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Why do you look at the speck 
of sawdust in your brother's 
eye and pay no attention 
to the plank in your 
own eye? 
How can you say to your
 brother, 'Brother, let 
me take the speck 
out of your eye,
'when you yourself fail to 
see the plank in your 
own eye? 
You hypocrite,
 first take the plank out of 
your eye, and then you 
will see clearly to 
remove the 
from your brother's eye.
Luke 6:40-42

RC Hierarchy’s 
The Absence of the Science on Homosexuality

Repressed Homosexual 
RC Prelates 

DECEMBER 10, 2018
RC Hierarchy’s “SPHINCTER MORALITY” = 6 Decades - Explosive Refusal - Dialogue - Science Homosexuality - Signals - Pervasive Dominance of Repressed Homosexuals - Stuck in "Primitive Anti-instinctual State of Sphincter Morality”

Ancient Hebrew Conception of the Universe

Sun and Earth 
Evenly Hooker
God’s Reality 
Presumed Infallible Orthodox Theological 
O L D   C O N S T R U C T S 
Video shattering to pieces

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APRIL 14, 2018
THE BREACH - Antigay Prejudices, Unsubstantiated, Suppression, Repression, Exploitation, Globalization, Annihilation - - NO SCIENCE - - NO TRUTH - - THEREFORE - - - 

The Lifelong 
Behavioral Patterns
Formed During 
Early Childhood years
Severely Antigay  
Social Environments
Non Antigay
Social Environments
Nazi Germany 

Nazis Unleash Vicious Attack on Roman Catholic Church 
[Nazis Highly Publicized allegations of rampant homosexuality in the priesthood]
Chicago Daily Tribune: - May 29, 1937 Photo

D a n c i n g   T a n g o   
i n 
B u e n o s   A i r e s Photo

Antigay Social Environments i.e.  Photos
 Nazi Germany 1930s - 1940s Part 2 - Photos           Joe McCarthy’s Antigay Demagoguery 1950s

Child’s Gay Sexual Orientation
L I F E L O N G 
H A R M F U L   
E F F E C T S 

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“Intrinsically Disordered” & “deep seated homosexual tendencies”
“Unclean”? Says who?!?


“Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development…”



Pulse nightclub massacre 
June 12, 2016



‘God Made You This Way,’ Pope Is Said to Have Told Gay Man 
May 21, 2018 
ROME — A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse has said that Pope Francis told him in a private meeting this month that God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way, a remarkable expression of inclusion for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. 
“He said to me, ‘Juan Carlos that’s not a problem,’ ” said Juan Carlos Cruz, the abuse survivor, describing having told the pope he was gay in a long meeting in the Vatican. “You have to be happy with who you are. God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.” …
…Mr. Cruz had already said that Francis had apologized in the meeting for the large-scale sexual abuse scandal involving Chilean clergy members… Mr. Cruz, through tears, explained that he had told Francis in their nearly three- hour private meeting that he had maintained his Catholic faith even though Chilean bishops had apparently told the pope that he had left the church “for a life of perversion.” 
…During a trip to Chile this year, the pope repeatedly defended a Chilean bishop against accusations of a cover-up. Francis called the claims of abuse survivors “calumny.” 
The resulting backlash forced him to send the Vatican’s top sex-crimes investigator to Chile. He returned with a scathing, 2,300-page report that suggested that bishops there had misled the pope and destroyed records to prevent the public from learning that abusive priests had been moved from diocese to diocese. Francis said the systemic failures had left him “perplexed and ashamed.” 
…Mr. Cruz said that his lawyer warned him in 2009 that the church would focus on his homosexuality, leaving him vulnerable and threatening to make life extremely difficult for him. 
He said that his lawyer later told him that Cardinal Francisco Javier Errázuriz, a confidant of Francis, had raised the question of whether Mr. Cruz could even be considered a victim because, Mr. Cruz said, “I was gay and I might have liked it.” 
“It was horrible,” he added. “This has always weighed on me.” 
In his meeting with Francis on a Sunday at his Santa Marta residence, Mr. Cruz said he had told the pope that he was worried he would think less of him. Mr. Cruz acknowledged that he was gay and, jokingly, not the reincarnation of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a model of the virtue of purity, but someone who tried to be “a good person.” Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/21/world/europe/pope-francis-gays-god-made-you-this-way-.html

‘Juan Carlos Cruz, 
that you are gay does not matter.
God made you like this and 
loves you like this’
Pope Francis 
Read more: 

Understanding Pope Francis’ controversial remarks on homosexuality in the priesthood
December 05, 2018

“If the Vatican had a leaky roof…you wouldn’t send a guy in a Roman collar and a red hat up on a ladder to fix it, would you?”

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

Caritas in veritate
    …Truth is the light that gives meaning and value to charity. That light is both the light of reason and the light of faith, through which the intellect attains to the natural and supernatural truth of charity: it grasps its meaning as gift, acceptance, and communion. Without truth, charity degenerates into sentimentality. Love becomes an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way. In a culture without truth, this is the fatal risk facing love. It falls prey to contingent subjective emotions and opinions, the word “love” is abused and distorted, to the point where it comes to mean the opposite. Truth frees charity from the constraints of an emotionalism that deprives it of relational and social content, and of a fideism that deprives it of human and universal breathing-space. In the truth, charity reflects the personal yet public dimension of faith in the God of the Bible, who is both Agápe and Lógos: Charity and Truth, Love and Word…
REASON always stands in need of being purified by faith: this also holds true for political reason, which must not consider itself OMNIPOTENT. For its part, RELIGION always needs to be purified by reason in order to show its authentically human face. Any breach in this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development… 
Read more:  Pope Benedict XVI 2007 2009 

Science +

+ Religion = Truth = LOVE
Caritas in veritate Pope Benedict XVI  
Letter to Father George V. Coyne, Director of the Vatican Observatory (June 1, 1988) John Paul II
By encouraging openness between the Church and the scientific communities, we are not envisioning a disciplinary unity between theology and science like that which exists within a given scientific field or within theology proper. As dialogue and common searching continue, there will be grow towards mutual understanding and a gradual uncovering of common concerns which will provide the basis for further research and discussion. Exactly what form that will take must be left to the future. What is important, as we have already stressed, is that the dialogue should continue and grow in depth and scope. In the process we must overcome every regressive tendency to a unilateral reductionism, to fear, and to self-imposed isolation. What is critically important is that each discipline should continue to enrich, nourish and challenge the other to be more fully what it can be and to contribute to our vision of who we are and who we are becoming… 
Science can purify religion from error and superstition; 
religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. Each can draw the other into a wider world, a world in which both can flourish. 
For the truth of the matter is that the Church and the scientific community will inevitably interact; their options do not include isolation… 


Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

To Start Removing 
Gay Priests 
RC Hierarchy Repressed Homosexuals 
Have Thoroughly 
Involved In 
In Every Aspect of the 
Science of Homosexuality
Would be
Ruthlessly Fierce
Suppression  of 
Should Be Immediately Removed From the 
For Not Being 
Long Before 
Even Thinking of Removing Gay Priests!!! 

Why do you look at the speck 
of sawdust in your brother's 
eye and pay no attention 
to the plank in your 
own eye? 
How can you say to your
 brother, 'Brother, let 
me take the speck 
out of your eye,
'when you yourself fail to 
see the plank in your 
own eye? 
You hypocrite,
 first take the plank out of 
your eye, and then you 
will see clearly to 
remove the 
from your brother's eye.
Luke 6:40-42

Science +

+ Religion = Truth = LOVE
Caritas in veritate Pope Benedict XVI  

STOP!!! STOP!!! STOP!!! 
This Nonsense VIOLENT 
Witch Hunts 
That Are Solely the PROJECTIONS of 
RC Hierarchy Repressed Homosexuals 
- & - 

- As Instructed by Both 

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

To be continued...

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz


St. Francis, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy Photo
Grand Haven Lighthouse Pier Lake Michigan - Photo
‘God Made You This Way,’ Pope Is Said to Have 
old Gay Man, May 21, 2018 - Photo
Chilean bishops offer mass resignation over sex 
abuse scandal, May 18, 2018 - Photo
The Overstimulation of Everyday Life: 1. New Aspects 
of Male Homosexuality
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D., 2002 - Photo 
"Homosexuality: coming out of the confusion”
Sidney H. Phillips, M.D. - Int J Psychoanal
1518 appointed the Papal Master of Ceremonies
- Michelangelo responded by DEPICTING
Cesena, in his “Last Judgment” fresco - 
as the judge of the underworld with - 
snake biting his no-naked area  Photo

The letter dated: July 12, 2017 

Science  + 
+ Religion = Truth = LOVE

July 12, 2017 

Bishop David J. Walkowiak
Bishop of the Grand Rapids Diocese
360 Division Avenue S., 
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4501

Dear Bishop David, 

I received your letter dated October 2015, that included a request to set an appointment to dialogue with you. At the time, my commitments,obligations and lack of financial means did not permit me to follow through. Furthermore, the around trip from Canton, MI to Grand Rapids, MI would have been about eight hours. However, after seeking reliable spiritual direction I was advised to write a letter to accept your request to meet. In the process of writing this letter, I began to thoroughly research the situation, from the combined insight obtained from three professionals perspectives, as a priest, as a psychologist, and as a historian. Through these perspectives, I have analyzed the many ways in which I was a victim of antigay hierarchal violence, having no judicial oversight to appeal to for protection within the church or civilly. This is an unidentified form of structural violence directed not at me alone but also many priests, theologians, sisters, religious and others, including Pope Francis for the past four decades - all have been victims of this form of violence. 

S t r u c t u r a l   V i o l e n c e
by Deborah Du Nann Winter and Dana C. Leighton
Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st century
Direct violence is horrific, but its brutality usually gets our attention: we notice it, and often respond to it. Structural violence, however, is almost always invisibleembedded in ubiquitous social structures, normalized by stable institutions and regular experience. Structural violence occurs whenever people are disadvantaged by political, legal, economic, or cultural traditions. Because they are longstanding, structural inequities usually seem ordinary—the way things are and always have been. But structural violence produces suffering and death as often as direct violence does, though the damage is slower, more subtle, more common, and more difficult to repair. The chapters in this section teach us about some important but invisible forms of structural violence, and alert us to the powerful cultural mechanisms that create and maintain them over generations…
One outcome of exclusionary thinking is the belief that victims of violence must in some way deserve their plight. But certainly it is easy to see that young children do not deserve to be victims…
Section II:  Winter, D. D., & Leighton, D. C. (2001). Structural violenceIn D. J. Christie, R. V. Wagner, & D. D. Winter (Eds.), Peace, conflict, and violence: Peace psychology in the 21st centuryNew York: Prentice-Hall.

The main purpose of this form of structural violence is to silence and remove anyone in the Church who openly discusses the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality - gay people. This antigay hierarchical, structural violence has been successful in firmly suppressing this science on homosexuality for the past 60 years. In 1957, world renowned psychologist, Dr. Evelyn Hooker conducted ground breaking research proving that homosexuality is not a mental illness. She proved that being homosexual was just as normal as being heterosexual. For years the hierarchical church has rebuked such scientifically sound findings and have championed the obsessive suppression of gay people. Such actions lead to question who benefits from falsifying truth? The hierarchical church did not suppress the scientific research on heart surgery or cancer for the past 60 years. This vicious form of gay suppression is entrenched in the corruption of the curia in which speaking the truth has become a reprehensible thing. Through my years of analysis, I have come to find that the greatest harm this suppression imposes is on our children.

Truly I tell you, unless you 
change and become like little children, 
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 
Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this 
child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 
And whoever welcomes one such child in 
my name welcomes me. 
Matthew 18: 3-5

…whoever causes one of these 
little ones 
who believe in Me to stumble, 
it would be better for him 
to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, 
and to be drowned in the 
depth of the sea. 
Matthew 18:6

My “coming out” in March 1997 was all based on substantiated science and scripture. Furthermore, it was motivated to protect defenseless children. How did risking my life by coming out warrant such extreme vindictive retaliation for the past 20 years by members of the curia and hierarchy? 

How did it get twisted around that I refused to return to the Grand Rapids Dioceses, when in fact, it was made clear to me that it was unsafe for me to return by their coercing me to acquiesce to being sent away to be re-educated on the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality. They wanted me to leave the priesthood on my own, which would be another grave sin to commit. Since I had no recourse to appeal to for justice in 1997 - what recourse would I have available to me if I returned and more severe immoral tactics were used against me?

This tactic of the curia to dispose of someone was most recently demonstrated by Cardinal Raymond Burke firing Boeselager the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta. Burke falsified a papal decision of Pope Francis that no one was to be fired, that the problematic issues with the Knights of Malta should be resolved through dialogue. Burke without any true dialogue with Boeselager stated that it was Pope Francis’s wish that he resign as the Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Malta. When Boeselager refused to resign because of “unreasonable circumstances,” Burke fired him on the grounds of disobedience. Sound familiar?  Boeselager, then appealed directly to Pope Francis and an investigation was ordered into the firing of Boeselager. It was later exposed that the grounds that Burke had used against Boeselager were over “condoms.” However, this information was contrived by a group of Burke’s supporters known as “Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ.” This group is described as a “militant traditionalist organization close to Burke (Austen Ivereigh).” “This ultraconservative organization specialized in the denunciation of "gays” entering the Church and in attacks on the major development associations that question unfettered economic liberalism (La Croix International).” On February 4, 2017, Pope Francis replaced Cardinal Burke as the Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and overnight all over Rome appeared posters of Pope Francis with a sad expression with the words - “Where is your mercy?”

It was the truth from science and religion that morally obligated me to come out for the protection of children growing up gay in March 1997. This was an act of love and my duty as a priest. It is the true meaning of being a priest. Pope Francis  on Thursday, June 22, 2017  in his homily during Mass at Casa Santa Marta confirmed this fact stating,"The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep,” using as an example the parish priest of Barbiana, Fr. Don Milani, the from the Diocese of Firenze (Florence). 

The research to find the answers to these questions endlessly kept unfolding more and more information that led back in time - more than a century and a half. The research doors were opened wide once Pope Francis was elected and he along with his team of experts, and cardinals began reforming the curia. The research revealed two main historical events that were dependent on exploiting societal prejudices against gay people to rise and to stay in power. The, first, began with the ideology of Nazism promoted by Hitler and the Nazi regime that led to the deaths of 70 million people unprecedented in human history. The, second, began the with ideology of the “trickle-down theory” known as Reaganomics that led to Globalization and the greatest inequality in human history - “A world where 1% of humanity controls as much wealth as the bottom 99% will never be stable (President Obama’s departing speech to the UN General Assembly September 2016). Ian Kershaw explains what Hitler’s place in history will be:

…Primarily, as the inspiration of the most lethal and destructive war in history, and of the most terrible genocidethe world has ever seen. He left behind him not just physical, but also moral, ruination such as history has never previously experienced. He represented an extreme pathology of modern society. He showed us the most radical face of modern inhumanity – how an advanced society can undergo a breathtaking descent into modern barbarity that’s quite without precedent. That’s what, with the passage of time, we can see was historically defining about Hitler. Never before Hitler’s time had we seen so clearly what human beings are capable of…
…we shouldn’t mystify Hitler’s personality. The uniquenessof Nazism can’t be reduced to that strange personality. Another time, another place, and Hitler would have had no impact at all. He couldn’t have derailed a modern society without that society itself making a major contribution to its own fate… We shouldn’t be complacent about the future. New forms of fascism and racial intolerance rightly appal and worry us…
…what we can do is to remind ourselves of the essential point about Hitler: he represented the most fundamental and frontal assault ever launched on all that we associate with humanity and civilisation. 
Excerpt from: - Hitler’s Place in History - Ian Kershaw
Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University
Lecture - Wednesday 27th April 2005

Over the past year and a half - I have been researching and writing 24/7, since I received your letter - gathering significant amounts of factual data on all three levels (as a priest, psychologist and historian). This research includes my personal experience of being a victim of the hierarchical, antigay violence. As it happens when I do research, such as it did when I was doing the qualitative research on the Holocaust in graduate school for psychology, it is only after thoroughly exhausting every possible avenue several times do all the pieces begin to fall into place like  a jigsaw puzzle that a picture is formed. 

The picture centers on the crucial importance for the safety and well-being of all of humanity present and on into the future and is dependent on maintaining an ongoing dialogue between science and religion. This is necessary to obtain truth that which then gives meaning and value to love. Without this truth formed through this process - 

…Love becomes an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way. In a culture without truth, this is the fatal risk facing love. It falls prey to contingent subjective emotions and opinions, the word “love” is abused and distorted,to the point where it comes to mean the opposite… 
Benedict XVI - Caritas in Veritate 2007  2009

Pope Benedict XVI goes on to make the warning that “Any breachin this dialogue comes only at an enormous price to human development…” St. Pope John Paul II made an early statement to this effect explaining how science and religion cannot be separated. He explains - as Benedict does that science is the study of all of God’s creation and religion is formed from the bible, which is the inspired word of God. They both explain how the dialogue between science and religion becomes a self-correcting mechanism of oversight, preventing abuse and maintaining integrity of both science and religion - thus allowing science and religion to guide us on our journey into the future. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI are writing from their experience having lived through the atrocities of Hitler and the Nazi regime (1933-1945) that resulted from their manipulation and abuse of science and religion to invent a pseudo-science to legitimize Hitler’s ideology of Nazism and pseudo-religious terms to promote it. They experienced living in a social environment saturated in the racial ideology of Nazism - where the meaning of love was so twisted around that in actuality love meant the opposite. Love meant exterminating people considered to be less than human or subhuman - “Life Unworthy Of Life.” 

With the recent election of President Trump we are experiencing living in a similar social environment saturated with the ideology of the “trickle-down theory.” This led to Globalization that was also legitimized by the manipulation of science and religion that twisted the meaning of love around to mean the exact opposite. In addition to Mr. Trump’s behavior, the Republican Convention 2016 slogans, “Lock her up!” (that sounded like the palpable hysteria of the Nazi Party “Sieg Heil” chant at a Cathedral lit Nuremberg Rally of the 1930s) and his being elected US president are all blatant examples of love twisted to mean the opposite. Both the rise of Nazism and Globalization were depended on the exploitation of societal prejudices against gay people. 

However, in regards to rise of the  “trickle-down theory”of the 1980s that led to Globalization - the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy are responsible for the exploitation of societal prejudices against gay people. The research of Dr. Evelyn Hooker and subsequent research completely dispel prejudices against gay people. Instead of the curia and hierarchy acknowledging the truth of this science - they manipulated religion by misusing the bible and continued to wrongly condemn homosexuality. Thus they twisted the meaning of truth around to the point that it continues to mean the opposite. They and their supporters are not about truth and therefore not about love. They are no different than the palpable hysteria of the Nazi Party “Sieg Heil” members at the Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930s. And this is the violence, their twisted meaning of truth - the complete absence of love, they have used against me and against so many others before and after me. Some of our best and brightest theologians and bridge makers, such as, Sister Jeannine Gramick and Fr. Robert Nugent. Gramick and Nugent have been responsible since 1977 for saving millions of people’s lives, especially very young children. To the best of my knowledge, they were the first to begin an ongoing dialogue on the science of the sexual orientation of homosexuality - gay people and religion - scripture and theology.   

S c i e n c e   can purify religion from error and superstition; 
R e l i g i o n   can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. 
Each can draw the other into a wider world, 
a world in which both can flourish. 
For the truth of the matter is that the Church and the scientific 
community will inevitably interact; their options 
do not include isolation. 
St. Pope John Paul II - 1988

I came out in March 1997: for the protection of children, as young as 4 and 5 years of age, who are growing up gay. Since then it has become a moral obligation to educate and prevent forced parental suppression and unsubstantiated antigay social and religious norms.What has bothered me ever since was the fact that I found it difficult to find the  r o o t   c a u s e  in understanding “how” and “why” and “when” did the meaning of “love” and “truth” get so monumentally - twisted around; notably among the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy to mean the exact opposite.

For the past 10 years I have been writing in an effort to explain how this mindless inquisition that started almost immediately after coming out in June 1997 - of being coerced “behind closed doors” by a directive from the curia conveyed by the bishop for me to acquiesce to being sent away “somewhere” to be re-educated on the science on the sexual orientation of homosexuality. This directive was not only shocking, but traumatizing as well. 

This irrational directive from the curia completely negated the immediate need of protecting the lives of millions of very young defenseless children from lifelong debilitating harmful effects. It also negated the wealth of the authoritative substantiated research gathered from the major medical and mental health associations, institutions, and organizations, including universities. This was the reason for my “coming out.” 

Through knowledge acquired during my studies at the University of Michigan and attending the American Psychological Association National Conventions my research was reinforced on the science of sexual orientation. The action of the curia and hierarchy was a blatant affront, a direct attack on truth and love, as taught and embodied in Jesus Christ, of which the entire purpose and meaning of priesthood is based on. It was like a supervisor telling a heart surgeon that he is going to be be sent away on a sabbatical to be reeducated on the ancient system of medicine known as “bloodletting.” I cannot explain how twisted it sounded - to be told such absurdity!!! “Who in the hell is running this ship?!?” I was 47 years old at the time.

How did the curia and hierarchy cause a breach in the dialogue between science and religion that ended up twisting the meaning of love around to mean the opposite?

We will learn from studying the - science on sexual orientation that it is composed of interrelated biological and psychological processes that are not able to be consciously controlled or suppressed. These interrelated processes function outside our conscious awareness - automatically and continuously throughout life as part of the autonomic nervous system - like the heart beating and breathing. The continuous functioning of our sexual orientation - is essential in meeting our most basic human need for love, attachment, intimacy, through which empathy is developed. The continuous functioning of our sexual orientation is as vital to human survival from the beginning of life to the end - as the heart beating and breathing. Any attempt to force the suppression of a child’s gay sexual orientation is the same as suppressing the heart and breathing rate which can cause a number of lifelong adverse effects (persistent form of depression (dysthymia), suicidal ideation, and obsessive dislike for gay people that is implicit, to explicit verbal expressions of hate, to lethal forms of violence, and torture).

The majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy are European. They are the ones who grew up in the toxic antigay social environments left behind by Hitler’s Nazi regime. This begins to explain the long history of the majority of the members of the curia and hierarchy’s collective obsessive antigay crusade. This collective thought suppressed all emerging science on homosexuality for the past 60 years. For these members of the curia and hierarchy the thought of gay science has been a long closed door slammed shut in their early childhood years. This was out of great fear from their witnessing the terror in the adult’s warnings of how Hitler treated priests who were found out to be homosexuals. As this trauma of the early childhood events are not remembered, only the emotional terror of the event remains. It is this emotional terror that is wronglymistaken as an innate guiding voice of their conscience strongly conveying to them that homosexuality is evil. This misunderstanding then becomes a force that completely obliterates years of scientific research on homosexuality. It is more likely that such scientific research ignites seemingly unending waves of unexplainable terror. That door slammed tightly shut - is the breach in the dialogue between science and religion on the issue of homosexuality. This is a childhood defense mechanism. It is the only means available to the child to stop the unending waves of fear. However, as adults, these childhood defenses must be reexamined in a safe environment - to be challenged in the adult dialogue between science and religion on issues of homosexuality. As Pope Benedict XVI explains, this is the only process to find truth and give real value and meaning to the understanding of love. I do not presume this to be an easy task to unravel and should only be attempted in a safe environment. However, this situation - is not unusual - it brings to mind the words of St. Paul to be understood with great care and empathy.  

When I was a child, I talked like a child, 
I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. 
When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.
1 Corinthians 13:11

No, no, no this type of breach in the dialogue between science and religion on gay sexual orientation has to stop! Justice demands that I be exonerated and proper restitution be made for all harm endured, including the lost salary for the past 20 years to be made quickly. Not to follow through on this road of true justice is to continue this breach in the dialogue between science and religion on gay sexual orientation. Am I, like so many others, going to be made an example of what happens when a priest speaks aloud the truth? Will this be a situation reminiscent of Hitler’s regime to remove and silence Anti-Nazi priests? Are you going demonstrate publicly how an advanced society of people made a major contribution to the modern barbarity of Hitler and the Nazi regime by their complicity and indifference?

 My moral obligation as a priest is to protect people, especially children.

I look forward to setting a time to dialogue the reality of this situation in the light of the warnings of both St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI while maintaining an open discussion between science and religion for the search of truth that leads to love. 

Sincerely yours, 

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz 

Cc. Pope Francis
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Letter from Bishop Walkowiak
Bishop of Grand Rapids Diocese - Dated, September 17, 2015 

Letter from Archbishop Joël Mercier
Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy - 3 March 2015


The end of the letter.

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz - June 9, 2017

S c i e n c e    
H o m o s e x u a l 
S e x u a l  O r i e n t a t i o n   


In the USA, 1957Evelyn Hooker’s most notable and ground breaking research proving that homosexuality is not a mental illness was completed called:-
 in which she administered several psychological tests to groups of self-identified male homosexuals and heterosexuals and asked experts to identify the homosexuals and rate their mental health. The experiment, which other researchers subsequently repeated, argues that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, as there was no detectable difference between homosexual and heterosexual men in terms of mental adjustment... Photo

Being Gay Is Just as Healthy as Being Straight
Evelyn Hooker's pioneering research debunked the popular myth that homosexuals are inherently less mentally healthy than heterosexuals, leading to significant changes in how psychology views and treats people who are gay...
Hooker's work was the first to empirically test the assumption that gay men were mentally unhealthy and maladjusted. The fact that no differences were found between gay and straight participants sparked more research in this area and began to dismantle the myth that homosexual men and women are inherently unhealthy.
In conjunction with other empirical results, this work led the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from the DSM in 1973 (it had been listed as a sociopathic personality disorder). In 1975, the American Psychological Association publicly supported this move, stating that "homosexuality per se implies no impairment in judgment, reliability or general social and vocational capabilities…(and mental health professionals should) take the lead in removing the stigma of mental illness long associated with homosexual orientation." Although prejudice and stigma still exist in society, this research has helped millions of gay men and women gain acceptance in the mental health community. Read more:                                         http://www.apa.org/research/action/gay.aspx

A B S E N C E   o f   S C I E N C E

B l i n d   o p t i m i s m
by Ian Kershaw 

Ian Kershaw “is regarded by many as one of the world's leading experts on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Kershaw).” Kershaw describes in great detail - the horrific atrocities instigated by Hitler and how we should see his place in history. Kershaw looks upon Hitler’s place in history as: 

Primarily, as the inspiration of the most lethal and destructive war in history, and of the most terrible genocide the world has ever seen. He left behind him not just physical, but also moralruination such as history has never previously experienced. He represented an extreme pathology of modern society. He showed us the most radical face of modern inhumanity – how an advanced society can undergo a breathtaking descent into modern barbarity that’s quite without precedent…
Read more:
Hitler's Place in History
Ian Kershaw
Professor of Modern History at Sheffield University
Wednesday 27th April 2005

…The horror of the Holocaust began in 1933 and ended in 1945. The psychological fallout would have been far more extensive and more deadly, especially when it is not identified as such…
AUSCHWITZ -- CHRISTMAS 2008 -- A flashback far more severe than in --- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – December 26, 2008 – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
Curia and Hierarchy
Sexual Hysterical 
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 Know thyself 
Oracle at Delphi 

This above all: 
to thine own self be true,
 And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
William Shakespeare

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your 
brother's eye and pay no attention to the 
plank in your own eye? How can you 
say to your brother, 'Brother, 
let me take the speck 
out of your eye,
'when you yourself fail to see the 
plank in your own eye? You hypocrite,
 first take the plank out of your eye, and 
then you will see clearly to remove 
the speck from your brother's eye. 
Luke 6:40-42

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

S e l e c t i v e   
I n a t t e n t i o n 
From  L O V E
Killing Empathy 
Creating Narcissists 
i.e. Curia & Hierarchy

The Closet: Psychological 
Issues of 
Being In 
Coming Out
Oct. 01, 2004 
Cultural Psychiatry,
Identity Disorder
By Jack Drescher, MD

  In the jargon of contemporary homosexual culture, those who hide their sexual identities are referred to as either closeted or said to be in the closet. Revealing one's homosexuality is referred to as coming out. Clinical experience with gay patients reveals hiding and revealing behaviors to be psychologically complex.

Homosexual Identities
In the developmental histories of gay men and women, periods of difficulty in acknowledging their homosexuality, either to themselves or to others, are often reported. Children who grow up to be gay rarely receive family support in dealing with antihomosexualprejudices. On the contrary, beginning in childhood--and distinguishing them from racial and ethnic minorities--gay people are often subjected to the antihomosexual attitudes of their own families and communities (Drescher et al., 2004). Antihomosexual attitudes include homophobia (Weinberg, 1972), heterosexism (Herek, 1984), moral condemnations of homosexuality (Drescher, 1998) and antigay violence (Herek and Berrill, 1992). Hiding activities learned in childhood often persist into young adulthood, middle age and even senescence, leading many gay people to conceal important aspects of themselves… 


What psychological mechanisms facilitate separating one's sexual identity from the rest of one's persona? Sullivan's (1956) concept of dissociation may be illuminating, particularly its most common aspect: selective inattention. A ubiquitous, nonpathological process, selective inattention makes life more manageable, like tuning out the background noise on a busy street. However, through dissociationof anxiety-provokingknowledge about the self, a whole double life can be lived and yet, in some ways, not be known. Clinical presentations of closeted gay people may lie somewhere in severity between selective inattention--most commonly seen in the case of homosexually self-aware patients thinking about "the possibility" that they might be gay--to more severedissociation--in which any hintof same-sex feelings resides totally out of conscious awareness. More severe forms of dissociation are commonly observed in married men who are homosexually self-aware but cannot permit the thought of themselves as gay (Roughton, 2002). Read more: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/articles/closet-psychological-issues-being-and-coming-out

17 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay or Bi
 January 27, 2016  Photos
  The internet was buzzing in January when an editor at a gay website in Virginia wrote that he'd encountered an antigay Republican lawmaker while on Grindr, without naming the person. Not every antigay crackpot is actually gay, but there's no shortage of those who actually are. Here are some hypocrites who just couldn't practice what they preached… Read more:

Puerto Rico Republican …Sen. Roberto Arango has previously voted in favor of Resolution 99, a proposal that would block any attempt to permit same-sex marriages in Puerto Rico. He has also opposed adoption rights for gay people. The AP reports.that local news media published photos from the application showing, “a man’s nude upper body with a cell phone obscuring his face,” and another showing “a rear view of a nude man on his hands and knees… 

child’s sexual orientation is not about sexual behavior - it is about love, wanting to feel one with another. Depending on the severity of this rejection of a child’s expression of love - the child wants to desperately please his parents and will learn to hid from his parent such emotions of love that are disturbing to them. He will even hide them from himself and thus begins the mental dissociation of this child - attempting to suppress the never ending - regular functioning of his sexual orientation of the emotional impulses - to be loved and to love and to feel one with another.

Sexual orientation 
- refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic and/or sexual attractions to men, women or both sexes...

Autonomic nervous system 
The autonomic nervous system is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual arousal… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomic_nervous_system#cite_note-Human_Physiology_-_Janig-2 

However, a person’s sexual orientation like the heart beating, breathing, sexual arousal, etc., are all under the control autonomic nervous system that operates automatically and unconsciously - they cannot be suppressed. 

The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns
August 3. 2012  …pupil dilationto stimuli indicates activation of the autonomic nervous system. This system is associated with many automatic processes such as 
blood pressure
heart rate
For this reason, pupil dilation has been used as indicator of automatic response, for example, in studies of implicit reaction and cognitive load. Other research suggests that pupil dilation can reflect automatic attention, or attention that is likely not in the conscious control of participants. It is therefore unlikely that participants suppress pupil dilation to stimuli they are sexually attracted to. Pupil dilation patterns could therefore reflect, with high sensitivity, automatic attention related to sexual attraction and sexual orientation
Read more: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0040256 

"Pupil dilation patterns could therefore reflect, with high sensitivity, automatic attention related to sexual attraction and sexual orientation..."

"Clinical presentations of closeted gay people may lie somewhere in severity between selective inattention--most commonly seen in the case of homosexually self-aware patients thinking about "the possibility" that they might be gay--to more severe dissociation--in which any hint of same-sex feelings resides totally out of conscious awareness"

Brokeback Mountain” 2005

AUSCHWITZ -- CHRISTMAS 2008 -- A flashback far more severe than in --- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN 
December 26, 2008 – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

I have been so saddened by Pope Benedict XVI's cruel words to LGBTQ people around the world, to their parents, families and friends, most ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN. After reading the accounts of this human travesty, I did not know where to find comfort or hope. And then I thought about your blog. And just like receiving a wonderful Christmas present, sure enough I found the hope and comfort I needed to hear. Photo 

I am a priest and a clinical psychologist (MS). And for one of my research projects I chose to do a qualitative research project of the recorded verbal accounts of survivors of the Holocaust, 50 years after the event. It was a difficult research project, because I could not make sense of one of the accounts of the survivors. 

For example, one survivor was describing what it was like riding the train to AUSCHWITZ, but he was describing how he was trying to make conversation with a girl on the train. I listened and wrote out this one account almost 30 times but I just was not getting it. I could not understand how this man could be talking about wanting to make conversation with this girl on the same train to AUSCHWITZ!?! 

Because I had taught high school religion classes for nearly 20 years, it hit me hard, like a flash of lightning. Instantly, all the pieces came together, so fast. Though this survivor was in his late 60’s when he gave his account of his story on audiotape, he was remembering the events that took place, but naturally they were recounted through the mind of a teenager, the age he was on the train to AUSCHWITZ. That is why the dialogue wasn’t making any sense. I was thinking of him as an old man because the voice on the audiotape was the voice of a 68-year-old. As shocking as a bomb going off, all the different aspects of the psychological developmental stages of a teenager kicked in. I realized only too fully that he was just a young normal teenager on that train!!! And so was the girl he was trying to make conversation, and their moms and dads were there with them!!! There was no way to pretend I did not realize what I discovered. It kept hitting me: this is not some script from a movie or TV miniseries on the Holocaust. No; as much as I wished it were. The reality of this horror hit me all at once, on so many different levels of consciousness: what an unbelievable horror it was!!! How could we treat human beings like this! I remember when the realization of the magnitude of this horror first hit me, like an instant reflex. I threw down the transcript I was holding as if it were a blazing hot poker. It kept hitting me over and over again that this is not a movie script or some kind of play – this really happened! It really happened! Oh, my God, how could this have happened!?!!!

My supervisor told me at the time that I was traumatized by the oral content. Qualitative research is an attempt to understand the complexity of emotions, the kinds of emotions, and the degree of intensity involved. Our emotions are what allow us to connect with other human beings. We identify with the non-verbal quality of emotions more immediately and strongly than with the words used to express them. The non-verbal qualities include tone of voice, eye contact, facial expression, body posture, and gestures, all of which express emotions. Emotions are why we can connect with people through time, across cultures, and individually. It is the expression of human emotions in the arts that makes some works of art timeless, because they continually speak to all people through the ages. 

And when I heard what Pope Benedict XVI said about homosexuals and transgendered human beings at Christmas 2008, I felt that same trauma all over again. Because in some way, somehow, he was conveying in a non-verbal manner the horror of the Holocaust, in what appears to be a traumatized, trance-like, accepted social norm from that period of time dictating that some people just don’t count, aren’t important, and can be easily disposed of. And if you rock the boat, you could be next to be disposed of.

I truly have to believe that a person in his position would not be doing this consciously or intentionally. The horror of the Holocaust is like an atomic bomb with fallout so extensive that it spreads over a radius of more than 150 miles. The horror of the Holocaust began in 1933 and ended in 1945. The psychological fallout would have been far more extensive and more deadly, especially when it is not identified as such.

It hit me the way it did when I realized that the research I was doing about a Holocaust survivor, a man 68 years old telling his story, who was remembering what it was like to be on the train to AUSCHWITZ, from the perspective of a young teenage boy who just wanted to talk to a girl. It seemed like the same kind of horror, a tacit assumption that some people don't count and can be disposed of without remorse. Could it be that Benedict XVI is unconsciously repeating Hitler's crime against humanity by taking on a long-accepted social attitude from that period of time? 

The question I asked myself was: what would it have been like for someone growing up gay during the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933 -1945

What would be the severity of the psychological effects on a boy who grew up to be gay in Germany during the time of Hitler’s NAZI PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS 1933 -1945? During the Nazi regime, homosexuals were publicly defamed and falsely accused for the major social problems of that time, which was done to incite massive public hatred and hostility directed against homosexuals. Homosexuals were used for medical experiments, physically mutilated, brutally tortured and exterminated.

Would this child, as an adult, in a severe dissociated state of mind from his own homosexual feelings (Harry Stack Sullivan MD, Dissociative Processes, Clinical Studies on Psychiatry (1956)), unconsciously perpetuate the terrifying horror of the insensitivity he had experienced growing up? If he found himself in a position of authority would he recreate the same social and political environment of violence and terror for homosexuals that he experienced, as a child who grew up to be gay, during the NAZI PERSECUTION OF HOMOSEXUALS? 

I think in truth on a much deeper level I was frightened, really frightened, to hear Pope Benedict XVI’s Christmas remarks against homosexuals and transgendered human beings and even more frightened by the silence from the larger global community of human beings. What is so frightening is, even if there is agreement that one person does not matter or is not important, in truth then no one matters. Therefore, when I thought about your blog and what you did on October 5, 2008, I felt more reassured, I felt hope, and I felt comforted. NOW, isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas? 

God Bless you,

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

. . . .Written by Martin S. Kurylowicz, M.Div., M.S.
Edited by Madeline Wright, Ph.D., M.S. . . . .

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

What you cannot do is 
accept injustice.
From Hitler – or anyone.
You must make the injustice visible
– be prepared to die like a
 soldier to do so.
Mahatma Gandhi