Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maddow to Warren: Come on air to denounce anti-gay Uganda bill – by Cathy Lynn Grossman – 12/11/09 USA TODAY

The invite is official: Rachel Maddow wants Rev. Rick Warren, the nation's most visible evangelical pastor right now, on her MSNBC show.

Night after night, Maddow, who is gay, has been hammering conservative U.S. evangelical leaders and politicians for failing to speak out promptly, loudly and clearly against a bill in Uganda that would criminalize homosexuality.

After days of being blasted by name, a few politicians have now issued statements against the bill, just recently toned down from a life imprisonment and death penalty provisions to mere jail time for being actively gay -- or even knowing someone gay and failing to report them. (Imagine the chaos that would create for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, apart from legitimizing hate.)

Earlier this week, Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and leader of vast social action networks in Africa under his PEACE plan, issued his first specific denunciation of the legislation, days after initially saying he couldn't interfere in another nation's politics…Read complete article - by Cathy Lynn Grossman – 12/11/09 USA TODAY

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