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Victims are left cold by pope's statement – by PATSY McGARRY The Irish Times

Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

SURVIVORS OF child abuse and their representatives reacted with little enthusiasm to Pope Benedict XVI’s statement.

Marie Collins, who was abused in 1960 by a priest when she was a patient at Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, said: “I can’t say I was disappointed because I didn’t have any high hopes.”

Acknowledging the sincerity of the pope’s call for prayers for those abused and their families, and possible initiatives where reorganisation of the Irish Church was concerned, she pointed out the statement “doesn’t deal with the past. No one has taken responsibility for what went on in Dublin. There is no accountability.”

Andrew Madden, who was abused by Ivan Payne when he was an altar boy in Dublin’s Cabra parish, “wasn’t particularly disappointed” by the statement either, as he had “no expectation of anything meaningful”.

It was “self-serving nonsense”, he said and he for one, as a survivor, had n’t asked for prayers. “And they say they listen to survivors?”

The statement was “an attempt to deflect attention away from accountability”.

Both he and Ms Collins said what was necessary now was for the five sitting bishops named in the Murphy report to resign.

“All bishops in place over the period investigated by the commission should step down,” said Ms Collins. “They are collectively responsible for what went on in the diocese. It all happened on their watch. They must take responsibility… Read complete article - by PATSY McGARRY The Irish Times * Photo * Photo

Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

Statement by Benedict XVI December 2009

Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

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Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

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