they may be prevented from exploring internally endorsed values and identities and as a result shut out aspects of the self perceived to be unacceptable. Given the stigmatization of homosexuality, individuals perceiving low autonomy support from parents may be especially motivated to conceal same-sex sexual attraction, leading to defensive processes such as reaction formation… 
…Psychodynamic traditions hold that people have a preferred view of themselves, which may not reflect reality. When this idealized view is threatened by contradictory thoughts or feelings, people engage in one or more unconscious processes to defend against the threat to self. Among defensive processes that have been recognized as having some empirical support is reaction formation, a process indicated in the modern body of research on self-esteem preservation (e.g., Baumeister, Dale, & Sommer, 1998). Reaction formation refers to the process of adopting values or beliefs, or engaging in behaviors, that are in opposition to feelings or impulses experienced within oneself that are deemed unacceptable. Empirical work has shown reaction formation processes with respect to sexism (Sherman & Garkin, 1980), sex guilt (Morokoff, 1985), and prejudice (Dutton & Lake, 1973), indicating that individuals sometimes defend against self-relevant, threatening information by engaging in opposing behaviors… Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cody_DeHaan/publication/221790068_Parental_Autonomy_Support_and_Discrepancies_Between_Implicit_and_Explicit_Sexual_Identities_Dynamics_of_Self-Acceptance_and_Defense/links/0f31752d7447a6e150000000.pdf?

Freudian Defense Mechanisms and Empirical Findings in Modern Social Psychology: Reaction Formation, Projection, Displacement, Undoing, Isolation, Sublimation, and Denial 
Roy F. Baumeister, Karen Dale, and Kristin L. Sommer 
Journal of Personality, Volume 66, Issue 6, December 1998
Reaction Formation - Homophobic men
Concept. The concept of reaction formation involves converting a socially unacceptable impulse into its opposite. To apply this notion to esteem protection, one may propose the following: People respond to the implication that they have some unacceptable trait by behaving in a way that would show them to have the opposite trait. Insinuations of hostility or intolerance might, for example, be countered with exaggerated efforts to prove oneself a peace-loving or tolerant person.
Evidence. The original ideas about reaction formation pertained to aggressive and sexual impulses, and these are still plausible places for finding defenses, provided that acknowledging those impulses or feelings would damage self-esteem. With sex, there are undoubtedly still cases in which people regard their own potential sexual responses as unacceptable…
A comparable finding with male subjects was recently reported by Adams, Wright, and Lohr (1996). They assessed homophobia and then exposed participants to videotapes depicting homosexual intercourse. Homophobic men reported low levels of sexual arousal, but physiological measures indicated higher levels of sexual response than were found among other participants. Thus, again, the subjective response reported by these participants was the opposite of what their bodies actually indicated. This finding also fits the view that homophobia may itself be a reaction formation against homosexual tendencies, insofar as the men who were most aroused by homosexuality were the ones who expressed the most negative attitudes toward it… Read more: http://faculty.fortlewis.edu/burke_b/personality/readings/freuddefense.pdf

Army–McCarthy hearings - 1954

“Convicting People by Rumor and Hearsay
and Innuendo.”
After - risking my life for the protection of children - I find myself being judged by the ignorance and hysterical antigay antics of the likes of Cardinal Burke and those who blindly are supportive of his criminal behavior and his questionable mental stability (as overwhelmingly documented throughout the news media). What a joke? I am first subjected to intense intimidation tactics and then demonized to destroy my credibility. Efforts to destroy my credibility, the same as with others - is through tactics of “rumor and hearsay and innuendo,” but never by actual evidence!!! Burke’s strategic efforts in these type of clandestine tactics mirrors those used during the Army–McCarthy hearings (were a series of hearings held by the United States Senate's Subcommittee on Investigations (April-June 1954) to investigate conflicting accusations between the United States Army and U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy):

…When Cohn asserted that he had corroboration of Markward's testimony from a confidential source, Senator John McClellan rebuked him for alluding to evidence he was not actually presenting. Chairman Karl Mundt ruled that Cohn's comments be stricken from the record. McClellan responded:

Full text of 
"Army Signal Corps - subversion and espionage. Hearings, Eighty-third Congress, first session pursuant to S. Res. 40”
Senator McClellan. I do not think it is fair to a witness, to a citizen of this country, to bring them up here and cross-examine them and when they get through, say, "The FBI has something on you that condemns you. It is not sworn testimony. It is convicting people by rumor and hearsay and innuendo
Senator McClellan. Mr. Chairman, here is my position: You can strike it from this printed record, but you cannotstrike these statements made by counsel here as to evidence that we are having and withholding. You cannot strike that from the press nor from the public mind once it is planted there. That is the evil of it. People that are accused have a right to be confronted. 

June 9, 1954
United States Senate
…The army hired Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to make its case. At a session on June 9, 1954, McCarthy charged that one of Welch's attorneys had ties to a Communist organization. As an amazed television audience looked on, Welch responded with the immortal lines that ultimately ended McCarthy's career: "Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness." When McCarthy tried to continue his attack, Welch angrily interrupted, "Let us not assassinatethis lad further, senator. You have done enoughHave you no sense of decency?"
Overnight, McCarthy's immense national popularity evaporated. Censured by his Senate colleagues, ostracized by his party, and ignored by the press, McCarthy died three years later, 48 years old and a broken man…

Because for Cardinal Burke and the like to publicly make their accusations about me known - they would be sued for libel and slander!!! And besides, it would publicly uncover the lifelong harmful effects caused by the the Catechism of the Catholic Church notations on Homosexuality - making them responsible for their criminal negligence of propagating proven to be unsubstantiated teachings on homosexuality extremely harmful to the lives of children: that is the cause of the dissociated adolescent inappropriate behavior, including adult pornography and maintaining these antigay prejudges as a lethal political weapon - first used by Hitler and the Nazi regime, then in the US that led to the extreme societal abuse of globalization. The science on homosexuality neutralizes antigay prejudices. 

In the USA, 1957Evelyn Hooker’s most notable and ground breaking research proving that homosexuality is not a mental illness was completed called: "The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual" in which she administered several psychological tests to groups of self-identified male homosexuals and heterosexuals and asked experts to identify the homosexuals and rate their mental health. The experiment, which other researchers subsequently repeated, argues that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, as there was no detectable difference between homosexual and heterosexual men in terms of mental adjustment... Photo Read morehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Hooker

Being Gay Is Just as Healthy as Being Straight
   Evelyn Hooker's pioneering research debunked the popular myth that homosexuals are inherently less mentally healthy than heterosexuals, leading to significant changes in how psychology views and treats people who are gay...
   Hooker's work was the first to empirically test the assumption that gay men were mentally unhealthy and maladjusted. The fact that no differences were found between gay and straight participants sparked more research in this area and began to dismantle the myth that homosexual men and women are inherently unhealthy... Read more: http://www.apa.org/research/action/gay.aspx

Globalization began with the gradual 
d e r e g u l a t i o n  of the laws of the economy set in place under President Roosevelt's New Deal reshaped the economy of the US - the business practices to avoid financial crashes like the Great Depression of 1929. This deregulation of laws picked up speed in the 1980s, at the same time the Vatican became extremely obsessive about homosexuality - fighting the emerging of the science on homosexuality that continued to find that being gay was a normal and nature part of human sexuality. This is the ongoing research that began with Evenly Hooker in 1957. The curia’s attack on Archbishop Hunthausen in the 1980s became a national news media event - some have stated that it was meant as a warning to other bishops and theologians. Also, tied into these ruthless and mindless atrocities committed by the curia in the 1980s against Hunthausen was the questionable reasoning - as to why the Vatican received the USA diplomatic status from President Reagan, January 10, 1984 that gave the hierarchy in the US  diplomatic immunity. It has been asked - was this some kind of pay off to the Vatican for reining in Hunthausen regarding his public protest against the US stockpiling of nuclear weapons and his pastoral support of gay people, which was disarming the antigay prejudices as a political weapon that was being used to usher the supporters of deregulation into elective office. Because at this time in the 1980s - the cover-ups by bishops of child sexual abuse were continually raising to surface and  that was threatening the Vatican with astronomical amounts to be paid out in lawsuits??? Whether this is true or not - the curia's fiercely obsessive ironclad refusal to open or to allow any dialogue with the science on homosexuality preserved intact (due to the early childhood harmful effects of internalization of antigay social norms) the same dehumanizing antigay prejudices that Hitler and the Nazi regime (1933-1945) had altered in order to increased societal fears against homosexuals: by falsely claiming that homosexuals abuse children and that homosexuals like the Jews were a parasitic threat to the survival of the German people “worthy only of eradication.” Hitler and the Nazis depended on exploiting these antigay prejudices, as a political weapon to (1) win the necessary CONSERVATIVE votes that ushered Hitler into the dictatorship of Germany, (2) to rationalized the massacre of Hitler's political rivals and then (3) to silence and remove the opposition of the outspoken anti-nazi Catholic clergy, who threaten the exposure of the truth of the beginning stages of the atrocities of nazism and that (4) brought about the deaths of 70 million people by the end of WWII 1945. These same Nazi manufactured antigay prejudices were preserved by the curia and they were exploited as a lethal political weapon beginning in the 1980s that significantly helped to usher into political elected office in the USA the champions of globalization.
Cardinal Burke completely oblivious to the global massive destruction he and the like have caused over the past 30 years - he is still crooning these same old Nazi antigay prejudices void of any science - on Jan. 3, 2018 - Burke was - Calling Homosexuality Abnormal - as if he has a clue!!! The world is burning up and he's in Rome - playing dress up and prancing around in his "cappa magna" (“The Lady In Red” 1935, * Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra *  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-TxZgWDo1s  Bugs Bunny 1944SFB!!! photo
When the lives of children, globally, have been seriously harmed for life - by unsubstantiated statements on homosexuality for the past more 30 years that are in direct opposition to the authoritative science on homosexuality made by clerics like Cardinal Burke and the indifference, the complete silence to openly challenged people like Burke by the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy - it is a repeat of their decades of the child sexual abuse cover-ups that in unison they have turned an absolute deaf ear to the facts of the global violence they have caused and continue to cause. Collectively, their complete obliviousness in this regard to the subject of homosexuality, as a group of celibate males, is a decisive indication, (in varying degrees of severity) of early childhood dissociated behavior caused by being forced to suppress their sexual orientation growing up gay or bisexual. Their collective gay dissociated behavior, as repressed homosexuals has formed and maintains a psychological impenetrable wall of resistance to any dialogue of logic, reasoning, or rationale regarding the science on homosexuality. They are forever perpetuating their internalized lethal unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms fabricated by Hitler and the Nazi regime, which were used as a means to give birth to nazism that in the past 30 years gave birth to globalization - prominently led by Cardinal Burke in red and his supporters. This is a clear breach between science and religion that Benedict XVI emphatically warns - "...Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development…(http://w2.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_ben-xvi_enc_20090629_caritas-in-veritate.html).” How do we break through this pseudo-orthodox lunacy to save children and indeed the world? It is true - silence is not the answer!!! This obsessively fierce exclusion of an ongoing dialogue of the science on homosexuality with religion - religion becomes an unchallenged monologue, no checks and balances - and as John Paul II sternly warns - religion then is prone to error and superstition e.g. using a ouija board as the rock - the foundation of all theology. And again, Benedict XVI is clear that without this ongoing dialogue there is no truth and without truth there is no love - this then gives license to be as mean as you can be, to whoever you want and for as long as you want - exactly like the ideology of nazism of Hitler and the Nazi regime. What is the difference between nazism and globalization?

"Pope Francis: The Struggle For The Soul Of Catholicism" - Paul Valley 
Unrestrained Global Capitalism - Poor are Excluded
* Curia Undermine Bank Reform - Leak priest’s past gay affair - “Who Am I to judge?” 
Obstructive Cardinal Burke - Removed
Bottom Up Views Church
NPR September 16, 2015
…VALLELY: …The other thing that's worth saying about "Laudato Si'" is that the Pope said privately to his aides the day it was published that this is not an environmental document, it's a social one. And what you see when you look at it is a profound critique of the way that we inhabit the planet and the way that we live. And a lot of it is about our economic relationships and how very poor people are pushed to the margins because they don't have a useful place in the global economy and how they are excluded and outcast. And so it, again, like his previous document, "Evangelii Gaudium," which was his kind of manifesto when he took over as Pope, he's saying there's something wrong with unrestrained global capitalism. It needs corrections, and it needs to change. And that profound political analysis, which he sees as a spiritual problem, is also part of why the CONSERVATIVES disagree with him… Read more: https://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=440821614

Requiem for the American Dream
by Noam Chomsky

Deregulation and Financial Crashes
Remember, there were no financial crashes in the ’50s and the ’60s, because the regulatory apparatus of the New Deal was still in place. As it began to be dismantled under business pressure and political pressure, you get more and more crashes, and it goes on right through the years — the ’70s is where deregulation starts, and the ’80s is where crashes really take off.
Take Reagan — instead of letting them pay the cost, Reagan bailed out the banks, like Continental Illinois, the biggest bailout of American history at the time, 1984. In the early 1980s, the US went into the deepest recession since the Great Depression, only to be pulled out by various forms of subsidy, and so on. In 1987, there was another financial crash — well, pretty close, Black Monday. Reagan actually ended his term with a huge financial crisis — the savings and loan crisis— and, again, the government moved in and bailed it out… Read more: http://billmoyers.com/story/noam-chomskys-requiem-american-dream/

Requiem for the American Dream:
 The Ten Principles of Concentration 
of Wealth and Power  
by Noam Chomsky

THE FILM - REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM is the definitive discourse with Noam Chomsky, widely regarded as the most important intellectual alive, on the defining characteristic of our time – the deliberate concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a select few.
Through interviews filmed over four years, Chomsky unpacks the principles that have brought us to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality – tracing a half-century of policies designed to favor the most wealthy at the expense of the majority – while also looking back on his own life of activism and political participation.
Profoundly personal and thought provoking, Chomsky provides penetrating insight into what may well be the lasting legacy of our time – the death of the middle class, and swan song of functioning democracy. A potent reminder that power ultimately rests in the hands of the governed, REQUIEM is required viewing for all who maintain hope in a shared stake in the future. Read more - Website:  http://requiemfortheamericandream.com/the-film/

Requiem for the American Dream
Documentary by Noam Chomsky - Video - Transcript 

Noam Chomsky, born December 7, 1928) is an American linguist, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist. Sometimes described as "the father of modern linguistics," Chomsky is also one of the founders of the field of cognitive science. He is the author of over 100 books on topics such as linguistics, war, politics, and mass media…He holds a joint appointment as Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and laureate professor at the University of Arizona…
Pope Francis “Corruption is not countered with silence Feb. 1, 2018
ROME - Corruption is at the root of slavery, unemployment and disregard for nature and the common good, Pope Francis said…
“Corruption, a process of death that feeds the culture of death, because the thirst for power and possessions knows no limits.”…
…The key to fighting corruption is not to remain silent, because that only strengthens criminal organizations and must be contrasted with justice and beauty…
“Corruption is not countered with silence,” the pope said. “We must speak about it, denounce its evils, and try to understand it so as to show our resolve to make mercy reign over meanness, beauty over nothingness.”… Read more: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/02/01/pope-francis-say-corruption-feeds-culture-death/

Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson - 1939

I could not run away from this situation. If I had anything to offer, I would have to do so now.
Marian Anderson



The level of homophobia of the curia, hierarchy, priests - the all male Catholic clergy can easily be observed by their unison (1) refusal to openly discuss the science on homosexuality and instead to (2) instantly project their repressed homoerotic feelings onto openly gay priests - gay people - who they vehemently demonize - as if they had never had a homoerotic feeling or thought in their life. Now, this is abnormal - it is not even human and it is most obvious that Cardinal Burke and his supporters blatantly lead the way in this regard. Their antigay hysteria is a dead giveaway of their gay sexual orientation. Who do they think they are fooling? There is the science, today that can identify their homoerotic arousal is operating 24/7 - even though they may be completely dissociated from their functioning sexuality

Contrast this overt homophobic clerical behavior with those prelates and priests, including Pope Francis - who have been and are willing to openly discuss the issues, the science and the pastoral concerns for gay people and their families - there is a complete absence of any animosity - no meanness - no shame - no judging, just being friendly. They are at peace with who they are - as individuals and with their individual sexual orientation whatever it happens to be. Notice the ease of Pope Francis's off the cuff remark that he made to news reporters, during his flight from Brazil to back to Rome, July 29, 2013 - "Who am I to judge?" In these five short words - Pope Francis stunned the world by his candor and respect for gay priests and all gay people. With these kind of people who are like, Pope Francis, there is no indication whether they are gay, straight or bisexual, because for these people - being human - being able to respectfully connect to others human beings - is all that matters - just like Christ. And it is truly joyful to be around such people because the conversation moves beyond the fact that you are gay - you connect as human beings along common goals and shared life's problems - like Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson. 

And like Eleanor we become fiercely indignant when others treat people - as less than human. This is because we have become one with another human being - by profoundly being allowed to mutually enter each other's lives. And from that moment on - we are changed forever for having done so. Notice that Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson both shared a deep profound respect for human dignity - as it is   recorded by NPR - about her change of lyric — from "I" to "we" -  
She began with "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" — also known as "America" — a deeply patriotic song. When she got to the third line of that well-known tune, she made a change. Instead of "of thee I sing" she sang "to thee we sing.”…Years after the concert, she explained why: "We cannot live alone,”…her change of lyric — from "I" to "we" — can be heard as an embrace, implying community and group responsibility…Anderson believed prejudice would disappear if she performed and behaved with dignity...She could shut out the crowd, shut out the three months of brouhaha and controversy that led up to up to this day during which the concert and contention were all over the newspapers. Eyes closed, enveloped in song, she soared above it all to erase discord with her art

Notice, the absence of the mutual respect for human dignity of all people, the completely absence of empathy and compassion -by the curia and the hierarchy - this of course is not true of all members - Thank God!!! 
Catholic Priest Advocates for LGBT Inclusion in the Church - February 2, 2018
Open dialogue between the LGBT community and the Catholic Church is necessary to eliminate stigmas associated with LGBT Catholics, author Fr. James Martin, S.J., said Wednesday at a book talk cohosted by the Georgetown University Library and the LGBTQ Resource Center…
…Martin’s acceptance of the LGBT community in the Catholic Church has drawn criticism from conservative members of the Catholic Church, he said. In September, he was disinvited from the prominent Catholic Seminary Theological College for backlash over his divisive views. Despite the backlash, Martin still remains outspoken in his belief that LGBT individuals deserve to be welcomed into the church… Read more: http://www.thehoya.com/catholic-priest-advocates-lgbt-inclusion-church/

There is a pilot light, small - yes, but still burning bright that is inclusive of all people, not only of gay people, but open to bringing more women into the decision making process of the Catholic Church and the sharing of authority.  Pope Francis, of course, is bringing in everyone, from all the corners of the world. He continues to make us aware of all the suffering in the world. This is a very good thing - because it not only begins to bring help to those most in need, especially children - but it connects us more closely to Christ and to one another. It is like what Eleanor Roosevelt - did during the Great Depression and WWII - always engaging us to be respectful of the dignity of all people. Why this inclusive respect for all people is not true of the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy - is because they were never treated that way - during their early childhood years growing up gay. What we are observing in their behavior is how they were treated as children - reenacting their childhood abuse - especially being forced to suppress their gay sexual orientation. They are mean - mean as they can be for as long as they want. 
 Induce feelings 
in another person that we 
tolerate in ourselves 
then try to manage them in the other person
(projective identification)

The curia and hierarchy - their chronic need for secrecy on sexual matters of homosexuality most obvious with Cardinal Burke - is because they have been dissociated from their gay sexual feelings since early childhood when they were forced to suppress it, faithfully following the dictates of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality. This is clearly true because of their adamant refusal to openly discuss any aspect of homosexuality. This is the closet of repressed homosexuals, and it is deadly to themselves - especially to others. From the endless news reports and their personal interviews it is clear that they are continually engulfed with their own “rumors and hearsay and innuendos,” first, about themselves individually, as to their gay sexual orientation, because they are forever experiencing their continuous reoccurring gay sexual erotic feelings that they cannot control and will not or are unable to acknowledge even to themselves (effects of dissociation). It is the normal 24/7 functioning of their sexual orientation that drives their obsessive antigay behavior, again Burke is an obvious example of this, who recently again called homosexuality “abnormal” though completely unsubstantiated by any credible scientific facts and reality, mirroring the demagoguery of Joseph McCarthy 1950s (appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument). They reach a point of becoming overwrought with their emotional sexual anxiety - they then begin projecting all their unwanted gay sexual feelings on to other people - accusing them of being disgusting homosexuals, however, they are only exposing their deeply rooted homosexual feelings and desires i.e. chronic anti-gay adult pornography crusading reveals their fascination with pornography. The complete absence of their rational minds is most apparent. 
A N G R Y - Feelings 
Defend Against 
Feelings of
…Any thought or feeling can be used to defend against any other. Angry feelings can defend against feelings of abandonment or rejection, depression can defend against anger, haughtiness can defend against self-contempt, confusion can help us avoid facing painful truths, and relentless clinging to logic (like the character Spock in the original Star Trek) can help us ignore feelings of rage or humiliation. We can be dismayingly unaware of an undesirable trait in ourselves and quick to attribute it to others instead (projection). We can mask an attitude by emphasizing its opposite, like the anti-pornography crusader who reveals his own fascination with pornography by seeking out pornographic material to protest and condemn (reaction formation)…We can induce feelings in another person that we cannot tolerate in ourselves and then try to manage them in the other person (projective identification)… Read more:  
That Was Then, This is Now:
An Introduction to Contemporary Psychodynamic Therapy
Jonathan Shedler, PhD, - Department of Psychiatry 
Anti-Pornography Crusading 
Fascination With Pornography
(reaction formation
They are so consumed with their gay sexual emotional hysteria - overloading their emotional brains, which they are unable to prevent, because they completely lack any substantiated knowledge on the science of the sexual orientation of homosexuality that their logical brains remain dormant. They are unable to gain composure. However, stuck in this situation - given their positions in the Church - they are extremely dangerous to people and should be removed immediately. Cardinal Burke needs to be taken to civil court, where his clandestine tactics can be exposed and judged. Justice is rarely found in the canonical courts of the Vatican.

Time To Take Everyone To Civil Court 
The Accused - as well as - the Secret Accuser

End All 
Cardinal Burke’s 
“Convicting People by Rumor and Hearsay and Innuendo

Therefore, Burke, not back more than four months in the Vatican - he has already started his obsessive antigay mania destroying people’s lives - makes it time to take him and the rest to civil court on these matters regarding gay sexuality and air everything out, bring it all out in the open - have it televised internationally and on every form of social media. In particular, to begin with the inappropriate adolescent dissociated gay sexual acting out behavior with another adolescent close in age. It is important to note - that this type of sexual behavior is not in any way related to pedophilia nor is it the same as adult sexual behavior. 

H o m o s e x u a l   
D i s s o c i a t i o n

The Closet: Psychological Issues of Being In and Coming Out 
Jack Drescher MD - 2004
…In the developmental histories of gay men and women, periods of difficulty in acknowledging their homosexuality, either to themselves or to others, are often reported. Children who grow up to be gay rarely receive family support in dealing with antihomosexual prejudices. On the contrary, beginning in childhood--and distinguishing them from racial and ethnic minorities--gay people are often subjected to the antihomosexual attitudes of their own families and communities (Drescher et al., 2004). Antihomosexual attitudes include homophobia (Weinberg, 1972), heterosexism (Herek, 1984), moral condemnations of homosexuality (Drescher, 1998) and antigay violence (Herek and Berrill, 1992). Hiding activities learned in childhood often persist into young adulthood, middle age and even senescence, leading many gay people to conceal important aspects of themselves.
Closeted individuals frequently cannot acknowledge to themselves, let alone to others, their homoerotic feelings, attractions and fantasies. Their homosexuality is so unacceptable that it must be kept out of conscious awareness and cannot be integrated into their public persona. Consequently, these feelings must be 
d i s s o c i a t e d  from the self and 
 h i d d e n  from others
…For example, a religious, homosexually self-aware man may choose a celibate life to avoid what, for him, would be the problematic integration of his religious and sexual identities…
…Clinical presentations of closeted gay people may lie somewhere in severity between selective inattention--most commonly seen in the case of homosexually self-aware patients thinking about "the possibility" that they might be gay--to more severe dissociation--in which 
any hint of same-sex feelings resides totally out of conscious awareness
More severe forms of dissociation are commonly observed in married men who are homosexually self-aware but cannot permit the thought of themselves as gay (Roughton, 2002)…
…Strong antihomosexual feelings may represent an effort to control perceptions of a gay-basher's own sexual identity. This might translate as, "If I attack gay people, no one will think I am gay." Psychoanalysts call this defense "identification with the aggressor" (Freud, 1966). It may represent intrapsychic efforts to maintain a psychological distance from one's own homoerotic feelings. In other words, it is an effort to strengthen dissociative tendencies…
Internalized, antihomosexual attitudes are often rigid and disdainful of compromise or "relativism." A patient's dogmatic belief system may not recognize the concept of respectful disagreement… 
Read more:
Read more: Part 3 http://fathermartykurylowicz.blogspot.com/2017/09/update-sept-15-2017-part-3.html
The cause of this adolescent dissociated gay acting out behavior is directly related to the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality. Too many people have been destroyed by this secrecy and ignorance of science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality, especially with the first major revelation of the bishops cover-ups of child abuse 2002. The curia and hierarchy were caught unexpectedly and in their desperation and ignorance they panic in their hysteria and began to scapegoat indiscriminately gay priests. They wrongly targeted this adolescent dissociated gay acting out behavior - it was not the cause - their idiocy destroyed many people’s lives. They have yet to be held responsible for these crimes they have committed. So, it is indeed time to go to Civil Court and expose their gross criminal negligence - the failure to foresee a "wanton disregard for human life,” not seek justice only continues to fuel societal antigay prejudices as a political weapon of mass destruction, first used by Hitler and the Nazi regime.

The cause responsible for this adolescent gay acting out behavior is directly related to the dissociation that is caused to a gay child - during the child’s early childhood years - being forced to suppress his gay sexual orientation. As this gay child reaches puberty, as a teenager when sexuality comes alive for all adolescents - he is clueless about his new awakening of sexual feelings. This dissociated gay teenager - will likely unknowingly act out, though fully clothed, in benign disguised ways that are not blatantly sexual as adult sexuality, such as fooling around for fun wrestling with another teenager close in age. The reason being for this is because the dissociated gay teenager is clueless about what sexuality is, since he has been forced to suppress all aspects of his gay sexual orientation - since early childhood as demanded by the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality that his parents were taught was God's will!!!  Nevertheless, there is serious harm in varying degrees of severity that can be caused to both teenagers involved due to the complete absence of the science on homosexuality in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is a diabolical extreme form of child abuse - forcing a gay child to suppress his gay sexual orientation not only does this child obey his parents out of the traumatic fear of being abandoned by them - a fate worst than death for any child - but also this child is being abandoned by God, the lost of heaven and forever damned to hell - where - "the worms die not; and the fire is never quenched." And then this gay person is to be severely punished for faithfully following the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality. Not only is the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality responsible for severely distorting a gay child's life in ways that are lethally threatening to his life - but he is to be punished because his life is distorted. Now, who is  diabolically crazy here?!? It is like the practice of foot-binding the feet of young girls and then years later punishing them because their feet are distorted. There is an immediacy to remedy this diabolical extreme form of child abuse caused by the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality for the safety and well-being of all children. Going to civil court on these issues - is a way to begin to bring this pervasive curia and hierarchy - criminal negligence out into the open - out of the closet!

The immaturity of the curia and the hierarchy and their disregard for humanity due to the absence of the development of empathy - is also caused by their faithfully be forced to follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality. Yes, all this needs to come to the surface for everyone to see and learn or are we not about truth and love? 

Pope Francis' Christmas greetings to Roman Curia: full text 21 December 2017
…This is very important for rising above that unbalanced and debased mindset of plots and small cliques that in fact represent – for all their self-justification and good intentions – a cancer leading to a self-centredness that also seeps into ecclesiastical bodies, and in particular those working in them. When this happens, we lose the joy of the Gospel, the joy of sharing Christ and of fellowship with him; we lose the generous spirit of our consecration (cf. Acts 20:35 and 2 Cor 9:7)…

Pope at Mass: ‘Contempt for the weak is work of Satan’ 08 January 2018
Pope Francis at Monday morning’s Mass reflected on the many Biblical stories that tell of a powerful person humiliating someone weaker and more vulnerable. The devil is behind this type of attitude, the Pope said, because there is no compassion in him.
…“I ask myself: What is within these people? What is it within ourselves that pushes us to mock and mistreat others weaker than ourselves? It is understandable when a person resents someone stronger than them, perhaps as a result of envy… but towards the weak? What makes us do that? It is something habitual, as if I needed to ridicule another person in order to feel confident. As if it were a necessity…”
…“And so, as when we already have a good desire to do a good act, like an act of charity, we say ‘It’s the Holy Spirit inspiring me to do this’. And when we realize we harbor within ourselves the desire to attack someone because they are weak, we have no doubt: It is the devil. Because attacking the weak is the work of Satan.”

Pope at Mass: Pastor’s authority comes from closeness to God and people - 09 January 2018

As explained in Part 4C: 
Regardless of the past 60 years of the research on the sexual orientation - Burke is still always confused about the facts about homosexuality: that gay adult pornography IS NOT child pornography, he is confused about the scientific facts that homosexuality is in NO WAY connected to pedophilia. 

And the confusion that some gay people experience during their adolescent years about their sexual orientation, as erroneously condemned by Burke - is solely due to the forced suppression of a child’s gay sexual orientation prescribed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church on Homosexuality that causes the gay child to dissociated mentally about any emotional or physical aspects that the child will naturally begin experiencing as the child reaches the age of puberty. This mental dissociation often leads to the child - as a teenager - to act out in a psychologically disguised inappropriate manner that he is not fully conscious is homosexual. This is much like the antigay politicians, cardinals and bishops - who fiercely condemns homosexuality publicly - but privately they are found having gay sex in public restrooms. 

Gay adult pornography is NOT criminal behavior and it is considered harmless, among researchers, whereas, Burke’s homosexual repressive behavior is considered severely dangerous to people's lives. Burke is ruthless and reckless with his delusional understanding about homosexuality - destroying people's lives and their reputations by projecting his own questionable sexual fantasies onto innocent men and then without any judicial oversight - judging them for crimes they never committed - they were only committed in Burke's mind. Burke's mental stability is highly questionable - he appears not to be mentally sound to be in the position of any authority. Gay adult pornography would NOT even be an issue - if gay people were never forced to suppress their gay sexual orientation and told that it was evil and instead if gay people were encouraged to form lifelong committed relationships with someone they fell in love with - the same as heterosexual couples are encouraged to do and that is celebrated in the Church. Gay adult pornography is a very poor substitute for not having a lifelong committed relationship.

This is the open discussion that was to take place at the second session of the Synod on Family 2015 - but through hysterical antics by people such as Cardinal Burke, who vowed to resist - caused this discussion to be canceled. Shame on Cardinal Burke - who knows nothing about the science on homosexuality!!! Burke is not the kind of Christian example the Church wants to display or support - it mirrors too closely the genocide - 'ethnic cleansing' that Pope Francis was faced with in Myanmar, like all genocides.
So ,How did the Vatican become inundated, over the past 30 years, 
with men lacking the PROPER credentials who are unqualified to hold any position of Church authority? 
How this happened appears to be straight forward textbook material, however, a most extremely severe case. Unfortunately, there is no forum among the members of curia and hierarchy - to discuss these findings in a professional, knowledgable and critical manner, who have the proper credentials. In describing the behavioral of Benedict XVI, it is a clinical interpretation - not gospel. Interpretations are an approximation of the sum total of a number of elements, perspectives and evidence i.e. historical, psychological, etc. that presents a picture of being in the neighborhood of the life of a person - meaning not at the exact location or address. It is through the collaboration in individual psychotherapy sessions that the therapist and the person together we able to arrive closer to right address. Interpretations are always presented as a means for a person to better understand his or her life, in order not to be controlled by past emotional events and obtained a fuller access to the use of his or her emotions to be used as guides throughout life. I truly believe that Benedict XVI suffered greatly being born and growing up in Nazi Germany, I would not like to add to Benedict's distress in any way. What is straight-forward about Benedict’s situation is the understanding of re-enactments that we reenact in our lives - past traumatic events - in the present.  We are not conscious of the fact that we are reenacting past traumatic events in our lives. In so many ways - we reenact even disturbing events in our lives of how we were mistreated and or abuse as children - hurting others in same way we were hurt. Know thyself - key to ending these reenactments that control and disrupt out lives.  
Hitler & Nazis 
Racial Purity - Nazism 
All Is 
A B U S E  O F  S C I E N C E 
Benedict XVI reenacted in 1981 - what appears to be his early childhood traumatic memories of Hitler and the Nazis propaganda claiming that homosexuals threaten the very existence of true Germany people and that like the Jews were parasites, who need to be exterminated. But in reality Hitler only exploited and built upon the existing societal antigay prejudices of the Germany people - to massacre his opposition who threaten his authority to bring to fruition the abuse of science of his delusional concept of nazism. Hitler did this by publicly falsely accusing those who opposed him of being homosexuals. In this way Hitler was able to covered up his diabolical orchestration of nazism - that would lead by the end of World War II to the deaths of 70 million people.
H o m o s e x u a l s
Catholic Clergy 
Hitler and the Nazi regime made these false accusation of homosexuality against the Nazi paramilitary known as the Brownshirts (Stormtroopers) that resulted in the massacre event of the - ‘Night of the Long Knives’ June 30, 1934. Hitler and the Nazi regime did the same to the outspoke anti-nazi Catholic clergy for 1935 - 1937 that allowed him to remove them to be re-educated in the concentration camps where they were killed. The truth of these atrocities never surfaced until well after WWII 1945. However, what effect theses atrocities had on children growing up gay - has never been identified - until possibly now. Research of the lifelong harmful effects experienced by Germany children growing up through the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazi regime have only begun in the previous decade - sixty years after the end to WWII (a few research studies are documented below). 

I n t e r n a l i z ed   
H o m o p h o b i a 
PrejudiceSocial Stress, and Mental Health in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations: Conceptual Issues and Research Evidence - Psychol Bull. 2003 September ; 129(5): 674–697.
Ilan H. Meyer - Columbia University
Internalized homophobia
    —In the most proximal position along the continuum from the environment to the self, internalized homophobia represents a form of stress that is internal and insidious. In the absence of overt negative events, and even if one’s minority status is successfully concealed, lesbians and gay men may be harmed by directing negative social values toward the self. Thoits (1985, p. 222) described such a process of self-stigmatization, explaining that “role-taking abilities enable individuals to view themselves from the imagined perspective of others. One can anticipate and respond in advance to others’ reactions regarding a contemplated course of action.” 
    Clinicians use the term internalized homophobia to refer to the internalization of societal antigay attitudes in lesbians and gay men (e.g., Malyon, 1981–1982). Meyer and Dean (1998) defined internalized homophobia as “the gay person’s direction of negative social attitudes toward the self, leading to a devaluation of the self and resultant internal conflicts and poor self-regard” (p. 161). After they accept their stigmatized sexual orientation, LGB people begin a process of coming out. Optimally, through this process they come to terms with their homosexuality and develop a healthy identity that incorporates their sexuality (Cass, 1979, 1984;Coleman, 1981–1982;Troiden, 1989). Internalized homophobia signifies the failure of the coming out process to ward off stigma and thoroughly overcome negative self-perceptions and attitudes (Morris et al., 2001). Although it is most acute early in the coming out process, it is unlikely that internalized homophobia completely abates even when the person has accepted his or her homosexuality. Because of the strength of early socialization experiences, and because of continued exposure to antigay attitudes, internalized homophobia remains an important factor in the gay person’s psychological adjustment throughout life. Gay people maintain varying degrees of residual antigay attitudes that are integrated into their self- perception that can lead to mental health problems (Cabaj, 1988;Hetrick & Martin, 1984;Malyon, 1981–1982;Nungesser, 1983). Gonsiorek (1988) called such residual internalized homophobia “covert,” and said, “Covert forms of internalized homophobia are the most common. Affected individuals appear to accept themselves, yet sabotage their own efforts in a variety of ways” (p. 117)…
In 1981,  Benedict XVI appears of possibly having had flashbacks - a traumatic stated of mind - which would be an unconscious reenactment of an overwhelming terror experienced as a child that has been frozen in time related to the (erroneous) lethal threat of homosexuals to people. Including, the underlying assumption of the Nazis, according to Hitler’s abuse of science of the ideology of racial purity were that homosexuals, like the Jews were not really human beings and therefore they could easily be disposed of like killing a “dangerous, disease-carrying rats” or other parasitic organisms. For Hitler and the Nazis - the Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and others were excluded - not deserving to share the human rights of the rest of the Germany people. It is wrong to kill another human being, but it is not wrong to kill a rat, a Jew or a homosexual. 

This of course, in no way appears to be a willful action on the part of Benedict XVI to treat homosexuals as less than human - as subhuman, as disease infested rats or “parasitic organisms — as leeches, lice, bacteria, or vectors of contagion.” Nonetheless, it clearly appears to be an unconscious reenactment of an overwhelming terror experienced - as a child - that has been frozen in time. The traumatization of these events re-experienced in adult life would significantly minimize the rational part of the brain and the emotional part of the brain would become dominant. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk explains how trauma or the re-experiencing trauma “flashbacks” will shut down the rational brain and how the emotional brain takes over.

In someone as brilliant as, Benedict XVI, - these re-enactments of strong emotional reactions appear to be more obvious, because of his ability to be extremely rational and even temper. They appear as huge blips inconsistent to his normal regular behavior. They only appear regarding the subject of homosexuality and to a lesser degree related to Marxism. Benedict has been intolerant of the topic of homosexuals and excluding the science on homosexuality. Benedict appears to be unconsciously prescribing a blatant - Nazi recipe for the genocide of gay people. 
Early Childhood
N a z i s m 
This is not the fault of Benedict XVI - it clearly appears that he is reenacting what he experienced as a child regarding the Nazi treatment of homosexuals and that he had been repeatedly traumatized by these events that were lost deep in his unconscious mind in his early childhood years growing up. Benedict experienced the hostile events of the Brownshirts, a Nazi paramilitary organization, that caused the Ratzinger family to have to moved several times before Benedict was 10 years old. Though these hostile events are buried deep in his unconscious and ARE forgotten these traumatizing emotional memories are separated from the horrific events that provoked them. However, separated and forgotten - the emotional elements of these traumatic memories remain alive and active though under disguised form - they are continually disrupting a person’s life and by extension the lives of others. We can observe in Benedict how traumatizing events from early childhood can be repeated decades later in the child's adult life. We can observe how the seed of nazism encased in the antigay propaganda - can be planted in a child's mind - unknown to the child and buried in the child's unconscious mind. We can also observe how the seeds of nazism can be impregnated in a future social environment and how if that person is given a position of global authority - the seeds of nazism can be impregnated globally. 
I N N A T E ???
Because these Nazi antigay traumatizing events are buried deep in the unconscious mind of the child and are completely forgotten - as an adult - this person will misconstrued the continual activation of the separated traumatic emotional elements from the traumatizing antigay events - as being an innate indication that homosexuality is evil. However, they are not innate!!! What is wrongly believed to be innate - is the pervasive ignorance and fear of societal antigay prejudices of the social environment that the gay child is raised in - for Benedict this is Nazi Germany and for Cardinal Burke this is the terrorizing antigay social environment of the USA of the 1950s fostered by the US Senator from Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy.  

The reason why these traumatic emotional elements are continually being activated throughout the lifetime of the person - is because they are being generated by the person's gay sexual orientation, which the person in varying degrees of severity is dissociated from, since early childhood years growing up. The science on sexual orientation is that it functions 24/7 outside the conscious awareness of the person.

Excerpt below from Part 4A: 

Sexual Orientation - Not Chosen 
Cannot be Changed  
Cannot be Permanently Suppressed
Mentally Dissociation = Dangerous & Violent 
Acting Out Behaviors
No one chooses their sexual orientation and the gender that a person fines attractive remains stable throughout that person’s life, it identifies and confirms a person’s sexual orientation. A person’s sexual orientation functions automatically and continuously 24/7 outside a person’s conscious awareness (24 hours a day - 7 days a week).  What this means is that a person will experience being emotionally and physically sexually aroused whenever he comes in contact with an attractive person of gender that corresponds to his sexual orientation. If the male person is gay - then whenever he sees or views images of or has thoughts of an attractive male person - he will automatically feel emotionally and physically sexually aroused. This sexual arousal happens outside the person’s conscious control. This has been demonstrated in the research study of 2012, at Cornell University,  “The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns.” 
I n t e r r e l a t e d 
Biological and Psychological 
Processes of 
Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions to men, women or both sexes... http://www.apa.org/topics/lgbt/orientation.aspx

Autonomic nervous system
The autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomic_nervous_system

The research study of 2012, at Cornell University found that measurements of pupil dilation taken while study participants viewed erotic videos of people they found attractive - was a robust indicator of - a person’s sexual orientation and of the activation of the autonomic nervous system. The results of bisexual men was of significant importance in this new study that revealed they had substantial pupil dilations to sexual videos of both men and women.

Autonomic Nervous System                          
The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns
August 3. 2012   
pupil dilation to stimuli indicates activation of the autonomic nervous system. This system is associated with many automatic processes such as perspiration, digestion, blood pressure, and heart rate. For this reason, pupil dilation has been used as indicator of automatic response, for example, in studies of implicit reaction and cognitive load. Other research suggests that pupil dilation can reflect automatic attention, or attention that is likely not in the conscious control of participants. It is therefore unlikely that participants suppress pupil dilation to stimuli they are sexually attracted to. Pupil dilation patterns could therefore reflect, with high sensitivity, automatic attention related to sexual attraction and sexual orientation Photo Read more: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040256 

E r r o n e o u s   B e l i e f 
Ignorance and Fear of Societal Antigay Prejudices 
I N N A T E  

Not only is a gay child, at 4 and 5 years of age (1) traumatized by his parents disproval of his expression of love, (2) he is forced to suppress something that he has no adult conceptual understanding of what it is (his gay sexual orientation) and in addition, (3) he is being forced to suppress something (his gay sexual orientation) that he has no control over to suppress. Because these inhuman expectations that are placed onto the gay child - happens early in life, they are overwhelming to the child - (4) the child is likely not going to remember the exact situations when they started. The built in safety mechanism of early childhood protects the child from overwhelming events by relegating the memories of such events to the unconscious.

However, because of the (a) enduring parental expectations that the gay child suppress any expression of his gay sexual orientation that is supported by (b) the pervasive ignorance and fear of societal antigay prejudices of the social environment that the gay child is raised in - this child as an adult - will (c) erroneously and firmly believe that these societal antigay prejudices to be “innate” that they are “inborn” “natural” created by God. They are not “innate.” 

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Henry Krystal MD, a Holocaust survivor is world renowned for his research and psychiatric work with holocaust victims suffering from the effects of severe traumatization. Dr. Krystal explains that when it is possible through therapy that these traumatizing emotional memories are able to be reconnected to horrific events that provoked them and are understood and accepted that they then lose their destructive hold on a person’s life. If not, the person is more likely to deal with life on an intellectual level - devoid of emotional content. Because in such a traumatized stated of mind - the person is unable to use his emotions effectively - as a guide through life, especially to feel love and to express love to others. 

I am not important as an individual priest - but I am part of a situation that is greater then myself and have been for the past 20 years, which is the protection that I seek for children, globally, who are growing up gay that they not end up like the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy. All I have is a small nugget of truth obtained from the dialogue between science and religion on the sexual orientation of homosexuality. 

The ability to judge my situation is dependent on a substantial working knowledge of the science on homosexuality, which has been proven to be absence among the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy. In particular, a clear understanding and distinction that being a gay person is in no way connected to pedophiliaHitler and the Nazi regime were the ones who falsely claimed publicly that homosexuality was connected to pedophilia. The Nazis added such false claims to built on societal antigay prejudices to then be able to exploit these antigay prejudices to justify the massacre of their opposition of Brownshirt, the nazi paramilitary organization, by accusing them of being homosexuals, in the event known as the Night of the Long Knives June 30, 1934. Hitler and the Nazi regime employed this same ruthless exploitation of societal antigay prejudices - to silence and kill off the outspoken anti-nazi opposition of the Catholic clergy, by falsely accusing these clergy members of being homosexuals. Photo David (Goliath) Michelangelo

There has been no ongoing dialogue between the science and religion on homosexuality among the hierarchy of the Catholic Church for the past 60 years. This collusion among the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy is an invisible form of the genocide of gay people, classified as a form of structural violence. The ignorance of their collusion has been also exploited politically in the United States that has helped to usher into elected offices those people more concern for selfish gain - valuing profits over the safety and well-being of people, including children.

The absence of any dialogue between the science and religion on homosexuality - is more likely an re-enactment of the extraordinary childhood terror experienced by Benedict XVI, who spent the first 18 years of his life growing up during the rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi regime. This includes others like him who experienced the same. It does not appear to be willful action on the part of Benedict XVI. Nonetheless, it is an unconscious reenactment of an overwhelming terror experienced  as a child that has been frozen in time. The traumatization of these events re-experienced in adult life would significantly minimizes the rational part of the brain and the emotional part of the brain would become dominant. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk explains how trauma or the re-experiencing trauma “flashbacks” will shut down the rational brain and how the "fight-or-flight" response of the emotional brain takes over.

Bessel van der Kolk MD -  research in childhood trauma may help us to understand - how the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy who are extremely antigay - were chosen by Benedict XVI and how  unknowingly he facilitated this process of mimicking his repressed childhood memories of Hitler and the Nazis denunciations of homosexuals. 

This began for Benedict XVI when John Paul II made him the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: 1981–2005. This was a position that Benedict himself says that he did not want and had repeatedly asked John Paul to remove him. Benedict XVI feeling the weight of the responsible for the safety of the Church - may have triggered in him the re-enactments of the traumatizing events that he experienced as a child grouping up in Nazi Germany related to homosexuality and how the Church was attacked by the Nazis. In such a state, Benedict XVI would have wrongly believed that it was paramount for him to eradicate the Church of homosexuals - understand that in such a state he would be acting out of his childhood terrorizing memories - not as an adult. And in such a state of mind that is not rational but is overcome with the terror of a child, which is always several times greater than an adult would have experienced. 
Benedict XVI would have chosen only men who were just as emphatic in removing homosexuals as he was - unconcerned about being rational.
Archbishop Hunthausen, in the 1980s, was the first public victim of such ruthless hostility - that mirrored the Nazis removal the anti-nazi Catholic clergy. Benedict's actions as Cardinal Ratzinger at this time 1986 drew considerable criticism from the bishops of the US, in particular from  Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee. Weakland identified the men Benedict had chosen to staff the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith as:

…“amateurs-turned-theologians easily became headhunters and leaders were picked (on the basis of) the rigidity of their doctrine, so that often second-rate and repressive minds, riding on the waves of fear, took over.
“Religion under such circumstances then can become an ideology that tolerates no obstacle and that values ideas more than people
Chicago Tribune
Archbishop Asks Rome To Ease Up 
September 28, 1986

Benedict, Cardinal Ratzinger, was called 'God's Rottweiler' because of the people he silenced as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It seems that being called 'God's Rottweiler’ may be in part be related to his PTSD reactions in the present that were flashbacks to his childhood years under Nazi rule. This would be similar in ways a soldier’s PTSD reactions - after returning home from being in combat - on hearing a door slam shut, sounding like gun fire, he would likely have a flashback to be actually back in combat - re-experiencing all the terror - all over again. 

This is how this cancer of an untruth entered into the curia and began to metastasize throughout the Church. For all the denial and camouflaged nonsense language generated by the repressed homosexual members of the curia and hierarchy - the absence of the rationale of science on homosexuality and refusal to dialogue - will always be a blaring, as if from the roof tops - exposure of the truth about the reality of their gay sexual orientation. The very first sign of a repressed homosexual is the complete absence of empathy - in secrecy, because this person is a coward, the person's feels entitled to - 
Be as MEAN as he can be - for as long as he wants!!! 
Protest against this truth - scream and yell - jump up and down - ruthlessly lie - accuse and denounce someone who is gay - call that person - every name in the book and then some - it will all never ever destroy - the truth about who you are and the evil you have committed and are committing! Regardless, how many people you may be crafty enough to ingeniously convince to colluded with your intoxicating confabulations of hatred and violence - in other words "evil" - you will forever increase the absence of love in your life and all that entails - besides adding endlessly to your personal sense of guilt that you are a mean, selfish liar, no longer able think of yourself as a kind, loving and good person. None of this is likely to bother you, because your misdirected hatred and anger will securely anesthetize your brain so you feel nothing - until - most of your life is gone.

Holy Mass on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord (6 January 2017) | Francis 
…The Magi thus personify all those who believe, those who long for God, who yearn for their home, their heavenly homeland. They reflect the image of all those who in their lives have not let their hearts be anesthetized
A holy longing for God wells up in the heart of believers because they know that the Gospel is not an event of the past but of the present. A holy longing for God helps us keep alert in the face of every attempt to reduce and impoverish our life. A holy longing for God is the memory of faith, which rebels before all prophets of doom. That longing keeps hope alive in the community of believers, which from week to week continues to plead: “Come, Lord Jesus”. 
This same longing led the elderly Simeon to go up each day to the Temple, certain that his life would not end before he had held the Saviour in his arms. This longing led the Prodigal Son to abandon his self-destructive lifestyle and to seek his father’s embrace. This was the longing felt by the shepherd who left the ninety-nine sheep in order to seek out the one that was lost. Mary Magdalene experienced the same longing on that Sunday morning when she ran to the tomb and met her risen Master. Longing for God draws us out of our iron-clad isolation, which makes us think that nothing can change. Longing for God shatters our dreary routines and impels us to make the changes we want and need. Longing for God has its roots in the past yet does not remain there: it reaches out to the future. Believers who feel this longing are led by faith to seek God, as the Magi did, in the most distant corners of history, for they know that there the Lord awaits them. They go to the peripheries, to the frontiers, to places not yet evangelized, to encounter their Lord. Nor do they do this out of a sense of superiority, but rather as beggars who cannot ignore the eyes of those who for whom the Good News is still uncharted territory. 
An entirely different attitude reigned in the palace of Herod, a short distance from Bethlehem, where no one realized what was taking place. As the Magi made their way, Jerusalem slept. It slept in collusion with a Herod who, rather than seeking, also slept. He slept, anesthetized by a cauterized conscience. He was bewildered, afraid. It is the bewilderment which, when faced with the newness that revolutionizes history, closes in on itself and its own achievements, its knowledge, its successes. The bewilderment of one who sits atop his wealth yet cannot see beyond it. The bewilderment lodged in the hearts of those who want to control everything and everyone. The bewilderment of those immersed in the culture of winning at any cost, in that culture where there is only room for “winners”, whatever the price. A bewilderment born of fear and foreboding before anything that challenges us, calls into question our certainties and our truths, our ways of clinging to the world and this life. And so Herod was afraid, and that fear led him to seek security in crime: “You kill the little ones in their bodies, because fear is killing you in your heart”… Read more: https://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/homilies/2017/documents/papa-francesco_20170106_omelia-epifania.html

Pope at Mass: ‘Contempt for the weak is work of Satan’ - 08 January 2018
Pope Francis at Monday morning’s Mass reflected on the many Biblical stories that tell of a powerful person humiliating someone weaker and more vulnerable. The devil is behind this type of attitude, the Pope said, because there is no compassion in him.
…“I ask myself: What is within these people? What is it within ourselves that pushes us to mock and mistreat others weaker than ourselves? It is understandable when a person resents someone stronger than them, perhaps as a result of envy… but towards the weak? What makes us do that? It is something habitual, as if I needed to ridicule another person in order to feel confident. As if it were a necessity…”
…“And so, as when we already have a good desire to do a good act, like an act of charity, we say ‘It’s the Holy Spirit inspiring me to do this’. And when we realize we harbor within ourselves the desire to attack someone because they are weak, we have no doubt: It is the devil. Because attacking the weak is the work of Satan.” Read more:

In truth you will be destroying yourself and increasing the hate and violence in the world all around you. How fiercely and how long - particularly if it has been decades - that you spent denouncing this person who is gay - is a clear indication that once you loved this person very much. Research proves this to be true. 
H o m o s e x u a l 
D i s s o c i a t i o n 
Theories of Personality
Jess Feist and Gregory J Feist
Part II -  Psychodynamic Theories
When an internal impulse provokes too much anxiety, the ego may reduce that anxiety by attributing the unwanted impulse to an external object, usually another person.  This is the defense mechanism of projection, which can be defined as seeing in others unacceptable feelings or tendencies that actually reside in one’s own unconscious (Freud, 1915/1957b). For example, a man may consistently interpret the actions of older women as attempted seductions. Consciously, the thought of sexual intercourse with older women may be intensely repugnant to him, but buried in his unconscious is a strong erotic attraction to these women. In this example, the young man deludes himself into believing that he has no sexual feelings for older women. Although this projection erases most of his anxiety and guilt, it permits him to maintain a sexual interest in women who remind him of his mother.
An extreme type of projection is paranoia, a mental disorder characterized by powerful delusions of jealousy and persecution. Paranoia is not an inevitable outcome of projection but simply a severe variety of it. According to Freud (1922/1955), a crucial distinction between projection and paranoia is that paranoia is always characterized by repressed homosexual feelings toward the persecutor. Freud believed that the persecutor is inevitably a former friend of the same sex [or a brother], although sometimes people may transfer their delusions onto a person of the opposite sex. When homosexual impulses become too powerful, persecuted paranoiacs defend themselves by reversing these feelings and then projecting them onto their original object [the former friend of the same sex (or brother)]. For men, the transformation proceeds as follows. Instead of saying, “I love him,” the paranoid person says, “I hate him.” Because this also produces too much anxiety, he says, “He hates me.” At this point, the person has disclaimed all responsibility and can say, “I like him fine, but he’s got it in for me.” The central mechanism in all paranoia is projection with accompanying delusions of jealousy and persecution  Read more:

Although, Pope Francis is not intentionally describing this situation in his Christmas Address to the curia December 21, 2017 - nevertheless it bears a very close resemblance to it.  

Service of God’s Holy People
Pope Francis
Thursday, 21 December 2017
…The relationship that these images suggest is that of communion in filial obedience for the service of God’s holy people. There can be no doubt, then, that such must be also the relationship that exists between all those who work in the Roman Curia. From the Dicastery heads and superiors to the officials and all others. Communion with Peter reinforces and reinvigorates communion between all the members.
Seen in this light, my appeal to the senses of the human body helps us have a sense of extroversion, of attention to what is outside. In the human body, the senses are our first connection to the world ad extra; they are like a bridge towards that world; they enable us to relate to it. The senses help us to grasp reality and at the same time to situate ourselves in reality. Not by chance did Saint Ignatius appeal to the senses for the contemplation of the mysteries of Christ and truth.[9]
This is very important for rising above that unbalanced and debased mindset of plots and small cliques that in fact represent – for all their self-justification and good intentions – a cancer leading to a self-centredness that also seeps into ecclesiastical bodies, and in particular those working in them. When this happens, we lose the joy of the Gospel, the joy of sharing Christ and of fellowship with him; we lose the generous spirit of our consecration (cf. Acts 20:35 and 2 Cor 9:7)…

Cardinal Burke is a prime example of what is so notably lacking in people’s responses against homosexuality, is the rationale (a set of reasons or a logical basis for a course of action or a particular belief) - that is the science on homosexuality, including the biblical exegesis of the related scriptural passages. All one hears from Cardinal Burke and people like Burke is their intense negative emotional reactions to homosexuality, but no supporting rationale. We are hearing the screams of terrorized children frozen in time, who were not loved for who they that they were children who were growing up gay. Their absence of rationale is followed by their adamant, at times even violent refusal to enter into any dialogue on the subject of homosexuality to discuss in detail their reasoning. They are locked into - what Pope Francis stated on the Feast of the Epiphany about the Magi and the people who refused to believe - they are locked into “iron-clad isolation, which makes us think that nothing can change (https://w2.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/homilies/2017/documents/papa-francesco_20170106_omelia-epifania.html).” Their refusal to discuss rationally the science and the religious aspects of homosexuality, is more of an indication of their own deep seated repressed homosexual feelings and physical arousals. The fact that they cling to the absurd unsubstantiated or rather the disproven false beliefs of societal prejudices against homosexuality, first generated by Hitler and the Nazi regime, again indicating that they are childhood victims of the same. 

So, therefore, they must vehemently denounce anyone who dares to speak out on the facts about homosexuality as derived from the continuous dialogue between science and religion, because it threatens their years of dissociation from the truth - about their sexual orientation. They are dissociated from the truth - to prevent from ever re-experiencing the terror felt as a child - who was forced to repress his gay sexual orientation. Their ruthless attempt to destroy the person who speaks out about the truth about the science of being gay - is in reality their attempts to destroy themselves (self-hatred) - what they feel continuously deeply inside themselves, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, that are  the interrelated emotional and physical processes of their gay sexual orientation. 

And, again, ironically this is additional proof that validates the reasoning behind why I came out in March 1997. They will unquestionably readily believe the rumors and hearsay and innuendos - like drug addicts - generated by Cardinal Burke, the curia and the hierarchy to demonized to destroy the credibility of anyone in the Church who speaks out the truth about homosexuality - that it is truly a gift from God.

And over 30 years - the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy soon became ruthlessly antigay - an accepted contagion effect - void of any rationale connected to the science on homosexuality. It is more complicated than what I have tried to explain here. There is no forum among the members of curia and hierarchy - to discuss these findings in a professional, knowledgable and critical manner, who have the proper credentials. Can anyone imagine discussing such findings with Cardinal Burke??? 

The science supporting these findings are just as important as climate change, if not more so. Because learning this science on homosexuality will help to restore true empathy in the world - to care more deeply about about the devastating effects of climate change and actively help to reverse the effect. 

I have been reluctant to write about this publicly - not for the sake of privacy - but that it could be interpreted wrongly causing unneeded harm for many people. Most of all this information is important for the safety and well-being of all children and how wars and genocides effect children and how the possibility that such horrific events can and are repeated through children, as they become adults. 

Brain, Mind, and Body in The Healing of Trauma  - with Bessel van der Kolk MD
…my group and I did the very first neuroimaging study on people having flashbacks. That turned out to be a very interesting study. We discovered that when people relive their trauma, a fair amount of their brain actually goes offline, particularly in the left anterior prefrontal cortex where the capacity for analyzing, understanding, and language is located. So, essentially we were able to visualize how people become dumbfounded... 
...and struck with speechless terror. That is a very big issue. The other thing we discovered or confirmed was that when people relive their trauma, their survival brain, their emotional brain, becomes very activated, and their frontal lobes, their more rational brain, gets deactivated, so that people sort of “take leave of their senses” in some ways—so that people’s cognitions fail them. We learned that the insula, the part of the brain that’s involved in registering and noting what is going on in your body, becomes impaired, so there’s a decreased body–mind connection that needs to be reactivated. Various people have discovered that the medial prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain that allows you to feel yourself, notice yourself and be in touch with yourself—gets quite thrown off track, basically, so that it is really hard to notice what goes on inside of you and to manage what goes on inside of you… Read more: http://www.shrinkrapradio.com/436.pdf

Bessel van der Kolk, MD is a world renowned researcher and clinician in the field of traumatic stress. His innovative work to integrate mind, brain, body, and social connections in the healing of trauma has had a profound impact on the care and treatment of trauma victims all over the world. Dr. van der Kolk’s research includes brain imaging studies on trauma’s impact on childhood development…Dr. van der Kolk, a professor in the department of psychiatry at Boston University Medical School, is the founder and medical director of the Trauma Center in Boston and the director of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), established by Congress to raise the standard of care and improve access to services for traumatized children, their families and communities.


John Paul II and Benedict XVI
Science & Religion
Bessel van der Kolk MD 
Rational & Emotional 

Bessel van der Kolk MD, his explanation of how trauma separates the functioning of the emotional brain and the rational brain - where the emotional brain becomes dominate and the rational brain becomes inactive - also describes the hysterical mental state of the German people facing the dire consequences i.e. starvation - that resulted after their defeat in WWI and how it is understandable that collectively their rational brains would have been considerably inactive. Hitler and the Nazi regime were able to exploit this heightened emotional state of the German people absent of rational functioning. The ideology of Nazism “racial cleansing” is completely built on a abuse of science - absent of any rational thinking and it was presented to the German people in pseudo-religious terminology i.e. salvation, messiah, rebirth, etc. In the absence rational thinking this mass hysteria culminated into the “Fuhrer-cult” the crucial force that led to WWII (The "Hitler Myth” - Ian Kershaw). Anyone who publicly announced any rational thinking that challenged the ideology of Nazism was considered the opposition and they where removed and sent away to be reeducated and killed!

Both Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI lived through the atrocities that were committed by this blinded mass hysteria of the “Fuhrer-cult” totally built on the pseudo-science and pseudo-religion of the ideology of Nazism.  This helps to explain why both of these popes wrote extensively on the importance of maintaining of continuous dialogue between science and religion. This is the description that Bessel van der Kolk MD explains is necessary for the normal functioning of a human being - that there needs to be a constant ongoing dialogue between the emotional brain and the rational brain. And as John Paul and Benedict explain there are serious human consequences that arise when either science or religion becomes dominate over the other - these circumstances are the same for the individual human being as explained by Bessel van der Kolk MD. 

The majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy (though not all members) in their complete absence of the science on homosexuality are following the same road map of the Hitler and the Nazi regime that led to the deaths of 70 million people by the end of WWII. And, yes - people like myself in the Church, who speak out publicly about the science on homosexuality - need to be removed, discredited, demonized and in fact destroyed. “Convicting People by Rumor and Hearsay and Innuendo.” People like Cardinal Burke (and his supporters) work obsessively making such public unsubstantiated and irrational statements just like the Nazis - such as, homosexuality is "abnormal" - wrongly connecting it to pedophilia. In this way - he keeps alive the hysteria about homosexuality - keeping it a fully functioning political weapon to be used, as it was by Hitler and the Nazi regime and  leading us now to nuclear war!!!

The age difference between John Paul and Benedict is significant. John Paul was 19 years old when the Nazis invaded Poland and Benedict was born at the rise of Hitler and lived the first 18 years of his life in Nazi Germany.





W A R   C H I L D H O O D
Traumatic Experiences 

N a z i   
C h i l d h o o d   
M e m o r i e s

'It's All Still Very Present'

German Children of World War II
Over 60 years Later 
L o n g - l a s t i n g
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
S y m p t o m s
E L D E R L Y   G E R M A N S 

An Endless Legacy
Sixty years later: post-traumatic stress symptoms and current psychopathology in former German children of World War II
International Psychogeriatrics: page1of 7 - Published online: 27 October 2006 - doi:10.1017/S104161020600442X
War is a complex, long-lasting trauma composed of multiple stressors such as physical harm, intimidation, loss of loved ones, deprivation, abuse and starvation (Berman, 2001). Children represent a highly vulnerable population, whose rights and needs are usually subordinated to the burden of war (Barenbaum et al., 2004)…
…Differences in the prevalence of long-lasting post-traumatic symptoms after war may be explained by a number of factors, including initial severity, psychosocial milieu after trauma, and continuing disruption, for example as a result of displacement (Barenbaum et al., 2004). The impact of a childhood in war on post-traumatic symptoms in later life is rarely examined. Teegen and Meister (2000) found 5% PTSD and 25% partial PTSD among former German adolescent refugees of World War II. Yet most of the former children of World War II have managed their lives successfully: they have rebuilt destroyed cities, made their careers and had families. They can be seen as the “generation of normality” (Ermann, 2003). However, the complex challenges associated with reaching retirement see many former war children confronting the issues of their childhood (Radebold, 2003). The goal of our study was to determine the level of post-traumatic stress symptoms and current psychopathology in a sample of former German children 60 years after the end of World War II…
…The late life effect of war trauma on small children needs further investigation with more appropriate instruments. Qualitative study designs, for example, could assess more subtle changes brought about by a war childhood (Ermann, 2004; 2005). Finally, the long-lasting wounds of World War II are a strong argument for preventing their repetition in current conflicts: countries should take all measures to ensure protection and care of children who are affected by war (UNHCHR, 1990). Read research:

Traumatic experiences and post-traumatic stress disorder among elderly Germans: results of a representative population-based survey - International Psychogeriatrics 2010, 22(04):661-670
Background: Only a few population-based studies on the epidemiology of post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSDs) are available to date. Most of the existing studies are from the U.S.A. Against the background of World War II, the extent and long-term effects of war-related traumatic experiences in the German elderly population are of special interest…
In summary, the German elderly population frequently experienced war and violence-related trauma in World War II. These experiences were mostly evaluated as the worst traumatic experiences of their lives and induced relevant traumatic symptoms and PTSDs even 60 years later. These findings underpin the widespread and long-lasting consequences of wars. Read research:

What German children played with in World War Two - the Nazi party sticker books - 21 January 2008
During the austere 1930s, British children enjoyed the simple pleasure of collecting tea and cigarette cards of their sporting heroes.
But over in Germany, their counterparts were carefully gluing pictures of figures infinitely less innocent than the likes of the young Stanley Matthews into their prized albums.
One collection focused on Adolf Hitler, with its 204 cards chronicling the evil dictator's rise to power and pictures of the Führer in uniform with his Nazi henchmen, including his then deputy Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels…
They give a chilling insight into the Nazi propaganda machine and conjure up a disturbing image of youngsters having fun swapping cards of the Nazi monsters and deriving entertainment from getting the latest card of Hitler to add to their collection - while all the time being unwittingly brainwashed by the fascist regime.
Yesterday historical documents expert Richard Westwood-Brookes of auctioneers Mullocks, said: "Children collected these cards and no doubt looked forward to the day when they would have a completed book to show to their friends and families.
"But meanwhile the Nazis storm troopers were going about their business, beating people up, crushing the freedoms of the people and planning the rounding up Jews for extermination as Hitler and his gang plotted world domination.
"The Nazi propaganda machine was such a total operation that it exploited every human activity - even the innocuous hobby of sticker collecting… Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-509510/What-German-children-played-World-War-Two--Nazi-party-sticker-books.html
Getty's Photos

A Box of WWII Souvenirs Yields a Trove of Nazi Creation Myths
Aug 27, 2014
…The purpose of Nazi-era cigarette books was, in short, blatantly propagandist. In the 1930s, after the rise of the Nazi Party, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP) collaborated with the German Cigarette Picture Service to deploy a series of photographs that would illustrate a carefully edited history of the party. The booklet itself contained text, and blank spaces to be filled in later with corresponding pictures. Smokers would find coupons in their cigarette packages, which they could then mail to the company. In return, each customer would receive a group of photographs to be mounted in the book. The end result: a picture-book that any patriotic, i.e., Nazi-affiliated, family could be proud of, chronicling the party’s ascendance under Hitler's leadership…
…“Mass consumption and mass marketing had already come to Germany in the 1920s, and there was an appeal to a ‘collectors' instinct’,” says Professor Volker Berghahn, Seth Low Emeritus Professor of History at Columbia University. “It was part of an attempt to draw a consumer into whatever things you were already producing, and that’s why the cigarette company was involved. And the Nazis had their own interest in getting people to learn their story. I'm sure many Hitler Youth were among the collectors, and were keen to fill their own albums." 
Most of the photographs in the series were made by Heinrich Hoffmann, the official photographer of the NSDAP, and for years the only person authorized to take pictures of Hitler. Hoffmann's photos depict the Führer as heroic patriot; powerful leader; friend to men, women, children and animals. It's hard to imagine being influenced by exposure to such calculated political imagery—which is part of what makes the series, seen all these years later, so chilling… Read more: http://time.com/3880824/photos-from-box-of-wwii-souvenirs-chart-hitlers-rise-to-power/

German War Children Begin Facing Suppressed Traumas - February 4, 2008
One quarter of Germans were children during World War II. During the 1950s, researchers were still convinced that the generation had overcome the war traumas. That's not the case, according to recent studies.
When Hildgeard Jost-Berns hears a siren, she regularly winces. While still working as a teacher, the 69-year-old had to disrupt her lessons when a practice alarm went off outside. As a five-year-old, Jost-Berns saw how her parents' apartment in the western German town of Essen went up in flames after an air raid. She was too young to understand why this was happening. She was also too old to ever forget it. Years later, the flames still haunted her in her dreams.
The loss of home and security always goes along with the loss of childhood. That's also what happened to Beatrix Wagner, who witnessed the attack on Dresden in 1945. She can remember the crackling of the bombs and the scary helplessness of her mother.
"It was something completely unexpected and a horrible feeling," Wagner said.
Left alone with traumatic experiences
No one was interested in the hurt feelings of a seven-year-old girl during the chaotic times of war. Bare survival was all that counted. Even after the war, Wagner didn't get a chance to deal with her experiences. Psychologists taking care of traumatized children didn't exist. A 1954 study also did away with any concerns about the psychological and physical well-being of these children and teenagers… Read more:

Nazi Childhood Memories
'It's All Still Very Present' March 28, 2013 
The miniseries "Our Mothers, Our Fathers" has sparked widespread discussion in Germany about memories of WWII, both first-hand and inherited. In a SPIEGEL interview, war survivor and psychoanalyst Hartmut Radebold talks about guilt, war trauma and his own fraught memories of growing up in the Third Reich… Read more: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/survivor-and-psychoanalyst-reflects-on-german-wwii-trauma-a-891349.html

Growing up in the shadow of the Second World War: European perspectives
European Review of History: Revue européenne d'histoire
Published online: 09 Apr 2015 Abstract
In this Special Issue, the authors explore the various ways in which the Second World War shaped children's experiences in the post-war period. They map the multifaceted interest or non-interest of states all over Europe for children in the years after the war, filter out groups of children who recall that the consequences of the Second World War significantly influenced their childhood, and investigate the childhood policies directed towards them, as well as their childhood experiences and the memories they foster about their childhood. In addition, they have included case studies from Western, Central and Eastern Europe with the aim of sparking a debate as to whether it was only a similar lifecycle that war children in early post-war Europe shared, or if they also had some life experiences in common… Read more: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13507486.2015.1008410

A Child's Memory of WW2 in Germany 
24 August 2005
…I was born 1932 in Schleswig, North Germany and enjoyed a happy childhood in a close-knit family.My baby sister came 1936 on the scene and our brother 1938, about the time when Adolf Hitler was talked about a lot. I remember the the brown uniform ny father had acquired,due to joining the SA (Sturmabteilung).All his colleagues from the Psychiatric Hospital,which was the biggest in Germany and where they all worked as qualified nurses,had joined also.I did not know what was going on, only everybody seemed in good spirits. I suppose thinking back, their future was full of promises-a better life to come. Hitler was Germany's saviour!
In 1939 we, all women and children, waved the long train off, loaded with men who had volunteered to be recruited. Of course, my age group had no idea what was happening. At school, Adolf Hitler's portrait was in every classroom, "Heil Hitler" before we started lessons and the same at the end.Hitler was praised and we fell in love with him, we adored him and showed him great respect. Were we being brainwashed? Every boy and girl old enough automatically became a member of the 'Hitler Jugend' (Youth). We were never bored, due to so many activities! Mainly sport was encouraged and became an obsession. Music too. Religion was not mentioned.I think,'Adolf was God.'
It was an honour to be included in the big parade at Hitler's birthday on the 20th April.What a pretty sight on the stadium!Swastika flags blowing in the wind, girls in navy blue pleated skirts,white socks and short sleeved blouses,long plaits. The boys looked proud too, in their light brown shirts with white neckchief.March music over loud speakers. Dad's letters arrived from Austria, Holland, France ,Poland, after that nothing.Apparently he was "missing." Much, much later I found out that he had been captured with so many others by the Russians and was transported to Siberia to work in the salt mines.One night in 1942 a continuous rumbling noise was heard and prevented us children from going to sleep. I questioned my mother, who informed me that the mentally ill patients were all being moved to the south of Germany to make space for wounded soldiers, a 'Lazarett'(hospital).By morning the noise of the lorries had gone… Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/69/a5294469.shtml

Teacher’s Guide To Using “Hitler's Unwanted Children: Children and Young People with Disabilities In Nazi Germany” In Classrooms
Sally M. Rogow
This article tells the story of the thousands of children and young people who were victims of Nazi brutality. In addition to Jewish and Gypsy children, children and young people who were disabled as well as adolescent non-conformists were isolated, imprisoned in state hospitals and work camps and thousands were murdered. Their story adds to our understanding of the kind of thinking that culminated in the Holocaust. This article discusses how schools were changed under the Nazis, how well known rehabilitation centers were destroyed and the growing inhumanity of the Hitler regime.
The persecution and genocide of vulnerable children and young people were part and parcel of Nazi racism and biological science and they were the first victims of Nazi genocide. The development of technology used in death camps took place in the hospitals and institutions which housed children and adults with disabilities… Read more: http://www.holocaust-trc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/unwanted_guide.pdf

Hitler's Unwanted Children
Sally M. Rogow 2002
Childhood in Nazi Germany was cast in the mythic illusion of a super race. Children who did not meet the social or biological criteria of " perfect" children were removed from their homes and communities, isolated in institutions, hospitals, work and concentration camps, and many thousands were murdered (Aly, 1993; Burleigh, 1994; Friedlander, 1994; Peukert, 1987). It is a myth that only children with severe disabilities were killed or that the killings stopped in 1941; the last child was killed almost a month after the war was over. Unwanted children were orphans, children in care because of emotional or behavior problems, adolescent non-conformists as well as children with physical disabilities or mental handicaps (in addition to Jewish, Gypsy and non-white children). The campaign to remove unwanted children from the community was not only the result of Nazi racial biology and eugenics, it was part and parcel of the effort to impose control and conformity on the entire German population. In a climate of social chaos, economic depression and poverty, the Nazis created an economy of privilege and conflicting spheres of jurisdiction. By persecuting selected groups of people, they were able to establish a system of thought control that reached deeply into family life (Peukert, 1987). Terrorist tactics were used against German families, secret police and the SS were involved in isolating and transporting children to their deaths in psychiatric hospitals and institutions… Read more: http://www.holocaust-trc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/unwanted.pdf

The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma - Re-enactment, Revictimization, and MasochismBessel A. van der Kolk, MD
During the formative years of contemporary psychiatry much attention was paid to the continuing role of past traumatic experiences on the current lives of people. Charcot, Janet, and Freud all noted that fragmented memories of traumatic events dominated the mental life of many of their patient…Janet thought that traumatic memories of traumatic events persist as unassimilated fixed ideas that act as foci for the development of alternate states of consciousness, including dissociativephenomena, such as fugue states, amnesias, and chronic states of helplessness and depression. Unbidden memories of the trauma may return as physical sensations, horrific images or nightmares, behavioral reenactments, or a combination of these. Janet showed how traumatized individuals become fixated on the trauma: difficulties in assimilating subsequent experiences as well. It is "as if their personality development has stopped at a certain point and cannotexpand anymore by the addition or assimilation of new elements.” …The trauma permanently disturbed the capacity to deal with other challenges, and the victim who did not integrate the trauma was doomed to "repeat the repressed material as a contemporary experience in instead or . . . remembering it as something belonging to the past.” In this article, I will show how the trauma is repeated on behavioral, emotional, physiologic, and neuroendocrinologic levels, whose confluence explains the diversity of repetition phenomena. 
Many traumatized people expose themselves, seemingly compulsively, to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. These behavioral reenactments are rarely consciously understood to be related to earlier life experiences…
Trauma can be repeated on behavioral, emotional, physiologic, and neuroendocriniologic levels. Repetition on these different levels causes a large variety of individual and social suffering. Anger directed against the self or others is always a central problem in the lives of people who have been violated and this is itself a repetitive re-enactment of real events from the past…
People who have been exposed to highly stressful stimuli develop long-term potentiation of memory tracts that are reactivated at times of subsequent arousal. This activation explains how current stress is experienced as a return of the trauma; it causes a return to earlier behavior patterns. Ordinarily, people will choose the most pleasant of two alternatives. High arousal causes people to engage in familiar behavior, regardless of the rewards. As novel stimuli are anxiety provoking, under stress, previously traumatized people tend return to familiar patterns, even if they cause pain…
Childhood abuse and neglect enhance long-term hyperarousal and decreased modulation of strong affect states…Victimized people may neutralize their hyperarousal by a variety of addictive behaviors, including compulsive re-exposure to victimization of self and others. Gaining control over one's current life, rather than repeating trauma in action, mood, or somatic states, is the goal of treatment. The only reason to uncover traumatic material is to gain conscious control over unbidden re-experiences or re- enactments. The presence of strong attachments provides people with the security necessary to explore their life experiences and to interrupt the inner or social isolation that keeps them stuck in repetitive patterns. In contrast with victimized children, adults can learn to protect themselves and make conscious choices about not engaging in relationships or behaviors that are harmful.  Read more: http://www.cirp.org/library/psych/vanderkolk/

Shaping the Future: Indoctrinating Youth
…From the 1920s onwards, the Nazi Party targeted German youth as a special audience for its propaganda messages. These messages emphasized that the Party was a movement of youth: dynamic, resilient, forward-looking, and hopeful. Millions of German young people were won over to Nazism in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. In January 1933, the Hitler Youth had only 50,000 members, but by the end of the year this figure had increased to more than 2 million. By 1936 membership in the Hitler Youth increased to 5.4 million before it became mandatory in 1939. The German authorities then prohibited or dissolved competing youth organizations.
Education in the Nazi State
Education in the Third Reich served to indoctrinate students with the National Socialist world view. Nazi scholars and educators glorified Nordic and other “Aryan” races, while denigrating Jews and other so-called inferior peoples as parasitic “bastard races” incapable of creating culture or civilization. After 1933, the Nazi regime purged the public school system of teachers deemed to be Jews or to be “politically unreliable.” …
…In the classroom and in the Hitler Youth, instruction aimed to produce race-conscious, obedient, self-sacrificing Germans who would be willing to die for Führer and Fatherland. Devotion to Adolf Hitler was a key component of Hitler Youth training. German young people celebrated his birthday (April 20)—a national holiday—for membership inductions. German adolescents swore allegiance to Hitler and pledged to serve the nation and its leader as future soldiers.
Schools played an important role in spreading Nazi ideas to German youth. While censors removed some books from the classroom, German educators introduced new textbooks that taught students love for Hitler, obedience to state authority, militarism, racism, and antisemitism.
From their first days in school, German children were imbued with the cult of Adolf Hitler. His portrait was a standard fixture in classrooms. Textbooks frequently described the thrill of a child seeing the German leader for the first time.
Board games and toys for children served as another way to spread racial and political propaganda to German youth. Toys were also used as propaganda vehicles to indoctrinate children into militarism…
Read more:

Nazi children's book
Themes: Nazi propaganda, Children
A children’s book, The Poisonous Mushroom, explains how Jews can be recognized by the shape of their noses, which "look like the number 6".
The book also claims that Jews can never stop being Jews, even if they are baptised as Christians, because being Jewish is about race rather than beliefs.
It accuses Jews of stealing children, of murdering Jesus Christ, and of controlling the world’s finances.
According to the book, Jews are always bad – just like poisonous mushrooms. Read more: http://dth.lgfl.net/all/nazi-childrens-book

“I became a National Socialist because the idea of the National Community inspired me. What I had never realized was the number of Germans who were not considered worthy to belong to this community.” 
Postwar memoirs of a German woman active in Nazi youth programs
One crucial factor in creating a cohesive group is to define who is excluded from membership. Nazi propagandists contributed to the regime's policies by publicly identifying groups for exclusion, inciting hatred or cultivating indifference, and justifying their pariah status [treated as social outcast] to the populace. Nazi propaganda played a crucial role in selling the myth of the “national community” to Germans who longed for unity, national pride and greatness, and a break with the rigid social stratification of the past.
But a second, more sinister aspect of the Nazi myth was that not all Germans were welcome in the new community. Propaganda helped to define who would be excluded from the new society and justified measures against the “outsiders”: Jews, Sinti and Roma (Gypsies),  
h o m o s e x u a l s,  political dissidents, and Germans viewed as genetically inferior and  
h a r m f u l  to “national health” (people with mental illness and intellectual or physical disabilities, epileptics, congenitally deaf and blind persons, chronic alcoholics, drug users, and others). Read morehttps://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007819

Above poster: 
"Students/Be the Führer's propagandists." 
With militant appeals to nationalism (an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries),  
f r e e d o m,  and self-sacrifice, the Nazi Party successfully recruited students disenchantedwith German  
d e m o c r a c y  and their current student organizations. https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/gallery.php?ModuleId=10007820&MediaType=ph

Heinrich Himmler - a military commander, and a leading member of the Nazi Party of Nazi Germany… Photo

Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) was the Reich Leader (Reichsführer) of the dreaded SS of the Nazi party from 1929 until 1945. Himmler presided over a vast ideological and bureaucratic empire that defined him for many—both inside and outside the Third Reich—as the second most powerful man in Germany during World War II. Given overall responsibility for the security of the Nazi empire, Himmler was the key and senior Nazi official responsible for conceiving and overseeing implementation of the so-called Final Solution, the Nazi plan to murder the Jews of Europe... Read more: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007407

1933 - Himmler Reorganized Police of Bavaria Joseph Ratzinger, Sr. Bavarian State Police 

Gestapo (Nazi political police) 
-- Encyclopedia Britannica
...When the Nazis came to power in 1933, Hermann Göring, then Prussian minister of the interior, detached the political and espionage units from the regular Prussian police, filled their ranks with thousands of Nazis, and, on April 26, 1933, reorganized them under his personal command as the Gestapo. Simultaneously, Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, the Nazi paramilitary corps, together with his aide Reinhard Heydrich, similarly reorganized the police of Bavaria and the remaining German states...
...The Gestapo operated without civil restraints. It had the authority of “preventative arrest,” and its actions were not subject to judicial appeal [Roman Curia mirroring the same corrupted Assumed papal authority].Thousands of leftists, intellectualsJews, trade unionists, political clergy, and homosexualssimply disappeared into concentration camps after being arrested by the Gestapo... Read more: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/232117/Gestapo

U n c h e c k e d 
Expansion of Homosexuality 
Lead To The
Destruction of Mankind” ???

Why Bother About Homosexuals? Homophobia and Sexual Politics in Nazi Germany- Geoffrey J. Giles - 2001
...During September and October 1927 [Heinrich] Himmlerread Herwig Hartner’s book Erotik und Rasse (Eroticism and Race)...
  ...Hartner’s book contained a section specifically on homosexuality, centering not on literature, but on the scientific and political work of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. Hartner’s thesis was that an unchecked expansion of the phenomenon of homosexuality would lead quite literally to the “destruction of mankind” (Untergang der Menschheit). He lost himself in speculation about a giant conspiracy, inspired of course by Jews, among whom there was “contrary to Hirschfeld’s assertion, a greater [proportion of homosexuals] by far than in the German population” as a whole. What was the aim of these Jewish homosexuals? They were trying to push Germany down the slippery slope of “increasing infertility” that the French had been sliding down for ages. You may well wonder whether, if more homosexuals meant fewer babies, that would not have an equally or even more damaging effect on the “heavily homosexual” Jewish people...Hartner declared in a closing flourish to his chapter that this spread of homosexuality would “surely dig our graves.” One can almost sense young Himmler(still only twenty-seven years old) shuddering in agreement with these sentiments…

The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler's SS and Police
Geoffrey J. Giles
...As the leader of the SS and the police, [Heinrich] Himmlerhimself deserves special attention. His speeches and writings dealt more obsessively with homosexuality than did those of any other Nazi leader, and his comments were broadly consistent in their sharp condemnation of homosexuality. On several documented occasions between 1934 and 1943, Himmler spoke or wrote of the acceptability, even the desirability, of killing homosexuals...

In 1936 the Reich Central Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortion was established to step up efforts to prevent acts that obstructed reproduction. In a 1937 speech linking homosexuality to a falling birthrate, German police chief Heinrich Himmler stated: “A people of good race which has too few children has a one-way ticket to the grave.” http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10007057

Homosexuals & the Holocaust:
Himmler Speech on the “Question of Homosexuality”
(February 18, 1937)

Homosexuals, Genocide of in the Holocaust
...The Nazi purge of homosexuals from their own ranks was only the beginning. On June 23, 1935, the first anniversary of the Roehm killings, the Nazis began a legal campaign against homosexuals by adding to paragraph 175 another law, 175a, which created ten new criminal offenses including kisses between men, embraces, even homosexual fantasies
  The Gestapo and the SS, under the notoriously antihomosexual leadership of Heinrich Himmler, became involved in a stepped up campaign to work gays to death in the camps. Himmler is quoted as follows: "Just as we today have gone back to the ancient Germanic view of the question of marriage mixing different races, so too in our judgment of homosexuality  a symptom of degeneracy that could destroy our race  we must return to the guiding Nordic principle: extermination." Reich Legal Director, Hans Frank, commented on the new penal code: "Particular attention should be addressed to homosexuality, which is clearly expressive of a disposition opposed to the normal national community ... Homosexual behavior, in particular, merits no mercy."
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Benedict XVI born April 16,1927

…On May 6, 1933, Nazis ransacked the “Institute for Sexual Science” in Berlin; four days later as part of large public burnings of books viewed as “un-German,” thousands of books plundered from the Institute’s library were thrown into a huge bonfire...
In 1934, a special Gestapo (Secret State Police) division on homosexuals was set up. One of its first acts was to order the police “pink lists” from all over Germany.
The police had been compiling these lists of suspected homosexual men since 1900. On September 1, 1935, a harsher, amended version of Paragraph 175 of the Criminal Code, originally framed in 1871, went into effect, punishing a broad range of “lewd and lascivious” behavior between men. In 1936 Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler created a Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion: Special Office (II S), a subdepartment of Executive Department II of the Gestapo. The linking of homosexuality and abortion reflected the Nazi regime’s population policies to promote a higher birthrate of its “Aryan” population. On this subject, Himmler spoke in Bad Tölz on February 18, 1937, before a group of high-ranking SS officers on the dangers both homosexuality and abortion posed to the German birthrate.
Under the revised Paragraph 175 and the creation of Special Office II S, the number of prosecutions increased sharply, peaking in the years 1937–1939. Half of all convictions for homosexual activity under the Nazi regime occurred during these years. The police stepped up raids on homosexual meeting places, seized address books of arrested men to find additional suspects, and created networks of informers to compile lists of names and make arrests...
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington D.C. Read more: http://www.chgs.umn.edu/pdf/homosbklt.pdf

The Pink Triangle
The Nazi War Against Homosexuals 
By Richard Plant 1988
…Perhaps the Nazi Party’s most explicit statement on homosexuality is the one it published on May 14th 1928, in response to a query about its stance toward reform of Paragraph 175. It is worth quoting in full: 
It is not necessary that you and I live, but it is necessary that the German people live. And it can only live if it can fight, for life means fighting. And it can only fight if it maintains its masculinity. It can only maintain its masculinity if it exercises discipline, especially in matters of love. Free love and deviance are undisciplined. Therefore, we reject you, as we reject anything that harms are nation. Anyone who thinks of homosexual love is our enemy. We reject anything which emasculates our people and makes it a plaything for our enemies, for we know that life is a fight, and it is madness to think that men will ever embrace fraternally. Natural history teaches us the opposite. Might makes right. The strong will always win over the weak. Let us see to it that we once again became strong! But this we can achieve only in one way- the German people must once again learn how to exercise discipline. We therefore reject any form of lewdness, especially homosexuality, because it robs us of our last chance to free our people from the bondage which now enslaves it. 
Despite these attacks, the effort to reform Paragraph 175 continued, albeit fitfully, until the end of 1929, when the Nazis gained 107 seats in the Reichstag, making parliamentary reform impossible. 
On January 30th, 1933, Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. On February 23rd pornography was banned along with homosexual rights organisations. As luck would have it, Hirschfeld was out of the country on a lecture trip. On March 7th the SS burst into and searched Kurt Hiller’s apartment. On March 23rd he was arrested and packed off to the concentration camp at Oranienburg, near Berlin. Nine months later, incredibly, he was released. He made his way first to Prague and then to London.  
    Hiller’s arrest and incarceration was the opening salvo in the Nazi campaign to rid Germany of its homosexuals. On May 6th the full frenzy of hate was unleashed. The target: Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexual Research, condemned by the Nazis as “the international centre of the white slave trade” and “an unparalleled breeding ground of dirt and filth.” A band of about one hundred young fanatics descended upon the institute, smashing everything they could lay their hands on. They confiscated more than twelve thousand books and the precious collection of photographs. Four days later, in a public ceremony, these were burned. The crowd roared approval, especially after somebody threw in a bust of Hirschfeld… Read more:  Photo      https://libcom.org/files/The%20Pink%20Triangle.pdf 

U n t w i s t i n g 
NOT Homosexuality
“Destruction of Mankind”
Maltreatment of Children
Growing Up 

Childhood Trauma, Neurobiology...Development of the Brain:
Infant Mental Health Journal, Vol. 16, No. 4, Winter 1995
Adults interpret the actions, words, and expressions of children through the distorting fitter of their own beliefs. In the lives of most infants and children, these common adult misinterpretations are relatively benign. In many cases, however, these misinterpretations can be destructive. The most dramatic example occurs when the impact of traumaticevents on infants and young children is minimized. It is an ultimate irony that at the time when the human is most vulnerable to the effects of trauma— during infancy and childhood— adults generally presume the most resilience...
 ...Deprivation of critical experiences during development may be the most destructive yet least understood area of child maltreatment. Unlike broken bones, irreversible maldevelopment of brain areas mediating empathy resulting from emotional neglect in infancy and childhood is not readily observable...
...Some of the most powerful clinical examples of this phenomenon are related to lack of attachment experiences early in life. The child who has been emotionally neglected early in life will exhibit profound attachment problems which are extremely insensitive to any replacement experiences later, including therapy. Examples of this include feral children, children in orphanages observed by Spitz and Wolf (1945) and, often, the remorseless, violent child...
...Profound sociocultural and public policy implications arise from understanding the critical role of early experience in determining the functional capacity of the mature adult — and therefore our society. Persistence of the destructive myth that "children are resilient" will prevent millions of children, and our society, from meeting their true potential. Persistence of the pervasive maltreatment of children in the face of decreasing global and national resources will lead, inevitably, to sociocultural devolution.
“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.”
Erik Erikson
(Young Man Luther : A Study in Psychoanalysis and History, 1958)

NO Science  - 
+ Religion  Truth  L O V E

The absence of dialogue between science and religion - allows the word “LOVE” to be twistedaround to mean Opposite -  "...Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development…(http://w2.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_ben-xvi_enc_20090629_caritas-in-veritate.html )."


Monday, 22 December 2008
…Rain forests deserve indeed to be  
p r o t e c t e d,  but no less so does man, as a creature having an innate “message” which does not contradict our freedom, but is instead its very premise.
The great scholastic theologians described marriage, understood as the life-long bond between a man and a woman, as a sacrament of creation, which the Creator himself instituted and which Christ – without modifying the “message” of creation – then made part of the history of his covenant with humanity… Read more: http://w2.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/speeches/2008/december/documents/hf_ben-xvi_spe_20081222_curia-romana.html

Pope likens "saving" gays to saving the rainforest
DECEMBER 22, 2008
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Benedict said on Monday that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behavior was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.
“(The Church) should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed,” the pontiff said in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration.
“The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.”… Read more:

Homosexuality is as great a threat as rainforest destruction, says Pope Daily Mail - 23 December 2008
The Pope has declared that saving the world from homosexual behaviour is as important as saving the rainforests… Read more:

Pope says humanity needs 'saving' from homosexuality
Telegraph - 23 Dec 2008
The Pope has said that "saving" humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforests…
He said the Roman Catholic Church had a duty to "protect man from the destruction of himself" and urged respect for the "nature of the human being as man and woman."
The pontiff added: "The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less."
His remarks were immediately denounced as "totally irresponsible and unacceptable in any shape or form" by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.
Its chief executive, the Rev Sharon Ferguson, said: "It is more the case that we need to be saved from his comments. It is comments like this that justify homophobic bullying that goes on in schools and it is comments like this that justify gay bashing.
"There are still so many instances of people being killed around the world, including in western society, purely and simply because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity.
"When you have religious leaders like that making that sort of statement then followers feel they are justified in behaving in an aggressive and violent way because they feel that they are doing God's work in ridding the world of these people."
The Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Vicar of Putney and president of Inclusive Church, the pro-gay Anglican movement, said: "I thought the Christmas angels said 'Fear not'.
"Instead, the Pope is spreading fear that gay people somehow threaten the planet. And that's just absurd.
"As always, this sort of religious homophobia will be an alibi for all those who would do gay people harm. Can't he think of something better to say at Christmas?" Read more:

Pope accused of stoking homophobia after he equates homosexuality to climate change
The Times - December 23, 2008
Pope Benedict was accused of stoking homophobia today after a speech in which he declared that saving humanity from homosexuality was just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction… Read more:

Fury as Pope says gays are threat to human existence
EveningStandard - 23 December 2008
The Pope was under fire today after saying that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as preserving the rainforests from destruction.
He urged people to listen to the "language of creation" to understand the intended roles of man and woman and that behaviour beyond traditional heterosexual relations was a "destruction of God's work".
Benedict XVI used his Christmas address to the Curia, the Vatican's central administration, to call on Catholics to protect man from the "destruction of himself”… Read more: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/fury-as-pope-says-gays-are-threat-to-human-existence-6873930.html

The Vatican: In Speech, Pope Calls Homosexual Behavior a ViolationThe New York Times - December 22, 2008
Pope Benedict XVI spoke out Monday against homosexual behavior, calling it a violation of the natural order. In an address to the Vatican hierarchy, the pope called for an “ecology of man” to protect man from “the destruction of himself.” He added, “The rain forests deserve our protection, but man as a creature indeed deserves no less.” The Vatican opposes same-sex marriage and considers homosexual acts sinful… Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/23/world/europe/23briefs-INSPEECHPOPE_BRF.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=Pope%20Benedict%20XVI%20homosexuals%20december%202008%20&st=cse

AUSCHWITZ - CHRISTMAS 2008 -- A flashback far more severe than in - BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – December 26, 2008 - by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
A letter sent to:

I have been so saddened by Pope Benedict XVI's cruel words to LGBTQ people around the world, to their parents, families and friends, most ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN. After reading the accounts of this human travesty, I did not know where to find comfort or hope. And then I thought about your blog. And just like receiving a wonderful Christmas present, sure enough I found the hope and comfort I needed to hear. 

I am a priest and a clinical psychologist (MS). And for one of my research projects I chose to do a qualitative research project of the recorded verbal accounts of survivors of the Holocaust, 50 years after the event. It was a difficult research project, because I could not make sense of one of the accounts of the survivors. 

For example, one survivor was describing what it was like riding the train to AUSCHWITZ, but he was describing how he was trying to make conversation with a girl on the train. I listened and wrote out this one account almost 30 times but I just was not getting it. I could not understand how this man could be talking about wanting to make conversation with this girl on the same train to AUSCHWITZ!?! 

Because I had taught high school religion classes for nearly 20 years, it hit me hard, like a flash of lightning. Instantly, all the pieces came together, so fast. Though this survivor was in his late 60’s when he gave his account of his story on audiotape, he was remembering the events that took place, but naturally they were recounted through the mind of a teenager, the age he was on the train to AUSCHWITZ. That is why the dialogue wasn’t making any sense. I was thinking of him as an old man because the voice on the audiotape was the voice of a 68-year-old. As shocking as a bomb going off, all the different aspects of the psychological developmental stages of a teenager kicked in. I realized only too fully that he was just a young normal teenager on that train!!! And so was the girl he was trying to make conversation, and their moms and dads were there with them!!! There was no way to pretend I did not realize what I discovered. It kept hitting me: this is not some script from a movie or TV miniseries on the Holocaust. No; as much as I wished it were. The reality of this horror hit me all at once, on so many different levels of consciousness: what an unbelievable horror it was!!! How could we treat human beings like this! I remember when the realization of the magnitude of this horror first hit me, like an instant reflex. I threw down the transcript I was holding as if it were a blazing hot poker. It kept hitting me over and over again that this is not a movie script or some kind of play – this really happened! It really happened! Oh, my God, how could this have happened!?!!!

My supervisor told me at the time that I was traumatized by the oral content. Qualitative research is an attempt to understand the complexity of emotions, the kinds of emotions, and the degree of intensity involved. Our emotions are what allow us to connect with other human beings. We identify with the non-verbal quality of emotions more immediately and strongly than with the words used to express them. The non-verbal qualities include tone of voice, eye contact, facial expression, body posture, and gestures, all of which express emotions. Emotions are why we can connect with people through time, across cultures, and individually. It is the expression of human emotions in the arts that makes some works of art timeless, because they continually speak to all people through the ages. 

And when I heard what Pope Benedict XVI said about homosexuals and transgendered human beings at Christmas 2008, I felt that same trauma all over again. Because in some way, somehow, he was conveying in a non-verbal manner the horror of the Holocaust, in what appears to be a traumatized, trance-like, accepted social norm from that period of time dictating that some people just don’t count, aren’t important, and can be easily disposed of. And if you rock the boat, you could be next to be disposed of.

I truly have to believe that a person in his position would not be doing this consciously or intentionally. The horror of the Holocaust is like an atomic bomb with fallout so extensive that it spreads over a radius of more than 150 miles. The horror of the Holocaust began in 1933 and ended in 1945. The psychological fallout would have been far more extensive and more deadly, especially when it is not identified as such.

It hit me the way it did when I realized that the research I was doing about a Holocaust survivor, a man 68 years old telling his story, who was remembering what it was like to be on the train to AUSCHWITZ, from the perspective of a young teenage boy who just wanted to talk to a girl. It seemed like the same kind of horror, a tacit assumption that some people don't count and can be disposed of without remorse. Could it be that Benedict XVI is unconsciously repeating Hitler's crime against humanity by taking on a long-accepted social attitude from that period of time? 

The question I asked myself was: what would it have been like for someone growing up gay during the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933 -1945

What would be the severity of the psychological effects on a boy who grew up to be gay in Germany during the time of Hitler’s NAZI PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS 1933 -1945? During the Nazi regime, homosexuals were publicly defamed and falsely accused for the major social problems of that time, which was done to incite massive public hatred and hostility directed against homosexuals. Homosexuals were used for medical experiments, physically mutilated, brutally tortured and exterminated.

Would this child, as an adult, in a severe dissociated state of mind from his own homosexual feelings (Harry Stack Sullivan MD, Dissociative Processes, Clinical Studies on Psychiatry (1956)), unconsciously perpetuate the terrifying horror of the insensitivity he had experienced growing up? If he found himself in a position of authority would he recreate the same social and political environment of violence and terror for homosexuals that he experienced, as a child who grew up to be gay, during the NAZI PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS? 

I think in truth on a much deeper level I was frightened, really frightened, to hear Pope Benedict XVI’s Christmas remarks against homosexuals and transgendered human beings and even more frightened by the  s i l e n c e  from the larger global community of human beings. What is so frightening is, even if there is agreement that one person does not matter or is not important, in truth then no one matters. Therefore, when I thought about your blog and what you did on October 5, 2008, I felt more reassured, I felt hope, and I felt comforted. NOW, isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? 

God Bless you,

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

. . . .Written by Martin S. Kurylowicz, M.Div., M.S.
Edited by Madeline Wright, Ph.D., M.S. . . . .

Posted on: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2008

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.”
Erik Erikson
(Young Man Luther : A Study in Psychoanalysis and History, 1958)

Brokeback Mountain
by Roger Ebert - December 15, 2005 
Ennis tells Jack about something he saw as a boy. "There were two old guys shacked up together. They were the joke of the town, even though they were pretty tough old birds." One day they were found beaten to death. Ennis says: "My dad, he made sure me and my brother saw it. For all I know, he did it."
This childhood memory is always there, the ghost in the room, in Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain." When he was taught by his father to hate homosexuals, Ennis was taught to hate his own feelings. Years after he first makes love with Jack on a Wyoming mountainside, after his marriage has failed, after his world has compressed to a mobile home, the laundromat, the TV, he still feels the same pain: "Why don't you let me be? It's because of you, Jack, that I'm like this -- nothing, and nobody.”… Read morehttps://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/brokeback-mountain-2005
Sexual orientation is about love
being one with another human being. 

The Significance of Brokeback Mountain
Ralph Roughton, MD
- Ennis’s traumatic memory of his father taking him to see the mutilated body of the gay rancher…
- Ennis begins walking along the same road; then, when Jack is out of sight, he collapses against a barn wall, retching and sobbing. Read more:  https://iapsp.org/newsletter/2007/roughton.htm

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I think about him now
Lord I just can’t keep from cryin’
‘Cause he was a friend of mine

He died on the road
He died on the road
He never had enough money
To pay his room or board
And he was a friend of mine

I stole away and cried
I stole away and cried
‘Cause I never had too much money
And I never been quite satisfied
And he was a friend of mine

He never done no wrong
He never done no wrong
A thousand miles from home
And he never harmed no one
And he was a friend of mine

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I hear his name
Lord I just can’t keep from cryin’
‘Cause he was a friend of mine.

Willie Nelson - He Was A Friend Of Mine

What It Teaches Us About Psychoanaysis

Pope Benedict XVI was born Joseph Ratzinger on April 16, 1927, in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany, the youngest of three children. His father was a policeman and his mother a hotel cook (before she married)… https://www.biography.com/people/pope-benedict-xvi-15045109
L i f e l o n g
Traumatic Flashbacks 
To Early Life
Hitler's mobilized political homophobia  
"H O M O S E X U A L S"
B r o w n s h i r t s
(Stormtroopers) SA
Catholic Clergy 
Justify Massacre Opposition
P s e u d o S c i e n c e 
N A Z I S M  

Early life of Pope Benedict XVI
Brownshirts (Stormtroopers)
Background and childhood (1927–1943)
…His father served in both the Bavarian State Police (Landespolizei) and the German national Regular Police (Ordnungspolizei) before retiring in 1937 to the town of Traunstein. The Sunday Times described the older Ratzinger as "an anti-Nazi whose attempts to rein in Hitler's Brown Shirtsforced the family to move several times ((Times Online (UK) 17 April 2005 ("Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth”))." According to the International Herald Tribune, these relocations were directly related to Joseph Ratzinger, Sr.'s continued resistance to Nazism, which resulted in demotions and transfers (International Herald Tribune 22 April 2005. "A boy's dreams lead from a village to the Vatican" (reprinted from The New York Times)…

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.”
Erik Erikson
(Young Man Luther : A Study in Psychoanalysis and History, 1958)


Brutal Persecution Catholic Clergy
Under Nazi Occupation - 1933-1945

The Führer Myth
How Hitler Won Over the German People - By Ian Kershaw
Part 4: The 'Dynamic Hatredagainst Minorities January 30, 2008
…The national community gained its very definition from those who were excluded from it. Racial discrimination was inevitably, therefore, an inbuilt part of the Nazi interpretation of the concept. Since measures directed at creating "racial purity," such as the persecution later of homosexuals, Roma and "a-socials," exploited existing prejudice and were allegedly aimed at strengthening a homogeneous ethnic nation, they buttressed Hitler's image as the embodiment of the national community. Even more so, the relentless denunciation of the nation's alleged powerful enemies -- Bolshevism, western "plutocracy," and most prominently the Jews (linked in propaganda with both) -- reinforced Hitler's appeal as the defender of the nation and bulwark against the threats to its survival, whether external or from within… Read more:http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-fuehrer-myth-how-hitler-won-over-the-german-people-a-531909-4.html

In dealing with dissidents, troublemakers, communists, homosexuals, gipsies — anyone with an inclination not to conform to the diktats of the Nazi state — the Gestapo was utterly ruthless
A History of Christianity
by Owen Chadwick, 1998
 …The Nazis…gradually moved towards outright repression [of the Catholic Church]; they staged prosecutions of monks for homosexuality, with the maximum of publicity…

Nazis Unleash Vicious Attack on Roman Catholic Church  
Chicago Daily Tribune: - May 29, 1937

Andrew Wackerfuss - is a historian with the 
United States Air Force and an adjunct professor at 
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Photo 


New Book Debunks the Pink Swastika Myth
Feb 3, 2016 
The ridiculous notion that "the Nazi party was entirely controlled by militaristic male homosexuals," as was posited in a book by antigay activists Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams in their 1995 book The Pink Swastika, has been furthered by the likes of leading homophobes Pat Robertson and Bryan Fischer. And the fallacy has persisted, but now a new book undermines it.
Author Andrew Wackerfuss debunks this myth of the so-called pink swastika in his book, Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement, which provides, as the New York Journal of Books notes, “a much-needed historical reckoning against falsehoods.”
Taking an academic approach using extensive archival material, Wackerfuss employs the anthropological meaning of “family” as a basic organizing structure in human societies in which relationships define the obligations, rights, and appropriate interactions of a group’s members. In doing so, he provides a fascinating glimpse into Germany’s deeply schizophrenic elite military unit. Simultaneously homosocial and homophobic, it harbored only a handful of gay men in its ranks; the stormtroopers were later cast by Adolf Hitler as a brotherhood of degenerates so that he could justify a bloody purge and intense surveillance of even straight citizens' sexualities in Germany. 
Tying those dark days into more recent history, Wackerfuss reveals how homophobia was — and remains — an insidiously effective political weapon. 
Using diary entries and archival news reports from the decade between the World Wars, Stormtrooper Families reveals intimate details about the lives of the men who served in the famously cliquishviolent, and chaotic German military unit known as Sturmabteilung (a.k.a. “SA” or "Stormtroopers"). Wackerfuss shows that the relationships among the all-male SA were far more bromance than romance. 
As in many of the male-only military units in the 20th century (including within the U.S. Army), there was little overt homosexual activity, despite the often homoerotic nature of the homosocial environment. That doesn’t mean there weren’t gay stormtroopers, though. With its reputation as a fiercely masculine organization, the SA attracted a diverse cross section of men, many of whom came from disadvantaged backgrounds, some who felt a need to “prove” their manhood, and many who longed to be part of a brotherhood. Some of those men were gay or bisexual, but their presence among the stormtroopers paradoxically furthered Nazi queer-baiting and homophobic justification of violence. 
But Stormtrooper Families is not just a book about an elite military unit between the World Wars. Wackerfuss cleverly illustrates how those events and these types of homophobia have reverberated through time, shaping political arguments that are still common today. 
Pointing to instances where modern-day neo-Nazis have come out or been outed as gay — including leading figures in the National Socialist Party of America, Germany’s neo-Nazi underground, and the British neo-Nazi movement — Wackerfuss writes, “Modern psychological studies have identified this dynamic as a process of reaction formation, in which people with intense resistance to their own same-sex desire proclaim vehement opposition to homosexuality, hoping thereby to convince both others and themselves of their heterosexuality. The concept has long-standing support in psychological theory, as well as in historical experiences throughout the modern era.” 
Below is an exclusive edited excerpt from Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement, in which Wackerfuss provides a brief history of homosexuality and homophobia in the Nazi SA. 
…Tensions between same-sex camaraderie, revolutionary demands, and the SA’s new pretension to legitimate authority reached a head by mid-1934. The stormtroopers’ loud insistence on their honor and privileges, their rampant corruption and excess, and their continued use of violence in public spaces now threatened to undermine the Nazi movement. Hitler and his cronies took action, purging the SA of its leaders and settling old scores in a national massacre that lasted for days. 
Hitler then mobilized political homophobia as his prime justification for the purge, arguing that he had acted to extirpate the rot of homosexuality from SA and party ranks. Now that the group was cleansed, he said, every German mother could again feel safe with the party in charge. The stormtroopers had thus fallen victim to sexualized political paradigms that they themselves had strengthened.
After June 1934, not only were homosexual stormtroopers (who had been accepted or lived undercover) chased out of the organization, all SA men were now under the scrutiny of a Nazi Party able and eager to police its citizens’ sexual morality and family circumstances. In other words, the authoritarian family policies the Nazis later imposed on all Germany came first to the stormtroopers
In 1935, the regime chose the anniversary of the purge to publish its extended version of P175, which expanded the category of the crime far beyond “actions resembling coitus,” the previous standard. Now, Nazi judges could decree any act — even a simple touch or look — as evidence of homosexuality. The situation had become so inflamed that denouncers even began to consider negative interest in homosexuality as evidence of same-sex orientation. 
The SA resolved to prevent any association between itself and homosexuality in the public mind. It did so first by hunting down its own homosexual members, no matter how valuable their service had been. Hitler ordered the SA cleansed of any association with homosexuality, whether proven or alleged. Yet even heterosexual men now discovered that the Party and the SA intended to monitor their sexual lives and their family relationships as well…  Read more: https://www.advocate.com/books/2016/2/03/new-book-debunks-pink-swastika-myth

In 1935, the Nazi regime revised Paragraph 175 of the German criminal code to make illegal a very broad range of behavior between men. This is the text of the revised law… Read more: https://www.ushmm.org/learn/students/learning-materials-and-resources/homosexuals-victims-of-the-nazi-era/paragraph-175

Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement - Andrew Wackerfuss
Reviewed by: Karl Wolff - Aug 18, 2015 
…The SA [Storm Troopers or Brownshirts] was one of three paramilitary organizations engaging in street fighting and violence. The other two paramilitary groups were the Reichsbanner (centrist and republican) and the Red Front Fighting Brigade (Communist). During the Weimar Republic, the Nazis characterized this time as the Kampfzeit (“time of struggle”), roughly from 1919 to 1933. Unlike later Nazi rule, the Kampfzeit saw conflict between the various paramilitary groups and conflicts within the Nazi political machine. 
Hindsight makes it easy to see the Nazi regime as monolithic and unambiguously evil. Wackerfuss explores issues of homosexuality and community within the SA. Anti-fascists, when seeking to delegitimize the Naziscaricatured them as depraved homosexuals. Wackerfuss debunks this myth by delving into primary documents like SA literature, newspapers, and diaries. While homosexuals did exist within the SA ranks, the numbers have been overestimated by political opponents and taken up by Allied historians. 
Although the debunking is effective in dispelling the “gay Nazi” myth, the myth becomes complicated with Ernst Röhm, the homosexual leader of the SA. While not “out” in the conventional sense, his homosexuality was an open secret. Hitler had no problem with this homosexuality in the SA, so long as street brawls with rival paramilitaries ended in victories. To this end, Hitler was an opportunist
The same could not be said for Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS [Schutzstaffel; Protection Squadrons] and virulently homophobic. And unlike the SA, the SS saw itself as aristocratic, exclusive, and disciplined. Röhm saw no contradiction between his homosexuality and the radical reactionary politics of the Nazi Party. He saw it as a manly affirmation of the warrior ethos. His sexual identity and political leanings brings up important questions about homosexuality and politics. 
The rivalry between the SA and the SS came to a head in 1934 with The Night of the Long Knives. After the purge, the SA lost its purpose within the Third Reich. During the Kampfzeit, the SA promoted itself as the defender of the German nation, despite actively working to subvert democracy. After the Nazis seized power, the SA found itself increasingly powerless and irrelevant. By war's end, the Nazi regime was gone, but the stereotype of the “gay Nazi” remained… 
Stormtrooper Families tells a tale of contradiction, rivalry, and homophobia. When the anti-fascist opposition didn't use homophobia as a tactic to gain public support, the Nazi Party itself used it as an excuse to purge undesirables. After decades of misinformation, Stormtrooper Families offers a much-needed historical reckoning against these falsehoods, bringing lucid scholarship to a neglected area in the history of the Nazi regime. Read more: https://www.nyjournalofbooks.com/book-review/stormtrooper

“The Institutionalization of Homosexual Panic in the Third Reich” 
Geoffrey J. Giles 
in Social Outsiders in Nazi Germany, ed. Robert Gellately and Nathan Stoltzfus (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2001), 233-237.
…It [homosexuality] was a useful card for the party to play, because it allowed Hitler to be seen to deal resolutely with several of the issues that he wished the regime to highlight. A central item on the political agenda at this time was the need to placate Germany’s CONSERVATIVE forces, who were horrified at the crude brutality of the Stormtroopers’ presence in the streets of Germany. A significant wing of the conservative forces was the “Moral Right,” with whom the Nazi Party had already allied itself during the Weimar Republic... https://press.princeton.edu/titles/7083.html


Today we pray for all the children who are not allowed to be born, who cry with hunger, who hold weapons in their hands instead of toys.
Pope Francis - December 28, 2017
Pope circulates Nagasaki image under heading, ‘The fruit of war’
John L. Allen Jr. - Dec 30, 2017
ROME - Although most times of the year Pope Francis comes off as an upbeat, smiling figure, holiday seasons sometimes seem to bring the Old Testament prophet out of him - denouncing injustice, lamenting suffering, and openly anguishing along with the broken hearts of a fallen world.
It shouldn’t be any surprise, therefore, that Francis, for this holiday period, asked that a small card be printed and distributed, which on its reverse side carries the inscription, “The fruit of war,” running above the pope’s signature.
The front side of the card displays a picture taken by American photographer Joseph Roger O’Donnell, a Marine who worked for four years after the atomic blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki documenting their impact. The shot shows a young Japanese boy standing in line at a crematorium with his dead younger brother on his back.
“The young boy’s sadness is expressed only in his gesture of biting his lips, which are oozing blood,” the inscription on the pope’s card says… Read more: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2017/12/30/pope-circulates-nagasaki-image-heading-fruits-war/


Science  + 
+ Religion = Truth = L O V E

Caritas in veritate
Pope Benedict XVI 2009

Letter to Father George V. Coyne, Director of the Vatican Observatory (June 1, 1988) John Paul II
…By encouraging openness between the Church and the scientific communities, we are not envisioning a disciplinary unity between theology and science like that which exists within a given scientific field or within theology proper. As dialogue and common searching continue, there will be grow towards mutual understanding and a gradual uncovering of common concerns which will provide the basis for further research and discussion. Exactly what form that will take must be left to the future. What is important, as we have already stressed, is that the dialogue should continue and grow in depth and scope. In the process we must overcome every regressive tendency to a unilateral reductionism, to fear, and to self-imposed isolation. What is critically important is that each discipline should continue to enrich, nourish and challenge the other to be more fully what it can be and to contribute to our vision of who we are and who we are becoming… 
Science can purify religion from error and superstition; 
religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish. 
For the truth of the matter is that the Church and the scientific community will inevitably interact; their options do not include isolation… 

 3. …Only in truth does charity shine forth, only itruth can charity be authentically livedTruth is the light that gives meaning and value to charity. That light is both the light of reason and the light of faith, through which the intellect attains to the natural and supernatural truth of charity: it grasps its meaning as gift, acceptance, and communion. Without truth, charity degenerates into sentimentality. Love becomes an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way. In a culture without truth, this is the fatal risk facing love. It falls prey to contingent subjective emotions and opinions, the word “love” is abused and distorted, to the point where it comes to mean the opposite. Truth frees charity from the constraints of an emotionalism that deprives it of relational and social content, and of a fideism that deprives it of human and universal breathing-space. In the truth, charity reflects the personal yet public dimension of faith in the God of the Bible, who is both Agápe and Lógos: Charity and Truth, Love and Word.
  4. Because it is filled with truth, charity can be understood in the abundance of its values, it can be shared and communicated. Truth, in fact, is lógos which creates diá-logos, and hence communication and communion. Truth, by enabling men and women to let go of their subjective opinions and impressions, allows them to move beyond cultural and historical limitations and to come together in the assessment of the value and substance of things. Truth opens and unites our minds in the lógos of love: this is the Christian proclamation and testimony of charity…
Reason always stands in need of being purified by faith: this also holds true for political reason, which must not consider itself omnipotent. For its part, religion always needs to be purified by reason in order to show its authentically human face. Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development   






Absence of Science 

On Homosexuality 
Nazi Recipe for Genocide 





Antigay Social Environments
Forced Suppression - Child’s Gay Sexual Orientation


The one who appears to have suffered the most, among the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy, is Benedict XVI - growing up in Nazi Germany. Through, clinical and historical research of the life history of Benedict XVI, it appears he may have been suffering in his adult life from being in a traumatic state of mind, that is experiencing flashbacks to his early childhood years growing up in a social environment that was dominated with the violence of Hitler and the Nazi regime - their extreme irrational radicalization of racist nationalism the central core of Nazism. It has been described by Ian Kershaw (the world’s foremost authority on Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime) as a social environment that was fanatically saturated with national salvation tied to the abuse of science of “racial cleansing.” Nazi racial cleansing was obsessive about “the excision of its ‘life-threatening diseases’” that was inspirited by Hitler and it was pervasively “institutionalized in all aspects of organized life in the nazi state.” It was intrinsically self-destructive as explained by Ian Kershaw - Hitler and the Uniqueness of Nazism:

…Not only the street-fighters and beer-hall brawlers in the nazi movement were attracted by the idea of violently-attained national salvation. As much recent research has shown, a new generation of intelligent, middle-class students at German universities in the early 1920s soaked up völkisch ideas, those of extreme racist nationalismintrinsic to the ideas of national regeneration. In this way, ‘national salvation’ found intellectualized form among groups which would constitute a coming élite, groups whose doctorates in law combined with a rationalized ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ (or ‘new objectivity’) type of approach to the ‘cleansing’ of the nation: the excision of its ‘life-threatening diseases’. Such mentalities were carried with them, 10 or 15 years after studying, into the upper echelons of the SS and Security Police, as well as into state and party planning offices and ‘think tanks’. By the early 1940s, some of these ‘intellectuals’ had their hands covered in blood as they led the Einsatzgruppen into the Soviet Union, while others were laying down plans for the racial ‘cleansing’ of the occupied territories of the east and the new ethnic order to be established there. 
That ‘national salvation’ involved not just internal regeneration, but a ‘new order’ based on the ethnic cleansing of the entire continent of Europe, also singles out National Socialism from all other forms of fascism… Read more: 
B l i n d   
O p t i m i s m
by Ian Kershaw

The trail of facts indicate that it begins with Benedict XVI that though through no fault of his - he was born into the Nazi social environment where the unprecedented horrific atrocities in human history were instigated by Hitler and had evolved. Ian Kershaw describes this Nazi social environment when he describes Hitler's place in history as:

Primarily, as the inspiration of the most lethal and destructive war in history, and of the most terrible genocide the world has ever seen. He left behind him not just physical, but also moral, ruination such as history has never previously experienced. He represented an extreme pathology of modern society. He showed us the most radical face of modern inhumanity – how an advanced society can undergo a breathtaking descent into modern barbarity that’s quite without precedent… Read more:
Hitler's Place in History - Ian Kershaw
Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University
Wednesday 27th April 2005

Benedict XVI for the first, 18 years of his life - he grew up in rise and fall of Hitler and the Nazi regime. People hardly ever consider the lifelong harmful effects that a child sustains living through the wages of war. Had Benedict XVI never been assigned to the second most powerful position in the Catholic Church, as head of the CDF, we would never have known up close the variety of hardships, many that are unidentified that children suffer from being exposed the explicit and implicit aspects of the violence of war. This is especially true for children growing up in Nazi Germany 1933-1945 and in the devastation of the aftermath the followed after the war. 

Benedict born in 1927 was raised in the Nazi social environment 1933-1945 that was the most irrational and barbaric inhuman form of radicalization ever recorded in human history. Through the years of his appointment as head of the office of the CDF - it seems important to note that according to Benedict XVI himself this was a job he did not want and that he had asked to be relieved from many times, however, his requests were all denied. Through these years it would appear that he had been troubled with “flashbacks” to traumatic events experienced in his early childhood years growing up, numerous times. This is not unlike combat soldiers who after returning are suffering from PTSD. However, these “flashbacks” would appeared to be triggered by some emotional aspect happening in the present that recalled a similar emotional situation in the past but not the event that was originally connected with it. Benedict widely known as a kindly gentle mild mannered man was then described as 'God's Rottweiler.' 
“R o t t w e i l e r”
Post-traumatic Response
"fight-or-flight" ???
Possibly - the use of the term "Rottweiler" might easily be understood as an heightened emotional traumatic response to unsuspected triggers in the present that cause "flashbacks" to overwhelming terrifying events of early childhood years growing up in Nazi Germany. I do not mean to probe unnecessarily into Benedict's life, I do so only to understand how the curia and then the hierarchy became so absolutely ignorant of the science on homosexuality and so adamantly defiant to enter into any dialogue between science and theology on the subject of homosexuality. This too appears to be a collective PTSD response or not, for the past 30 years - to even the thought of homosexuality. And by some wild fantasy - they believe that they are qualified to make any canonical judgments on sexual issues of homosexuality?!? Truth??? Love??? Where??? Certainly, they unequivocally have no qualifications to judge my situation regarding their feeble attempt to remove me from the priesthood. However, their efforts to do so has identified a clear trail of corruption leading all the way right to the Vatican.  What they are doing is keeping the societal prejudices against gay people alive - to be used as a political weapon in the exact same way the Hitler and Nazi regime used them to promote nazism. Before requesting that all nuclear weapons be deactivated - we need to set an example of deactivating this antigay prejudicial political weapon that we have been stockpiling for the past six decades, which is the cause of the situation we are facing now! Pope Francis was the first to begin this effort by beginning the dialogue on homosexuality - but he was met with fierce resistance by members of the curia and hierarchy. However, Pope Francis has never stopped in this regards, but the fierce resistance remains and that is what threatens our very existence on this planet - not gay people or gay children. This is beginning to sound a lot like Noah! Indeed, history does repeat itself! 

'God's Rottweiler' silenced many as head of doctrinal congregation  - February 27, 2013 
During his time at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (1981-2005), the office became one of the most controversial Vatican agencies. He decried secularization, liberation theology, radical feminism, homosexuality, religious pluralism and bioethics.
Numerous Catholics found themselves in hot ecclesial water: Fr. Hans Küng; Jesuit Fr. Karl Rahner; Seattle Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen; Leonardo Boff; Fr. Charles Curran; Fr. Tissa Balasuriya; Jesuit Fr. Roger Haight; Fr. Matthew Fox; Loretto Sr. Jeannine Gramick and Salvatorian Fr. Robert Nugent; Dominican Fr. Gustavo Gutiérrez; and Jesuit Fr. Jacques Dupuis, among others...Read more:

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger…efforts to prevent the evolution in church teaching toward acceptance of homosexuals 
National Catholic Reporter, July 30, 1999

Ratzinger 1960s
Discussion Must Stop

E.J. Dionne: Pope Benedict’s legacy is one of paradox February 11, 2013
…The student revolts of 1968 deeply alarmed him. “At the time,” he wrote, “I was dean of the faculty of theology at [the University of] Tubingen, and in all the university assemblies in which I participated, I could notice all kinds of terror, from subtle psycho-terror up to violence.”
He described how he initially regarded Marxism as a possible corrective to certain strains of modern thought. But he came in the late 1960s to identify it with “terror.” He added: “I think that in those years, I learned where discussion must stopbecause it is turning into a lie and resistance must begin in order to maintain freedom.”
From this, it’s possible to see how a one-time liberal became an ardent critic not only of Marxism but of liberalizing trends in the church, including the great reforms of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John XXIII. As he put it in a famous series of interviews before he became pope with the Italian journalist Vittorio Messori, “one has encountered dissension [in the church], which seems to have passed over from self-criticism to self-destruction.” Benedict was thus intent on pressing the most conservative interpretations of the meaning of Vatican II, which liberals saw as undoing the council’s forward-looking spirit.
Liberal Catholics (myself included) thus greeted Benedict’s election as pope in 2005 with a certain alarm. In the end, Benedict was somewhat less conservative than liberals feared— and somewhat less conservative than conservatives hoped. His most important encyclicals were decidedly progressive on economic matters, and he put far more emphasis on God’s lovethan on His judgment.
The paradoxes of Benedict — and perhaps of Catholicism itself — were visible in two statements he made last Christmas. Progressives could only welcome an op-ed piece he wrote for the Financial Times on Dec. 19 in which he declared that “Christians fight poverty out of a recognition of the supreme dignity of every human being, created in God’s image and destined for eternal life.”
He added: “They work for more equitable sharing of the earth’s resources out of a belief that — as stewards of God’s creation — we have a duty to care for the weakest and most vulnerable. Christians oppose greed and exploitation… The belief in the transcendent destiny of every human being gives urgency to the task of promoting peace and justice for all.”
 Yet he followed this with a Christmas message denouncing gay marriage, declaring that that gays and lesbians were turning their backs on the “essence of the human creature” and denying “their nature.”… Read more:

Pope Benedict denounces gay marriage during his annual Christmas message 
December 22, 2012
…The Pope has said that gay marriage, like abortion and euthanasia, is a threat to world peace… Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/pope-denounces-gay-marriage-annual-xmas-message-article-1.1225960
Intrinsically Disordered? How Not to Talk About Homosexuality
August 4, 2013
…One problem with the language of “intrinsic disorder” is that almost no-one apart from theologians trained in the scholastic tradition correctly grasps its meaning… 
…The clearest statement of the Catechism’s teaching on homosexual acts is therefore not the claim that such acts are “intrinsically disordered,” but the claim that, “under no circumstances can they be approved” (2357)…
…Speaking of “exceptionless moral norms” or “moral absolutes” has three distinct advantages over speaking of intrinsic disorders. 
First, the claim that homosexual acts are disordered obviously entails the judgment that the inclination to those acts is disordered. However, this is usually heard as the Church calling the sexuality of gays and lesbians disordered in toto. Given that the Church teaches that sexuality “affects all aspects of the human person,” it is almost impossible for the layman to distinguish this from the claim that the entire personalities of gay people are disordered. 
Catholics are quick to blame the media for misrepresenting their beliefs, when in fact the jargon they employ lends itself almost unavoidably to such misrepresentations. Speaking about moral absolutes keeps the focus on human action, and is much more difficult either for the public to misunderstand, or for homophobic Christians to twist into derogatory claims about gays and lesbians as persons. Such terminology actually moves the focus away from gays entirely, since the real moral absolute for Catholics in the domain of sex is the one against non-procreative acts, regardless of either the gender or the sexual orientation of the participants… 
…The real offense against truth would be if we knew that no-one understands what we are saying, and that the terms we use are obfuscating our message, and carried on saying the same thing in the same way. 
Finally, a significant advantage of speaking about moral absolutes is that, by moving the focus of moral teaching to human action, it steers clear of an unhealthy focus on identity and language. Those who support the use of the disorder language often wish to make not only theological claims about the proper context for sexual relations, but anthropological claims – for which they claim theological authority – about how gay people ought to speak about, think about, and identify themselves. 
There is a beautiful phrase in the documents of the Second Vatican Council that “Christ fully reveals man to himself.” And it is true. Christian doctrine contains important truths not only about God, but about humans, their dignity, and their final destiny. But another phrase often excised from this quotation tells us that Christ reveals man to himself “by the revelation of the mystery of the Father and His love,” and that the purpose of this revelation to man is to make “his supreme calling clear.” It is this revelation which is the overriding purpose for the incarnation. Christ came not to teach us about our own identity, but to teach us about God, and the first task of Christian theology is not to help us think about ourselves, but to teach us to think about, speak about, and relate to God. This is what needs to be the prime focus of the Church’s evangelizing mission when it comes to gay people; not how gay people identify themselves, but their relationship to the Father, and their supreme calling as His beloved sons and daughters… Read more:  https://spiritualfriendship.org/2013/08/04/intrinsically-disordered-how-not-to-talk-about-homosexuality/

To be continued:
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz





H u m a n  
A t t a c h m e n t 
Bowlby -Ainsworth - Hazan
The Cradle to the Grave” - Emotional Bond 
Infants and their Caregivers
Adult Romantic Partners
Read more: Part 4A & Part 4B
…The forced suppression of a gay child’s sexual orientation during early childhood years growing up —- this is the problem.  This is the absence of parental love that is the problem. It is this heinous form of child abuse that is the problem - supported and promoted by - the negligence of the complete absence of the science on homosexuality in the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality. It kills human bonding that develops human EMPATHY!!! It kills LOVE!!! It promotes hatred - a never ending hatred - gives license - to be as MEAN as you can be - for as long as you want!!! All because this child was not loved!!! It is the never ending story of child abuse -- the mutilation of a child's spirit!!! Read more: Part 4B http://fathermartykurylowicz.blogspot.com/2017/11/part-4b-homosexuality-if-it-is-not.html

Written by Diane Warren - to honor her father 
Sung by - Celine Dion 

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me
I'm everything I am

Because you loved me

Diane Warren explained in the book Chicken Soup For the SoulThe Story Behind The Song how she honors her father in this song.






Emotional & Neglect Child Abuse 
Photo & more 
The priorities are twisted around. Yes, children in the digital world need to be protected. However, turning to external forces to prevent this harm to children without tackling the internal forces of the curia’s and hierarchy's ignorance of the science of homosexuality for the past 60 years and their pervasive dissociated homophobia still leaves children unprotected in the digital world. In addition - it helps to fuel the hysteria of the ignorance of societal antigay prejudges that greatly contributes to the harm to children. By example - it teaches people the are of projection - how not to remove the plank in one’s own eye before removing the speck in our brother’s eye (Matthew 7:5). ”Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection). Though this is not true of Pope Francis, he has consistently championed the need to dialogue the issues of gay people and assigned Fr. James Martin to help begin this dialogue. 
However, Pope Francis has not been supported in this endeavor by the majority of the curia and hierarchy. 

When you experience bitterness, put your faith in all those who still work for good: in their humility lies the seed of a new world. Pope Francis 

Pope Francis at Mass in Santa Marta: rediscover your roots 05/10/2017
….Pope Francis said. “Without roots,” he continued, “we cannot live: a people without roots or at risk of losing roots, is a sick people”:
“A person without roots, who has forgotten his roots, is sick. Finding, rediscovering their roots and taking the strength to go forward, the strength to flourish and, as the poet says, ‘the power to flourish because – he says – what the tree has borne in fruit comes from what he has buried.’ Just that relationship between the root and the good we can do.”
Along this journey of recovery, however, the Pope noted, there has been “so much resistance”:
“Resistance comes from those who prefer exile, and when there is no physical exile, psychological exile: self-exile from the community, from society, from those who prefer to be uprooted people, without roots. We must think of this psychological self-exile as a disease: it does so much harm. It takes away the roots. It takes away our belonging.”…
Read more: http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/10/05/pope_francis_at_mass_in_santa_marta_rediscover_your_roots/1341006
The curia and hierarchy had been thickly insulated by societal antigay prejudges, including having been raised above being human - who can do no wrong - this is blasphemy there is only one God. Because of their ignorance of the science of homosexuality for the past 60 years and their pervasive cruel treatment of gay people - goes un-challenged and unchecked - their violence has been “normalized” as "just the way things are.” In the immediacy of protecting children - in explaining and in visually illustrating the psychological developmental harm caused to the members of the curia and hierarchy and he harm they continue to inflict on others (BDSM) with no juridical oversight - I have used some provocative images of men partially nude no more harmful than Michelangelo’s statue of David. These images serve another purpose as well - in observing their and people's reactions to the images - tells everything about their sexual orientation, including societal reactions.
Part 4APhotoPhoto

What you cannot do is accept injustice.
From Hitler – or anyone. You must make the injustice visible – be prepared to die like a soldier to do so. Mahatma Gandhi Photo
The contrast between Pope Francis and the “curia and hierarchy” is made more visible - it is more clearly defined using these provocative images. These provocative images - helps to make the invisibility and the acceptability of this cruel and insidious form of structural violence child abuse caused to children by the influence of unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms (societal antigay prejudices). They make visible how destructive the lifelong harmful effects that is caused by
this invisible and normalized form of child abuse is not only played out in their adult lives, but how they are inflicted the same onto other children by their adult BDSM treatment of gay people.

For verification of these facts - check out the internal and external (international relationships) stability of the countries that permit public displays of lethal violence against gay people i.e. throwing off gay people off the rooftops of 10 story buildings to their deaths. These antigay countries are destroying the development of human empathy and are nurturing the development of hatred and the continual misery and unproductive lives of their people. 

How unfortunate that the organizational culture of the curia of the Vatican mirrors the hostilities of these antigay countries both internally and externally (international relationships) in regards to their instability because they like these antigay countries have permitted public displays though in the form of structure violence the roots of lethal violence against gay people, in particular gay priests. Their unwarranted mistreatment of gay people is done - in the name of an arbitrary form of love, which is a twisted form of hatred, because they like these antigay countries have no consideration of the science on homosexuality. Therefore, instead of the Vatican’s curia and the hierarchy representing a model of a social environment of the Church - they represent a twisted form of love that in reality is the opposite and no one seems to care about this form of hypocrisy that is excepted for Pope Francis. 

Pope Francis: a Curia that is outdated, sclerotic or indifferent to others is an ailing body - Dec. 22, 2014
  …“It is good to think of the Roman Curia as a small model of the Church, that is, a body that seeks, seriously and on a daily basis, to be more alive, healthier, more harmonious and more united in itself and with Christ”…
    ...The sickness of “chatter, grumbling and gossip: this is a serious illness that begins simply, often just in the form of having a chat, and takes people over, turning them into sowers of discord, like Satan, and in many cases cold-blooded murderers of the reputations of their colleagues and brethren. It is the sickness of the cowardly who, not having the courage to speak directly to the people involved, instead speak behind their backs”...

C u r i a   &   H i e r a r c h y 
Early Childhood - Victimized & Powerless 
I D E N T I F Y I N G   
with the 
Vatican as a  B D S M  abuser
P e r p e t u a t i n g 
Same Childhood Abuse

The curia and hierarchy - as adult victims of this form of child abuse to escape the victimization of feeling powerless as children during this abuse - they become extremely rigid and orthodox without empathy in the same way they experienced being abused as children growing up gay and now they identify with the aggressiveness of their abusers be they an abusive parent or religion or the Vatican. The majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy who are extremely antigay are unconsciously identifying with the Vatican as a BDSM abuser. They made the BDSM Vatican abuser into a god they worship that is completely void of empathy. Yes, this twisted thinking - but twisted thinking that they were forcefully subjected to in the social environments that had been saturated with societal antigay prejudices, which they were raised in and victimized by. The essence of societal antigay prejudges is a void of truth, because of the absence of science on homosexuality and therefore it is void of love that then has been twisted around to mean the opposite - hatred - and erroneously believed and called it LOVE! 
Pope Francis comes in from Argentina - a social environment completely void of any extreme societal antigay prejudices experienced by the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy and he tears down this false BDSM image of the Vatican because it makes no sense to him. Pope Francis has no need to identify with any aggressive abuser to that extreme degree. He has been untwisting this false perception and violence that was erroneously made into pseudo-doctrine of the Church and humbly as a sinner on the move (as he sees himself) relentlessly is restoring the love Christ not as he sees it but as the diversity of the Church sees it from all around the world - from input from every human being - no one is excluded. Pope Francis is restoring the true meaning of Catholic - universal - everyone. 

Who Is to Blame for 
the Dissociated Homosexuals Curia and Hierarchy?

Who is to blame for this horrendous global destruction? The majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy were very young children growing up during their early childhood psychological developmental years - in social environments saturated with extremely unsubstantiated societal antigay prejudices. How can they be blamed? We are aware of the mental dissociation of being gay that takes place beginning in early childhood after being forced out traumatizing fear of parental abandonment - to suppress their gay sexual orientation that this form of dissociation is formed and can last throughout a lifetime. It is extremely destructive to not only the person but to society as well. 

Emotional Abuse
Break the Cycle—rather than perpetuate it.
The cruelties of structural violence on children are often subtle, unspoken, unrecognized, and even normalized, regarded by many people as natural or “just the way things are (http://u.osu.edu/christie/files/2014/10/Chapter-10-Children-Structural-Violence-Schwebel-Christie-2jjgq7s.pdf).” 

It causes the child to dissociate from any awareness or understanding of his gay sexual orientation. This means that as the child continues to  mature and enters into his adolescent years (13 to 19 years old) that like all adolescents he will begin for the first time to experience of a flood of new sexual sensations. However, these powerful feelings of being sexually aroused, will not be identified, as such by this gay adolescent. This is because from early childhood - out of traumatic fear - as a child, he has been coerced into accepting the unfounded and perverted belief that anything gay is evil. Even though the child, at that age, has absolutely no conceptual understanding of the adult's perception of what gay means. The child will only mirror the adult’s ignorance and fear of gay people. Driven by childhood traumatizing fear and hysteria of being abandoned by his parents the child - for the sake of survival that child will learned how to automatically dissociated from anything that is even remotely perceived as gay, such:
Hiding activities learned in childhood often persist into young adulthood, middle age and even senescence, leading many gay people to conceal important aspects of themselves.
Closeted individuals frequently cannot acknowledge to themselves, let alone to others, their homoerotic feelings, attractions and fantasies. Their homosexuality is so unacceptable that it must be kept out of conscious awareness and cannot be integrated into their public persona. Consequently, these feelings must be 
d i s s o c i a t e d from the self and 
h i d d e n  from others…
Read more: - The Closet: Psychological Issues of Being In and Coming Out  - Jack Drescher MD - 2004 http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/articles/closet-psychological-issues-being-and-coming-out 

Parental Autonomy Support and Discrepancies Between Implicit and Explicit Sexual Identities: Dynamics of Self-Acceptance and Defense - 2012 
When individuals grow up with autonomy-thwarting parents, they may be prevented from exploring internally endorsed values and identities and as a result shut out aspects of the self perceived to be unacceptable. Given the stigmatization of homosexuality, individuals perceiving low autonomy support from parents may be especially motivated to conceal same-sex sexual attraction, leading to defensive processes such as reaction formation… 
…Psychodynamic traditions hold that people have a preferred view of themselves, which may not reflect reality. When this idealized view is threatened by contradictory thoughts or feelings, people engage in one or more unconscious processes to defend against the threat to self. Among defensive processes that have been recognized as having some empirical support is reaction formation, a process indicated in the modern body of research on self-esteem preservation (e.g., Baumeister, Dale, & Sommer, 1998). Reaction formation refers to the process of adopting values or beliefs, or engaging in behaviors, that are in opposition to feelings or impulses experienced within oneself that are deemed unacceptable. Empirical work has shown reaction formation processes with respect to sexism (Sherman & Garkin, 1980), sex guilt (Morokoff, 1985), and prejudice (Dutton & Lake, 1973), indicating that individuals sometimes defend against self-relevant, threatening information by engaging in opposing behaviors… Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Cody_DeHaan/publication/221790068_Parental_Autonomy_Support_and_Discrepancies_Between_Implicit_and_Explicit_Sexual_Identities_Dynamics_of_Self-Acceptance_and_Defense/links/0f31752d7447a6e150000000.pdf?

Who is to Blame 
for the Dissociation of Gay Teenagers?

Being dissociated from the reality of being a gay person from early childhood is extremely dangerous, especially during adolescence years of childhood development. It is a time when a child begins experiencing the maturation of his or her sexual development of mind and body. It is a time of great confusion experiencing an explosion of new sexual sensations never experienced before. It can be even overwhelming for some. It is a time hard enough for heterosexual children turning into teenagers in social environments that are strongly supportive of heterosexual relationships, ubiquitously appearing everywhere in all forms of media. This time is even more extreme for a dissociated gay child turning into a teenager - homosexual relationships are not ubiquitously seen everywhere and even less and less 30, 40, 50 years into the past. Photo

A gay child turing into a teenager is doing so without a clue of being gay or what it means to be gay, because being gay is unconsciously abhorrent to the child in a dissociated state of mind. The reason for this dissociated state of mind is because he was forced to suppress any outward expressions of being gay beginning in early childhood years and this has remained constant since that time. The gay child will vigilantly repressed any expression that is upsetting to the parents. The child truly wants to be loved and be thought as a good child by his parents and by God. But the child is being forced to suppress something "his gay sexual orientation" that the child nor anyone can ever suppressed. This will be explain more fully below in describing the science of homosexuality, 

And at the time that this suppression took place would have been traumatic for the child, which means that these memories would have almost automatically been repressed into the unconscious mind. The child would likely grow up feeling asexual having no sexual feelings. Although, he would still have sexual feelings but these feelings would not be consciously acknowledged as such. This is a dangerous state of mind that a child was forced into, because as this child grows into the developmental stage of adolescence he will be unaware when he is acting out his sexual feelings in a number of harmless ways that often end up being exceedingly embarrassing for him, if and when he realizes the reality of his gay sexual orientation.

However, entering the teenage years, ages of 13 to 20 years old, these sexual feelings would naturally become more pronounced though even then the teenagers will still not acknowledge these as gay sexual feelings. But these sexual feelings will still continuously struggle 24/7 to be expressedThis is true about the adolescence developmental  aspects of sexual orientation for heterosexuals as well as, for homosexuals. During adolescence, a turbulent developmental stage of the maturation of human sexuality can be overwhelming for any teenagers. It is even more turbulent for a gay adolescent, because he can be in a severe dissociation state of mind, which means he has been suppressing all sexual feelings since early childhood. In addition, there are no public images of gay couples, as there are of straight couples that tends to dominate all forms of media. The gay adolescence, grows up in a social isolation, most especially true in past decades.  

He is likely to act out dissociatively in a number of different ways and still not acknowledge that he is gay. For example, as it often happens - he can be in a dissociative state of mind, and be strongly attached to another straight teenager and they can be understood as just good friends. However, the reality is that for the gay teenager this friendship would be more of a camouflage for romantic relationship, a relationship similar the way that a heterosexual teenager has with a girlfriend. If the truth of this gay dissociation was made known to this gay teenager - he would likely be devastated with shame and be wallowing in painful humiliation, so thick was the gay teenager's wall of dissociation.

Gay Midadolescence stories about their first loves
The Overstimulation of Everyday Life: 
I. New Aspects of Male Homosexuality
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D., 2002
Dr. Phillips views homosexuality as a normal process of the variations of human sexuality. He has found as other researchers in this area have found that men in their twenties and early thirties who are openly gay report histories of remembering as early as 4 and 5 years of age and older being attracted to other boys and men. These men report that in their midadolescence stories about their first loves, which they remember in “rich detail” and these stories obtained were “remarkably similar.”
They fell “head over heels” in love with a heterosexual boy. These sexually unconsummated love affairs went on for many months. The homosexual boy had to overcome some reluctance on the heterosexual boy’s part to permit greater and greater physical intimacy, especially sleeping in the same bed together. The heterosexual boy’s reservations were invariably overcome by the homosexual boy’s ingenious rationalizations and energetic persistence.
What was striking in all these stories was how both participants attended to and would not cross what seemed like a carefully constructed boundary against erotic behavior or dialogue. As long as all proceeded under the “innocent,” permissive guise of, mutual, close friendship, the relationships continued. These strange love affairs between homosexual and heterosexual adolescent boys predictably all ended the same way: the heterosexual boy eventually turned his attentions to a heterosexual girl… Read more:
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D., 2002, The Overstimulation of Everyday Life: II Male Homosexuality, Countertransference, and Psychoanalytic Treatment. - Ann Psychoanal 30:131-45

The Overstimulation of Everyday Life: I. New Aspects of Male Homosexuality
Western heterosexual culture surrounds the homosexually inclined boy in a climate of erotic overstimulation that powerfully affects his development and adult sexual adaptation. This assertion is illustrated through a case presentation of a homosexual man who shared a bed with his brother from childhood into adolescence. Analysis of the patient's transference enactment—repeatedly falling asleep on the couch—gradually revealed the psychic impact of this everyday overstimulation: the creation of a tantalized inner world of longing. The regular occurrence and developmental understanding of adolescent homosexual boysunrequited love affairs with adolescent heterosexual boys are described and explored. Finally, the overstimulation of everyday life is proposed as a new model for understanding certain behavioral aspects of male homosexuality, such as the avoidance of rough-and-tumble play in childhood and homosexual cruising. Read more:http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/00030651010490042001  Photo

"Homosexuality: coming out of the confusion
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D. - Int J Psychoanal
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D., is a training and supervising analyst of the Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis; Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine.
     In this paper, Dr. Phillips describes the complications of how the historical context of social norms can significantly influence the classification of the components of homosexuality by clinicians causing them to be blind to their own biases. Mindful of our susceptibility to this kind of phenomenon, Dr. Phillips calls to task these biases that pathologize homosexuality simply because it is not consistent with heterosexuality and therefore to be classified as a mental disorder. He offers an alternative description of homosexuality from his clinical research that is consistent with other researchers of early childhood psychological development of children who grow up to be gay.
    When homosexuality is understood as a natural developmental process of human sexuality, what happens to the children who grow up to be gay? These children are often subjected to a kind of continuous harm that can be considered torturous being raised in a world where heterosexuality is considered the only accepted norm. A psychological harm is inflicted on these children throughout their early childhood developmental years that have lasting effects throughout their adult years having been raised in a social environment influenced by harsh antigay social and religious norms…
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

The dissociated state of mind of gay teenager may be so great that acting out sexually is often acted out in subtle ways again in ways that are camouflage passing it off as just playing around or just fun wrestling. This type of a gay teenager sexually acting out is never - an overt form of sexual behavior, because the dissociated gay teenager does not have any conceptual understanding of adult sexuality. The dissociation of the gay teenager also would not allow any overt form of sexual behavior, because any overt sexual behavior would have to break through the wall of dissociation and that would be exceedingly disorienting for the teenagers completely destroying the thin layer of self esteem that he has. This is the reason why the closeted gay acting out escapades of curia and hierarchy at the Vatican have to be heavily intoxicated with drugs i.e., cocaine before they are able they can engage in any overt form of sexual acting out behavior. They never really personally connect to any of their sexual partners. This is also because the suppression of child’s gay sexual orientation is a traumatizing form an unidentified form of child abuse. Children who have been sexually abused often have sexual problems, as an adult.  
Secrets of the Vatican
March 2014
Transcript FRONTLINE | PBS
ROBERT MICKENS, Vatican Correspondent, The Tablet: I came here when I was a seminarian in 1986. And I remember I had this very wide-eyed idea of the Vatican, of these holy cardinals and holy men. And I was shocked within a matter of weeks, months, at the careerism, at the sexual innuendo, the— just the whole kind of non-holy life I hadn't expected.
VATICAN GUIDE: [through interpreter] A large part of the hierarchy is homosexual. Certainly, at the top levels of the church, in the Curia, and many important people, such as bishops and archbishops, are gay.
NARRATOR: He's a Vatican guide who says he's had relationships with several priests.
VATICAN GUIDE: [through interpreter] Here in Rome, it's very easy to meet a gay priest, on a bus, in a church, and important churches like St. Peter's. It's even easier when you go to gay clubs and gay bars. You see them in the bars, and then at the altar the following Sunday…

The Vatican’s Swiss Guards Break Up a Drug-Fueled Gay Orgy in Pope Francis’ Backyard -July 7, 2017
ROME—It all started with the usual complaints from disgruntled neighbors: funny smells, slamming doors, loud music, the sound of squeaky beds and laughter late into the night. In almost any other situation anywhere in the world, the angry neighbors would have confronted the noisy tenant, maybe left a mean note on the door or complained to the landlord and the matter would be settled. 
But this particular dispute occurred in one of the most prestigious addresses in Rome, the so-called Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, in the very apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith where Joseph Ratzinger lived for decades before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The palatial ochre-colored building is home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals who live within walking distance of their jobs at the Roman Curia in Vatican City next door.
The fed-up neighbors were simply sick of what they described as a “steady stream of young men” who frequented Ratzinger’s former apartment, which had been given to Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, the secretary for Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, which busies itself with deciphering and clarifying various points of canon law. So they called the cops, in this case the Vatican’s elite Swiss Guard gendarmerie unit, when the noise and movida nightlife just got to be too much.
The Vatican police showed up to find an orgy in progress, with an untold number of naked men allegedly writhing around the floor with Capozzi and his cohorts, who were apparently under the influence of hard drugs according to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano which broke the story that a host of Italian and international media have since picked up…

And on an occasion a gay teenager in a dissociated state of mind - may acted out to a small degree sexually, again not overt sexual behavior, with another gay teenager who also is in a dissociated state of mind and not be cognizant that it was in a way sexual - rather passing it off as playing around. To be mentally dissociated from any thought of being gay is also a dissociation of all things sexual some more than others. This means that these dissociated teenagers gay sexual feelings are likely, to be express in harmless but in an inappropriate way. They will not be consciously and willfully acted out sexually and never in an adult form of sexuality, because the teenagers will not have any conceptual understanding of adult sexuality. 

This changes the psychological dynamics due to the ages of the teenagers involved it is not the same as the psychological dynamics of an adult who continually abuses minors. This is definitely NOT a series of acting out with multiple teenagers, as an adult pedophile, who cannot control himself. This form of acting out among teenagers is more of a one-time experimental acting out sexually that will happen but in a dissociated state of mind, which means they are likely to be express in harmless but in inappropriate ways. They will not be willfully acted out sexually, and not in any adult form of sexuality, because the teenagers will not have any conceptual understanding of adult sexuality. It happened in a dissociated state of mind that otherwise would not have taken place. Even though, it is not an uncommon occurrence that happens among heterosexual teenagers. It is another form of an antigay societal bias to attack a gay adolescent and to irrationally though hysterically connecting it to pedophilia, which there is absolutely no connection to be made. This is the fierce violence of societal antigay prejudges that are continually supported and fed by the curia’s and the hierarchy’s ignorance of the science on homosexuality. This is definitely NOT a series of acting out with multiple partners as an adult pedophile, who cannot control himself and has abused multiple victims. An adult pedophile is not acting out in a dissociated state of mind, because the adult pedophile is not gay. Therefore, an adult pedophile, as a child not being gay would never have been traumatized by being forced to suppress his gay sexual orientation. Therefore, he would not be in a dissociated state of mind.

Pope Francis once again “distinguished sharply between homosexuality and sexual abuse of children, which he has labeled as criminal behavior,” in his address to the members of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors gathered for their Plenary Assembly. He stated that "Pedophilia is a sickness."

Pope Francis acknowledges Catholic Church’s bad practices during the sex abuse crisis
September 21, 2017
ROME — Pope Francis acknowledged that the Catholic Church was slow to address the sex abuse crisis, including its widely criticized but not publicly acknowledged practice of moving priests who had abused children to other churches instead of reporting them to the police, saying “the church’s conscience came a bit late.”
The pope gave off-the-cuff remarks to a commission he created to tackle the issue, acknowledging the slow pace of church trials and an overall lack of awareness of the problem inside St. Peter’s walls.
Pedophilia is a sickness,” Pope Francis said. “Today one repents, moves on, we forgive him, then two years later he relapses. We need to get it in our heads that it’s a sickness.”
The pope announced he would do away with Vatican appeal trials for cases where evidence of abuse against minors is proven. “If there’s evidence, that is final,” he said.
Those who’re sentenced because of sexual abuses against minors can indeed appeal to the pope and ask for a pardon, but I’ve never signed one of those, and I never will,” he said. “I hope this much is clear.
The pope’s rationale for doing away with an appeal process — according to Italian news outlets’ transcripts of his words — lies in his own experience. Faced with such a case at the very beginning of his papacy, he said he’d opted for “the more benevolent path” instead of defrocking a priest. “After two years, though, the priest relapsed,” he said, which became a learning experience for the pope.
A well-placed Vatican source confirms that these words convey the pope’s own “personal bitterness, as well as the difficulty of curing [pedophiles], as it was once thought possible, which instead ended up being quite a failure.”…
“I suppose [Pope Francis is] stating what is obvious,” Collins said. Since the beginning of his papacy, Francis has spoken of the horrors of abuse and spoken to survivors of abuse, asking for forgiveness several times.
However, Collins believes this may be the first time the pope has addressed how the church handles priests. Some bishops would move priests accused of abusing children to other churches, allowing them to continue their abuse.
“We’re getting an admission of problems that were there,” she said. “The less denial there is, the more chance there is for change.”… Read more:
Had this same gay teenager been raised in an open and accepting social environment of gay people, absence of any societal antigay prejudges - this gay child would had grown-up being accepting his own gay sexual orientation and the child throughout his development years would have had a acquired a better understanding of his sexual feelings. And the gay child like a heterosexual child would learn that even though he will have sexual feelings, he would have been told that sexuality is meant for marriage. The child will learn through his developmental years that he had to control his sexual feelings until he met someone he falls in love with and got married. The gay child like the heterosexual child would have been taught how to manage his sexual feelings and to express them appropriately in life. 

However, a gay child who had been forced - traumatized to suppress any expression of a gay sexual orientation - would not be taught any ways to manage his sexual feelings and definitely if the child is Catholic he would never be told that his sexual feelings had to wait until he found someone he fell in love with and planned on marrying. This is tying the plastic bag that was placed over the child's head in early childhood and not giving the child any future hope of falling in love with someone this is tying this plastic bag more tightly around the child's neck. This is inhuman - this is also killing the development of empathy - and the first time that this gay child as a teenager blindly acts out sexually in a very limited form - he is published for life. This is invisiblenormalized child cruelty to the extreme. The ramifications of this inhuman act are more wide spread in endorsing approved violence around the world, by example. This is true both of the ignorance that prompted this atrocious treatment and the actual act of committing this atrocious deed. It has nothing to do with love. Before the respect of climate change or the digital protection of children - these atrocious deeds must be rectified and this would more likely open the door to restoring the development of empathy to help end the other two. 

Notice, as I explain below, how enormous global attention that Pope Francis received when he made the statement about gay priests July 2013 "Who am I to judge?" Was he reawakening empathy in the world by acknowledging the truth about gay people and thereby by extension was denouncing the mistreatment of gay people. Not to acknowledge this invisible cruel inhuman treatment of gay adolescents - is by extension is to condone this Vatican's sadistic and contemptuous actions to teenagers that leads to throwing people off the rooftops of 10 story buildings. 

S e x u a l   R e p r e s s i o n
M u r d e r o u s   M a y h e m
Adultery causes earthquakes? Sexual repression can cause much worse. April 20, 2010
Nothing inspires murderous mayhem in human beings more reliably than sexual repression. Denied food, water, or freedom of movement, people will get desperate and some may lash out at what they perceive as the source of their problems, albeit in a weakened state. But if expression of sexuality is thwarted, the human psyche tends to grow twisted into grotesque, enraged perversions of desire. Unfortunately, the distorted rage resulting from sexual repression rarely takes the form of rebellion against the people and institutions behind the repression. (If it did, perhaps we'd be reading of abused priests rather than priests as abusers.)  Instead, the rage is generally directed at helpless victims who are sacrificed to the sick gods of guilt, shame, and ignorant pride… Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sex-dawn/201004/sexual-repression

It is instilling in the world - the approval of same BDSM behavior (bondage and discipline, dominance/submission, sadism-masochism), by members of the curia and hierarchy who experienced the same BDSM behavior when they were teenagers. There are ample examples overflowing of the same form of dissociated closeted gay sexual acting out behaviors though in an adult form of sexuality - of the curia and hierarchy and like the public figures who openly condemn homosexuality, but are found having gay sex in public restrooms

Who is to Blame for Dissociation of Gay Teenagers Acting Out Sexually?

Who is the blame for this sexual acting out? Again, certainly not the adolescent teenagers who was forced out traumatizing fear in early childhood years to suppress his gay sexual orientation, at time when the child had no concept of what “gay” meant to an adult. The suppression of a child’s gay sexual orientation is the blame - it was a heinous form of child abuse. And then to blame him for his dissociative acting out event as a teenager is even more despicably heinous for something that was not his fault, in the first place. This teenager was being obedient to his parents forcing the suppression of any outward expression of being gay. His parents were only being obedient to the Vatican’s condemnation of homosexuality. This is NOT in the least any form of pedophilia. These were experimental events that are common in the same developmental stages of heterosexual teenagers. However, because heterosexuality is culturally the only accepted form of human relationships - when the same events happens with a homosexual teenagers - it is hysterically condemned, especially by the Vatican. Pope Francis in less than a few months of being elected to papacy March 2013, he publicly expressed profound respect for gay priests by extension to all gay people and at the same time he courageously made the sharp distinction between homosexuality and the criminal behavior of child abuse. Photo

On Gay Priests, Pope Francis Asks, ‘Who Am I to Judge?’ 
July 29, 2013
ROME — For generations, homosexuality has largely been a taboo topic for the Vatican, ignored altogether or treated as “an intrinsic moral evil,” in the words of the previous pope. 
In that context, brief remarks by Pope Francis suggesting that he would not judge priests for their sexual orientation, made aboard the papal airplane on the way back from his first foreign trip, to Brazil, resonated through the church. Never veering from church doctrine opposing homosexuality, Francis did strike a more compassionate tone than that of his predecessors, some of whom had largely avoided even saying the more colloquial “gay.” 
If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis told reporters, speaking in Italian but using the English word “gay.”… Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/30/world/europe/pope-francis-gay-priests.html?_r=0

Reflections on Pope Francis 
Is he a reformer, a traditionalist, or both? 
Catholicism and LGBT Communities 
Pope Francis's statements on gay priests and same-sex marriages have come under intense public scrutiny. In response to the question of why he had not removed Monsignor Battista Ricca, whom he had appointed to a supervisory group at the Vatican Bank, he affirmed his nonjudgmental affirmation of the person and his willingness to keep him in the position— despite allegations that Monsignor Ricca had a homosexual relationship in his past. He has distinguished sharply between homosexuality and sexual abuse of children, which he has labeled as criminal behavior. His response took people by surprise. On the one hand, it represents a very traditional position, distinguishing between a homosexual person and a homosexual act and maintaining that homosexuals, like heterosexuals, could aspire to the priesthood as long as they were celibate. On the other hand, his statement represents a stark change from recent attitudes…

Interesting to note that after Pope Francis made this statement in support of gay priests - it was instantly heard around the world. It was absolutely surprising he did not lose any respect for the papacy. What happened instead was the complete reverse - he received phenomenal respect by people all over the world, it seems especially by large numbers of non-catholics. Ever since, then we have heard a constant stream of people endlessly saying, "I am not Catholic, but I sure do like your pope." What does this mean? Did Pope Francis untwist the decades of the arbitrary twisted form of love espoused by the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy, which was really disguised hatred? Their twisted form of love was galvanized in layers of "groupthink" that is completely void of outside input. Again, this is showing the inability of the curia and hierarchy to connect empathically to anyone, however, this is not true of all members. 

Thank God, no matter how small there always seems to be an array of hope that is a reminder that there are members of the hierarchy who truly care about gay children and like Pope Francis are reaching out to help. These bishops and priests must not be forgotten, like Christ making changes to bring God's love to people and children never ever begins in a herd. It only begins in a single, but very powerful, flame of God's love in hearts and minds of small numbers of individual people - like Bishop John Dolan and Fr. Lucio Castillo. Thank you for your courageous faith and kindness to gay children and their parents and families, Fr. MSK.

San Diego bishop celebrates special Mass for parents of L.G.B.T. Catholics October 10, 2017  https://www.americamagazine.org/faith/2017/10/10/san-diego-bishop-celebrates-special-mass-parents-lgbt-catholics

St. John’s Catholic Church ‘outstretched hand’ reaches further - September 14, 2017 http://lgbtweekly.com/2017/09/14/st-johns-catholic-church-outstretched-

Vatican’s Curia & Hierarchy 
H a t e  Crimes 
Matthew Shepard died on October 12, 1998, five days after being brutally attacked in one of the most notorious anti-gay hate crimes in American history. Matthew’s death changed the way people viewed and talked about LGBT people, and eventually led to the passage of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, a federal law against bias-motivated crimes targeting LGBT people, among others…Read more: https://www.glaad.org/blog/remembering-matthew-shepard

Is Some Homophobia Self-phobia? 
University of Rochester - April 5, 2012
Anti-gay Bias Linked to Lack of Awareness of One's Sexual Orientation and Authoritarian Parenting, Study Shows...
 ..."In a predominately heterosexual society, 'know thyself' can be a challenge for many gay individuals. But in controlling and homophobic homes, embracing a minority sexual orientation can be terrifying," explains Weinstein. These individuals risk losing the love and approval of their parents if they admit to same sex attractions, so many people deny or repress that part of themselves, she said…





Published Letter to Bishop Walkowiak - Challenging CURIA’S Publicly Established record - Complete ABSENCE of SCIENCE on Homosexuality - Attempt to Remove Fr. Marty Kurylowicz from the priesthood - Void of TRUTH & LOVE - Allows VIOLENCE against CHILDREN to Continue Generationally


The letter dated: July 12, 2017 


Science  + 

 + Religion = Truth = L O V E

July 12, 2017 

Bishop David J. Walkowiak
Bishop of the Grand Rapids Diocese
360 Division Avenue S., 
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4501

Dear Bishop David, 

I received your letter dated October 2015, that included a request to set an appointment to dialogue with you. At the time, my commitments,obligations and lack of financial means did not permit me to follow through. Furthermore, the around trip from Canton, MI to Grand Rapids, MI would have been about eight hours. However, after seeking reliable spiritual direction I was advised to write a letter to accept your request to meet. In the process of writing this letter, I began to thoroughly research the situation, from the combined insight obtained from three professionals perspectives, as a priest, as a psychologist, and as a historian. Through these perspectives, I have analyzed the many ways in which I was a victim of antigay hierarchal violence, having no judicial oversight to appeal to for protection within the church or civilly. This is an unidentified form of structural violence directed not at me alone but also many priests, theologians, sisters, religious and others, including Pope Francis for the past four decades - all have been victims of this form of violence. 

S t r u c t u r a l   V i o l e n c e
by Deborah Du Nann Winter and Dana C. Leighton
Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st century
Direct violence is horrific, but its brutality usually gets our attention: we notice it, and often respond to it. Structural violence, however, is almost always invisibleembedded in ubiquitous social structures, normalized by stable institutions and regular experience. Structural violence occurs whenever people are disadvantaged by political, legal, economic, or cultural traditions. Because they are longstanding, structural inequities usually seem ordinary—the way things are and always have been. But structural violence produces suffering and death as often as direct violence does, though the damage is slower, more subtle, more common, and more difficult to repair. The chapters in this section teach us about some important but invisible forms of structural violence, and alert us to the powerful cultural mechanisms that create and maintain them over generations…
One outcome of exclusionary thinking is the belief that victims of violence must in some way deserve their plight. But certainly it is easy to see that young children do not deserve to be victims…
Section II:  Winter, D. D., & Leighton, D. C. (2001). Structural violenceIn D. J. Christie, R. V. Wagner, & D. D. Winter (Eds.), Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st centuryNew York: Prentice-Hall.

The main purpose of this form of structural violence is to silence and remove anyone in the Church who openly discusses the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality - gay people. This antigay hierarchical, structural violence has been successful in firmly suppressing this science on homosexuality for the past 60 years. In 1957, world renowned psychologist, Dr. Evelyn Hooker conducted ground breaking research proving that homosexuality is not a mental illness. She proved that being homosexual was just as normal as being heterosexual. For years the hierarchical church has rebuked such scientifically sound findings and have championed the obsessive suppression of gay people. Such actions lead to question who benefits from falsifying truth? The hierarchical church did not suppress the scientific research on heart surgery or cancer for the past 60 years. This vicious form of gay suppression is entrenched in the corruption of the curia in which speaking the truth has become a reprehensible thing. Through my years of analysis, I have come to find that the greatest harm this suppression imposes is on our children.

Truly I tell you, unless you 
change and become like little children, 
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 
Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this 
child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 
And whoever welcomes one such child in 
my name welcomes me. 
Matthew 18: 3-5

…whoever causes one of these 
little ones 
who believe in Me to stumble, 
it would be better for him 
to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, 
and to be drowned in the 
depth of the sea. 
Matthew 18:6

My “coming out” in March 1997 was all based on substantiated science and scripture. Furthermore, it was motivated to protect defenseless children. How did risking my life by coming out warrant such extreme vindictive retaliation for the past 20 years by members of the curia and hierarchy? 

How did it get twisted around that I refused to return to the Grand Rapids Dioceses, when in fact, it was made clear to me that it was unsafe for me to return by their coercing me to acquiesce to being sent away to be re-educated on the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality. They wanted me to leave the priesthood on my own, which would be another grave sin to commit. Since I had no recourse to appeal to for justice in 1997 - what recourse would I have available to me if I returned and more severe immoral tactics were used against me?

This tactic of the curia to dispose of someone was most recently demonstrated by Cardinal Raymond Burke firing Boeselager the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta. Burke falsified a papal decision of Pope Francis that no one was to be fired, that the problematic issues with the Knights of Malta should be resolved through dialogue. Burke without any true dialogue with Boeselager stated that it was Pope Francis’s wish that he resign as the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta. When Boeselager refused to resign because of “unreasonable circumstances,” Burke fired him on the grounds of disobedience. Sound familiar?  Boeselager, then appealed directly to Pope Francis and an investigation was ordered into the firing of Boeselager. It was later exposed that the grounds that Burke had used against Boeselager were over “condoms.” However, this information was contrived by a group of Burke’s supporters known as “Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ.” This group is described as a “militant traditionalist organization close to Burke (Austen Ivereigh).” “This ultraconservative organization specialized in the denunciation of "gays” entering the Church and in attacks on the major development associations that question unfettered economic liberalism (La Croix International).” On February 4, 2017, Pope Francis replaced Cardinal Burke as the Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and overnight all over Rome appeared posters of Pope Francis with a sad expression with the words - “Where is your mercy?”

It was the truth from science and religion that morally obligated me to come out for the protection of children growing up gay in March 1997. This was an act of love and my duty as a priest. It is the true meaning of being a priest. Pope Francis  on Thursday, June 22, 2017  in his homily during Mass at Casa Santa Marta confirmed this fact stating,"The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep,” using as an example the parish priest of Barbiana, Fr. Don Milani, the from the Diocese of Firenze (Florence). 

The research to find the answers to these questions endlessly kept unfolding more and more information that led back in time - more than a century and a half. The research doors were opened wide once Pope Francis was elected and he along with his team of experts, and cardinals began reforming the curia. The research revealed two main historical events that were dependent on exploiting societal prejudices against gay people to rise and to stay in power. The, first, began with the ideology of Nazism promoted by Hitler and the Nazi regime that led to the deaths of 70 million people unprecedented in human history. The, second, began the with ideology of the “trickle-down theory” known as Reaganomics that led to Globalization and the greatest inequality in human history - “A world where 1% of humanity controls as much wealth as the bottom 99% will never be stable (President Obama’s departing speech to the UN General Assembly September 2016). Ian Kershaw explains what Hitler’s place in history will be:

…Primarily, as the inspiration of the most lethal and destructive war in history, and of the most terrible genocidethe world has ever seen. He left behind him not just physical, but also moral, ruination such as history has never previously experienced. He represented an extreme pathology of modern society. He showed us the most radical face of modern inhumanity – how an advanced society can undergo a breathtaking descent into modern barbarity that’s quite without precedent. That’s what, with the passage of time, we can see was historically defining about Hitler. Never before Hitler’s time had we seen so clearly what human beings are capable of…
…we shouldn’t mystify Hitler’s personality. The uniquenessof Nazism can’t be reduced to that strange personality. Another time, another place, and Hitler would have had no impact at all. He couldn’t have derailed a modern society without that society itself making a major contribution to its own fate… We shouldn’t be complacent about the future. New forms of fascism and racial intolerance rightly appal and worry us…
…what we can do is to remind ourselves of the essential point about Hitler: he represented the most fundamental and frontal assault ever launched on all that we associate with humanity and civilisation. 
Excerpt from: - Hitler’s Place in History - Ian Kershaw
Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University
Lecture - Wednesday 27th April 2005

Over the past year and a half - I have been researching and writing 24/7, since I received your letter - gathering significant amounts of factual data on all three levels (as a priest, psychologist and historian). This research includes my personal experience of being a victim of the hierarchical, antigay violence. As it happens when I do research, such as it did when I was doing the qualitative research on the Holocaust in graduate school for psychology, it is only after thoroughly exhausting every possible avenue several times do all the pieces begin to fall into place like  a jigsaw puzzle that a picture is formed. 

The picture centers on the crucial importance for the safety and well-being of all of humanity present and on into the future and is dependent on maintaining an ongoing dialogue between science and religion. This is necessary to obtain truth that which then gives meaning and value to love. Without this truth formed through this process - 

…Love becomes an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way. In a culture without truth, this is the fatal risk facing love. It falls prey to contingent subjective emotions and opinions, the word “love” is abused and distorted,to the point where it comes to mean the opposite… 
Benedict XVI - Caritas in Veritate 2007  2009

Pope Benedict XVI goes on to make the warning that “Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development…” St. Pope John Paul II made an early statement to this effect explaining how science and religion cannot be separated. He explains - as Benedict does that science is the study of all of God’s creation and religion is formed from the bible, which is the inspired word of God. They both explain how the dialogue between science and religion becomes a self-correcting mechanism of oversight, preventing abuse and maintaining integrity of both science and religion - thus allowing science and religion to guide us on our journey into the future. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI are writing from their experience having lived through the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazi regime (1933-1945) that resulted from their manipulation and abuse of science and religion to invent a pseudo-science to legitimize Hitler’s ideology of Nazism and pseudo-religious terms to promote it. They experienced living in a social environment saturated in the racial ideology of Nazism - where the meaning of love was so twisted around that in actuality love meant the opposite. Love meant exterminating people considered to be less than human or subhuman - “Life Unworthy Of Life.” 

With the recent election of President Trump we are experiencing living in a similar social environment saturated with the ideology of the “trickle-down theory.” This led to Globalization that was also legitimized by the manipulation of science and religion that twisted the meaning of love around to mean the exact opposite. In addition to Mr. Trump’s behavior, the Republican Convention 2016 slogans, “Lock her up!” (that sounded like the palpable hysteria of the Nazi Party “Sieg Heil” chant at a Cathedral lit Nuremberg Rally of the 1930s) and his being elected US president are all blatant examples of love twisted to mean the opposite. Both the rise of Nazism and Globalization were depended on the exploitation of societal prejudices against gay people. 

However, in regards to rise of the  “trickle-down theory”of the 1980s that led to Globalization - the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy are responsible for the exploitation of societal prejudices against gay people. The research of Dr. Evelyn Hooker and subsequent research completely dispel prejudices against gay people. Instead of the curia and hierarchy acknowledging the truth of this science - they manipulated religion by misusing the bible and continued to wrongly condemn homosexuality. Thus they twisted the meaning of truth around to the point that it continues to mean the opposite. They and their supporters are not about truth and therefore not about love. They are no different than the palpable hysteria of the Nazi Party “Sieg Heil” members at the Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930s. And this is the violence, their twisted meaning of truth - the complete absence of love, they have used against me and against so many others before and after me. Some of our best and brightest theologians and bridge makers, such as, Sister Jeannine Gramick and Fr. Robert Nugent. Gramick and Nugent have been responsible since 1977 for saving millions of people’s lives, especially very young children. To the best of my knowledge, they were the first to begin an ongoing dialogue on the science of the sexual orientation of homosexuality - gay people and religion - scripture and theology.   

S c i e n c e   can purify religion from error and superstition; 
R e l i g i o n   can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. 
Each can draw the other into a wider world, 
a world in which both can flourish. 
For the truth of the matter is that the Church and the scientific 
community will inevitably interact; their options 
do not include isolation. 
St. Pope John Paul II - 1988

I came out in March 1997: for the protection of children, as young as 4 and 5 years of age, who are growing up gay. Since then it has become a moral obligation to educate and prevent forced parental suppression and unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms.What has bothered me ever since was the fact that I found it difficult to find the  r o o t   c a u s e  in understanding “how” and “why” and “when” did the meaning of “love” and “truth” get so monumentally - twisted around; notably among the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy to mean the exact opposite.

For the past 10 years I have been writing in an effort to explain how this mindless inquisition that started almost immediately after coming out in June 1997 - of being coerced “behind closed doors” by a directive from the curia conveyed by the bishop for me to acquiesce to being sent away “somewhere” to be re-educated on the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality. This directive was not only shocking, but traumatizing as well. 

This irrational directive from the curia completely negated the immediate need of protecting the lives of millions of very young defenseless children from lifelong debilitating harmful effects. It also negated the wealth of the authoritative substantiated research gathered from the major medical and mental health associations, institutions, and organizations, including universities. This was the reason for my “coming out.” 

Through knowledge acquired during my studies at the University of Michigan and attending the American Psychological AssociationNational Conventions my research was reinforced on the science of sexual orientation. The action of the curia and hierarchy was a blatant affront, a direct attack on truth and love, as taught and embodied in Jesus Christ, of which the entire purpose and meaning of priesthood is based on. It was like a supervisor telling a heart surgeon that he is going to be be sent away on a sabbatical to be reeducated on the ancient system of medicine known as “bloodletting.” I cannot explain how twisted it sounded - to be told such absurdity!!! “Who in the hell is running this ship?!?” I was 47 years old at the time.

How did the curia and hierarchy cause a breach in the dialogue between science and religion that ended up twisting the meaning of love around to mean the opposite?

We will learn from studying the - science on sexual orientation that it is composed of interrelated biological and psychological processes that are not able to be consciously controlled or suppressed. These interrelated processes function outside our conscious awareness - automatically and continuously throughout life as part of the autonomic nervous system - like the heart beating and breathing. The continuous functioning of our sexual orientation - is essential in meeting our most basic human need for love, attachment, intimacy, through which empathy is developed. The continuous functioning of our sexual orientation is as vital to human survival from the beginning of life to the end - as the heart beating and breathing. Any attempt to force the suppression of a child’s gay sexual orientation is the same as suppressing the heart and breathing rate which can cause a number of lifelong adverse effects (persistent form of depression (dysthymia), suicidal ideation, and obsessive dislike for gay people that is implicit, to explicit verbal expressions of hate, to lethal forms of violence, and torture).

The majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy are European. They are the ones who grew up in the toxic antigay social environments left behind by Hitler’s Nazi regime. This begins to explain the long history of the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy’s collective obsessive antigay crusade. This collective thought suppressed all emerging science on homosexuality for the past 60 years. For these members of the curia and hierarchy the thought of gay science has been a long closed door slammed shut in their early childhood years. This was out of great fear from their witnessing the terror in the adult’s warnings of how Hitler treated priests who were found out to be homosexuals. As this trauma of the early childhood events are not remembered, only the emotional terror of the event remains. It is this emotional terror that is wronglymistaken as an innate guiding voice of their conscience strongly conveying to them that homosexuality is evil. This misunderstanding then becomes a force that completely obliterates years of scientific research on homosexuality. It is more likely that such scientific research ignites seemingly unending waves of unexplainable terror. That door slammed tightly shut - is the breach in the dialogue between science and religion on the issue of homosexuality. This is a childhood defense mechanism. It is the only means available to the child to stop the unending waves of fear. However, as adults, these childhood defenses must be reexamined in a safe environment - to be challenged in the adult dialogue between science and religion on issues of homosexuality. As Pope Benedict XVI explains, this is the only process to find truth and give real value and meaning to the understanding of love. I do not presume this to be an easy task to unravel and should only be attempted in a safe environment. However, this situation - is not unusual - it brings to mind the words of St. Paul to be understood with great care and empathy.  

When I was a child, I talked like a child, 
I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. 
When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.
1 Corinthians 13:11

No, no, no this type of breach in the dialogue between science and religion on gay sexual orientation has to stop! Justice demands that I be exonerated and proper restitution be made for all harm endured, including the lost salary for the past 20 years to be made quickly. Not to follow through on this road of true justice is to continue this breach in the dialogue between science and religion on gay sexual orientation. Am I, like so many others, going to be made an example of what happens when a priest speaks aloud the truth? Will this be a situation reminiscent of Hitler’s regime to remove and silence Anti-Nazi priests? Are you going demonstrate publicly how an advanced society of people made a major contribution to the modern barbarity of Hitler and the Nazi regime by their complicity and indifference?

 My moral obligation as a priest is to protect people, especially children.

I look forward to setting a time to dialogue the reality of this situation in the light of the warnings of both St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI while maintaining an open discussion between science and religion for the search of truth that leads to love. 

Sincerely yours, 

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz 

Cc. Pope Francis
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Letter from Bishop Walkowiak
Bishop of Grand Rapids Diocese - Dated, September 17, 2015 

Letter from Archbishop Joël Mercier
Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy - 3 March 2015

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