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"Kids Are Being Hurt !!!"

Crimes Against Humanity

Nazi Germany or United States of America?

According to recorded history, Hitler at the beginning of his rise to power in 1933 used negative propaganda techniques to encourage public intolerance of homosexuals by falsely implementing them, as the cause of many of Germany’s societal problems, at that time. Hitler was able to successfully force people to turn in men who were suspected of being homosexuals on even the flimsiest evidence. Simple touching or even the way a man “looked” at another man could get both men turned in and arrested. Benedict XVI for most of his career in the Vatican was largely devoted to silencing and removing the theologians, priests and sisters who were writing and opening up the discussion, on the topic of human sexuality particularly focusing on sexual orientation. In 2002, when the cover-ups by the Roman Catholic hierarchy that had went on for decades regarding the child sexual cases became global news, like with Hitler, Benedict XVI used negative propaganda techniques to falsely accuse gay priests, to shift the world public attention off from blaming the hierarchy for their criminal negligence of not protecting children. Benedict XVI, like Hitler use propaganda that suggestively linked the child sexual abuse to homosexuality. Benedict did this even though at that time, 2002, there was an over abundance of research data that clearly stated that there was no creditable linkage between child sexual abuse and being homosexual. However, November 2009, US Catholic bishops received the preliminary report from the 2 million dollars that they had spent to commission a research project to study the connection between child sexual abuse and homosexuality. This preliminary report concurred with the past decades that found absolutely no connection between child sexual abuse and homosexuality. Photo Photo

How many crimes against humanity are Benedict XVI and his hierarchy are going to be allowed to commit before they are stopped. (1) Benedict XVI and his hierarchy failed to protect children from child sexual abuse for decades. (2) They mistreated and intimidated the victims and their families who came to report the child sexual abuse, in order to cover up publicity of any child sexual abuse. (3) They failed to protect children by repeatedly reassigning the child sexual abusers to assignments where children would be present. (4) When the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children became public, globally, 2002 they shifted the blame wrongfully onto gay priests. (5) By falsely, against known research to the contrary, blaming gay priests they implicated the entire LGBT community and how they are fighting against Marriage Equality. Is Benedict XVI and his hierarchy’s fight against Marriage Equality, really a fight to maintained the cover-up of the hierarchy’s criminal negligence failing to protect children? (6) Benedict XVI and his hierarchy’s continuous public propaganda against homosexuality is encouraging public intolerance towards LGBTQI adults and children, even though this summer 2 major Christian denominations approved LGBT singled and partnered people for all forms of ordained ministries. (7) Benedict XVI and his hierarchy’s continuous promulgation of the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings that are harmful to children in their early childhood psychological developmental years, harm that is crippling throughout their lives. They continue this even after the beginning of this year, 2009, the Family Acceptance Project research studies had shown the negative effects caused to youths, when their sexual orientation is not accepted, having health problems, suicidal ideation, etc. They ignore all the major medical, psychiatric, psychological and social workers national and international professional associations regarding their findings regarding human sexuality and sexual orientation. Photo

Why and how have these and are these crimes against humanity allowed globally continuing unchecked, unchallenged and not prosecuted?

"Kids Are Being Hurt !!!"

How is it that they are able to continue over decades to blatantly mistreat children and adults so inhumanly and they are not held accountable for their criminal activities by the United States of America? Is the USA hierarchy above the USA civil law? Do they have some kind of diplomatic immunity - not subject to the jurisdiction, not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution of the USA government? Is the meaning of “separation of church and state” that USA citizens, even children are not safe or protected in The United States of America? The USA hierarchy is responsible for failure to protect thousands of children from sexual abuse and then shifting the blame by making false public statements to incriminate homosexuals knowing that this would encourage public intolerance, they indiscriminately have and are endangering USA LGBT citizens, including children to life-threatening harm and not one of them were held accountable. How is it that this was allowed to happen here in the USA? This is the United States of America? What is going on that our children are not safe in the USA? Photo

USA Civil Laws to Protect Gay Catholic Priests From Irreparable Harm Caused by Benedict XVI and his hierarchy

Separation of Church and State?

Regardless that the Facts About Homosexuality and Child Molestation have been well established by documented research for the past several decades stating that there is no connection between homosexual orientation and child molestation, it was disregarded by Benedict XVI and his USA hierarchy. They made continuous public statements to the national and international news media over a span of 7 years falsely implicating the USA gay priests were the cause of the child molestation sandals. In addition, by so doing causing irreparable damage to the USA gay priests’ public reputations, willfully harming their ability to earn a living. Moreover, for the express purpose to silence any forthcoming incriminating evidence regarding the lifetime psychological harm to children that is caused by the influence, the belief and practicing of the unsubstantiated antigay teachings promulgated by the Vatican. Under what USA civil law are gay priests protected for the irreparable harm caused to their reputations by Benedict XVI and his USA hierachy? Or do the USA gay priests not count as United States of America citizens, because of separation of church and state? When did the USA gay priests knowingly give up their USA citizenship? Being USA citizens, as well as, being gay Roman Catholic priests does not take away their rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution of the United States of America. Or does it? Is Benedict XVI at the Vatican in Rome allowed to disregard the protection guaranteed to the USA gay priests citizens by Constitution of the United States of America? Is Benedict XVI allowed to use coercion with the USA hierarchy to promote the inhuman mistreatment of the USA citizens? This inhuman mistreatment consists of promoting unsubstantiated antigay teachings proven harmful to well-being of very young children and youth. They falsely accused the USA gay priests and in so doing encouraging public intolerance towards LGBT people, as well as, inciting acts of violence (Hate Crimes) against LGBT children, youths and adults. Gay RC priests like children are defenseless having no power, no money or lobbyists to advocate for their human and civil rights. They are easy targets to falsely accuse, destroy their reputations, thus silencing them, which successfully allows the USA hierarchy criminals to go unaccountable - - - that is without the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America. That is unless Benedict XVI and his USA hierarchy are protected from persecution in the USA, because of the separation of church and state. Photo

Note: According to documented research 90% of USA citizens have some degree of a homosexual orientation, the harm caused is severe and extensive. USA Kids and People Are Being Hurt!!!

Separation of Church and State

Believe whatever you want, but make sure that whatever you believe, in no way endangers the lives of any USA citizens that is “separation of church and state.” However, when whatever you believe endangers the lives of any USA citizens then “separation of church and state” as been broken and the lives of USA citizens must be protected by the state that is formed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Photo

Belief In A Just World Read more

Even more alarming, like with Hitler, is that the general population seems somehow untouched by the violence happening to other human beings around them like they are in some kind of hypnotic trance of social acceptance. The public perception of a pope and the hierarchy remains one (though less since the child sexual sandals) that these are holy men, who are all compassionate, kind, truthful and can do no wrong. Many wrongly believe that they are next to God and that God somehow speaks to them and tells them what to do. This is what many people believe even though those conceptions are heretical; because they go directly against the core of Roman Catholic theology, the First Commandment and Christ’s words that there is only one God, who is in heaven. Regardless, it is easy to understand why people in general would believe a pope or a member of the hierarchy is always telling the truth, even if they wrongly condemn innocent people, like all homosexuals. How are they able to get away these crimes?

We know from social psychology that in general we tend to want to believe that "bad things happen to bad people" because it helps to nurture the false belief that we are living in a “just and fair world.” It is a defense held collectively by people to help maintain a sense of social calm that life is safe, orderly and predictable that “bad things cannot happen to me because I am a good and innocent person.” However, it obscures the reality of life that “bad things do happen to good people.” The tendency is to believe that people who are disadvantaged, who are poor have less because they did something to deserve having less. And so if a pope or a bishop or a cardinal points the finger at someone accusing them of some kind of wrong doing we are likely to believe the pope, bishop or cardinal first before the accused even if the accused is innocent. We tend generally do not consider the facts and details of the situation. “Blaming the victim(read more) is another concept if something bad happens to someone, it is because that person must have done something to have caused it. This is part of what is called the...

Fundamental Attribution Error -> read more -> Ex: 12 Angry Men - movie

· people do what they do because of the kind of people that they are, not because of the situation they are in

· people tend to underestimate external influences when explaining other people’s behavior Read & listen to more - video

The Fundamental Attribution Error (read more), blaming the victim (read more) can easily be seen how it favors Benedict XVI and his hierarchy attempts to cover-up the public sandals of their criminal negligence of the child sexual abuse cases, "failing to protect children." In fact, they counted on people in general to be “blaming the victims” of child abuse that it was the victims’ own fault. Benedict and the hierarchy were able to get a way with people believing their century old public persona of sanctity and goodness over the victims’ stories, for decades that is before the Internet became more wide spread. The world found out almost instantly that goodness had nothing to do with them. Victims and their families were able to connect, compare notes with other victims and found out that they were not alone. Before that no one would believe them. Many of the victims and their families went to report the sexual abuse and instead of finding compassion and understanding what people would expect going to see a bishop or cardinal, they were surprised that they were mistreated, intimidated, some even threatened to be silent and just told to go away. Many victims were not believed even by their families, and blamed for telling lies. All these hierarchical happenings remained hidden behind close doors, as Benedict XVI and his hierarchy’s work continue to be done in the dark away from the public view. Now, with instant global communication of the Internet, they are less able to hide their misdeeds in the dark and intimidate new victims, expecting people in general to keep blaming the victims. However, Benedict XVI and his hierarchy are responsible for an even more global form of criminal negligence of an implicit form of child abuse, "failing to protect children." Again, much of the general population is in another kind of hypnotic trance of social acceptance, however, the majority of these people are victims themselves of "ghosts in their nurseries."

Note: According to documented research 90% of USA citizens have some degree of a homosexual orientation, the harm caused is severe and extensive. USA Kids and People Are Being Hurt!!!

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Written by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

Important note: I mean no disrespect to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children. Kids are being hurt!!!

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How to safeguard Marriage Equality and LGBTQI Human and Civil Rights Globally -> Education

To protect the sanctity of Marriage Equality and LGBTIQ human and civil rights around the world, we need knowledgeable LGBTQI people, professionals, researchers, and scripture scholars regarding human sexuality not to allow any such statements like Cardinal Barragan go unchallenged. Not by any name calling or stooping to a lower level, but strictly by challenging the inaccuracies of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy with the plain honest facts of human sexuality and offering possible links where people can learn more on their own. It is important to show that all the facts about human sexuality are documented. This alone will show the difference between substantiated and unsubstantiated facts. Social psychology has shown us that people are motivated to pay attention to facts and they are most persuaded to change their attitudes by presented facts that are logically sound.

If all that Catholic and Christians in general hear are these blatant inaccuracies about human sexuality from church leaders, they have little to nothing to help them see and understand the broader accurate picture of reality. Again, we must remember that around 90% of the human population has some degree a homosexual orientation. When we are thinking of LGBTQI people from research we know that this group is much larger than the general population are afraid to admit.

From my personal experience “coming out” to a Roman Catholic parish as a gay priest I found that the people almost become calmer instantly when they are given the honest facts about human sexuality. I truly believe to achieve Marriage Equality and LGBTQI Human and Civil Rights Globally is by Education. To achieve any lasting attitudinal change only comes through education.

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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