Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gay marriage closer to reality in Mexico – La Plaza – Los Angeles Times

Tracy Wilkinson

in Mexico City

Mexico City on Tuesday formally put on the books a law allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, with Mayor Marcelo Ebrard rejecting demands he veto the controversial measure.

The law was published in the official government newspaper, and will go into effect in 45 days. It was passed by a comfortable margin by this sprawling capital's legislature last week.

The conservative National Action Party, which controls the federal government, and the Roman Catholic Church have both condemned the law as an affront to the traditional family. Both wanted to block it. Photos

Using Christmas season celebrations as their platform, senior church officials decried the law as "immoral." "We have seen with impotence, pain and consternation ... [this] blow to the most intimate structure of Mexican families, the institution over which our nation has built its rich history, values and spirituality," Cardinal Norberto Rivera said. Read complete article - Tracy Wilkinson - La Plaza – Los Angeles Times

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