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With D.C. Set to Legalize Gay Marriage, Will the Catholic Church Stop Helping People in Need? - BY MICHAEL A. JONES

Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

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DECEMBER 15, 2009

Historic news out of Washington, D.C., today, where the City Council voted for the second and final time on a bill that will legalize gay marriage. It's a huge victory for advocates of marriage equality, with the District now joining five other states that recognize same-sex marriage.

But there's always a catch, right? This time it comes in the form of the Catholic Church, and specifically Archbishop Donald Wuerl, the leader of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

Last month, Archbishop Wuerl threatened to stop all Catholic-run social services in the city if D.C. legalized gay marriage. Now that the City Council has voted to enact equal marriage rights, the Catholic Church faces a question: Will it stop serving the homeless, the needy, and those without health care, simply to protest gay marriage?

It's a game of political hot potato, with Archbishop Wuerl putting the lives of people in need on the line. If you want to send Archbishop Wuerl a message that it would be reprehensible for the Church to stop serving the poor simply to protest gay marriage, sign this petition right now from the Human Rights Campaign. The petition goes directly to Archbishop Wuerl and the leadership of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., with a simple and powerful message: don’t use the homeless and needy as political pawns.

Last month, the Archdiocese of Washington issued its stern threat in hopes of intimidating city council members into voting "no" on gay marriage. But the vast majority of city councilors agreed that civil rights aren't up for blackmail, and that if the Catholic Church was going to end its social services in the city, the Church would have on its own conscience the denial of services to the poor. Can the Church, after all, really claim to be an authentic voice of spirituality if it's willing to throw needy families and homeless folks under a bus, simply to protest two women or two men who love each other? Read complete article - BY MICHAEL A. JONES - Gay Rights -

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