Friday, August 27, 2010

Why is OII not using the term DSD or "Disorders of Sex Development"? - by Curtis E. Hinkle - Founder, Organisation Intersex International (OII)

I would like to point out that OII is not of the opinion that this is a controversy simply about terminology.  OII’s members have discussed this in great detail and have taken the time to read the documents and familiarize ourselves with the different experts and activists involved.  OII has objections to the DSD Guidelines and the underlying abuse of power used in imposing this term on us without consultation.  If others around the world had been consulted and treated with respect and human dignity, there would not be such a controversy.

Please note that the following comments do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions.  They reflect various opinions from many different board members and intersexed persons who are members of our support groups.  We do not all have the same opinions on this subject. 

What follows is a list of objections to DSD terminology and the DSD Guidelines:

A. Reducing intersex to a genetic defect

B. American imperialism and the abuse of power to define others

C. Increased pathologisation of the intersexed child throughout their childhood and adolescence

D. Exclusion of intersexed people

E. Pathologizing only the gender atypicality of intersex bodies with little emphasis on the underlying specifics of the particular intersex variation

F. Eugenics research

G. Entrenches arbitrary gender assignments without consultation with the child

H. Sexism

I. Transphobia and homophobia

J. Even in English speaking countries this term will make it more difficult to speak to the actual child about being intersex.

Explorer | Sex, Lies, and Gender | Video | Intersex Soldier
 National Geographic Channel – 2010

Explorer | Sex, Lies, and Gender | Behind the Scenes | Intersex Soldier 
National Geographic Channel – 2010

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