Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taboos Silence Opponents Of Uganda Anti-Gay Bill - by GWEN THOMPKINS – NPR

December 16, 2009

In Uganda, a bill designed to eradicate homosexuality has strong support in the government and among evangelical Christians. Proponents of the bill link homosexuality to the West. And under the bill, Uganda would withdraw from any international treaties or protocols that recognize the human rights of gay people.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill a "very serious potential violation of human rights." But few in Uganda are willing to speak against it because those who do are labeled gay.

In the lobby of Uganda's parliament building is an installation showing the potentially disastrous effects of climate change. The sign says: "The Choices, Actions and Agreements Made Now Will Determine Which Future Becomes Reality." Whoever wrote that might well have been describing the country's political climate.

Ugandans may soon have a choice to make. Homosexuality has been illegal there for more than 100 years, but now lawmakers are considering legislation that would go further. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009 would jail consenting adults who engage in gay sex. It would give life sent

ences to people in same-sex marriages. It would extradite gay Ugandans living abroad and prosecute them.

David Bahati, a first-term lawmaker, wrote the bill.

"This is a defining bill for our country, for our generation. You are either anti-homosexual or you're for homosexuals, because there's no middle point. Anybody who does not believe that homosexuality is a crime is a sympathizer," Bahati says.

It is the first bill Bahati has ever written, and he calls it a "very wonderful piece of legislation." He says he can't imagine a Uganda in which gay people live freely, because the possibility is too horrible to consider. And he says if Western aid to Uganda hinges on gay rights, then the West can keep its money. His bill would impose the death penalty on adults who have gay sex with minors, or who spread HIV through gay sex. And it would jail anyone who fails to report gay activity to police within 24 hours.

And what if his brother were engaging in homosexual activity?

"I'd arrest him myself and take him to the police ... because it's bad for society," Bahati says…Read complete article & listen audio - by GWEN THOMPKINS – NPR

"Kids Are Being Hurt !!!"

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Fr. Marty Kurylowicz said...

This new piece do legislation regarding homosexuality is not good at all. Because it is about teachng people to be inhuman to each other. It goes against human nature, teaching people to rebell against themselves, which leads to rebelling against everyone, as Bahati has done by writting this piece of legislation.

90% of the population has varying degrees of a homosexual orientation in them. And because Bahati has written this piece of legislation would more than likely mean that he would have a higher degree of a homosexual orientation in himself.

Read the facts of science about sexual orientation. Bahati is teaching people how to hate, to be inhuman, he is headed for disaster for himself and for Uganda. Sexual orientation is as regular as breathing or a heart beating and just as vital for sustaining life.

When you teach people to hate anyone you have unleashed an inhuman terror because no one is then safe. Hitler started first killing homosexuals and then no one was safe and he ended killng himself. Benedict XVI is doing the same and his world is falling in on himself.

All human life is sacred any lowering of this sanctity has devastating effects on all human life.

90% that is a lot of people to disposed of.