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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - A Return Letter Back To A Colleague

Hi Colleague, 

Great to hear back to from you.

A lot has happened and insurance billings were not a problem.  Love to tell all - it is bananas - the story - not me.  

My problems began March 1997 - when I decided to come out to protect children who grow up gay. As the truth surrounding Benedict XVI child sexual abuse cover-ups began to unravel with the release of the Irish child sexual abuse investigation, December 2009 - his calculated systematic approach in handling the cover-ups and punishing any priest who broke the silence - helps to explain my situation.  The above is all documented.  Insurance companies were least of my problems.

Dr. (another colleague) likened my situation to the 1944 movie “Gaslight.” I think of it more like “Enemy of the State” and “The Firm” or “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” however, minus any criminal misconduct on my part. After, I came out to protect children 1997 - I was ordered by then Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) to be sent away to be reeducated regarding sexual orientation, to subject myself to conversion, reparative therapy, not a lobotomy but close. I refused to consent to this inhuman treatment for the obvious clinical research data. And because I did so in retaliation I lost my regular priest salary, my earned sabbatical terms and my status for any future assignments in my Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It is clearly an extreme form of discrimination against me because of my sexual orientation, however, it borders closer to a crime of hate.  And even though I am an upstanding citizen of the USA with no criminal record of any kind, I am not protected under any USA civil laws. The same is true for the children who grow up gay are not protected by any USA civil laws   from the harmful influence of the Vatican's unsubstantiated antigay teachings the effects of which last throughout their lives. Photo 

I have started a project called the Thalamus Center, which is about protecting children who grow up gay.

Italian Catholic scandal draws in Pope Benedict - By NICOLE WINFIELD – AP – abc NEWS/International – February 9, 2010

This article above is about false documents (homosexual scandal) that came from Benedict XVI’s office – against a Catholic Editor, which seems they wanted to remove, because he printed articles against the Italian PM – about his behavior. However, the Italian PM has been reported to be supportive of Benedict XVI’s policies.  The false documents would appear to be meant to do damage to this Catholic editor’s reputation. You have to read news articles.

My story is complicated, at best. If Benedict XVI was punishing any priest that revealed the cover-ups – then someone like myself – bringing up a whole new category of child abuse (an implicit form of child abuse) – regarding children who grow up gay – related to the harmful  influence of the Vatican's unsubstantiated antigay teachings – I would seem a likely target.

Ratzinger, Hurley, Maida & Accomplices - Kids Are Being Hurt!!! (Sequential Order of Reactions)

This article is about Benedict XVI’s reaction to my situation, his treatment of me and about my work to protect children growing up gay. It is related to a psychoanalytic perspective of early childhood psychological development growing up gay and the complications of being closeted about one’s homosexual orientation.  

Auschwitz - Christmas 2008 - Brokeback Mountain

I would love to have a rigorous critique of my descriptions on the Thalamus Center.  

I am not bananas – just doing my job as a priest – that is my problem – not the insurance companies. If I do not do my job as a priest to protect children – I would meet the same end, as the insurance companies are likely to meet – with Christ, regarding not caring for the least among us, especially for the care of the - "little ones."

Always my best to you and your family, Marty

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