Sunday, August 22, 2010

HETEROSEXISM, HOMOPHOBIA AND. TRANSPHOBIA: creating a queer-positive university -The Human Rights and Equity Office, University of Guelph

homophobic or transphobic
behaviours include

• gay-bashing or physical violence, including sexual violence;
• making derogatory comments, innuendos, insults, slurs, jokes or threats about
sexual orientation or sexual practice;
• silencing talk of sexual or gender plurality;
• forcing people to “come out” or to stay “in the closet” disclose or hide their • sexual orientation or gender identity;
• linking homosexuality with pedophilia (child abuse);
• accusing LGBTTTIQQ persons of recruiting others to join their sexual orientation;
• defacing notices, posters or property with homophobic or transphobic graffiti;
• rejecting friends or family members because of their sexual orientation or gender identity;
• behaving as though sexual orientation is solely about sexual practice or is a lifestyle choice;
• treating the sexual orientations or gender identities of LGBTTTIQQ persons as less valid than those of heterosexuals;
• behaving as though all LGBTTTIQQ people have AIDS or are responsible for its spread;
• refusing to use pronouns or names consistent with a person’s gender identity;
• harassing someone because they do not fit easily into society’s limited definition of what it means to be, and look like, a man or woman.
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