Monday, December 21, 2009

Mexico City allows gay marriage with landmark law - BY MIGUEL ANGEL GUTIERREZ, REUTERS –

MEXICO CITY — Mexico City became the first capital in Catholic, often macho Latin America to allow same-sex marriage on Monday when city legislators passed a law giving gay couples full marriage rights.

The legislation goes further than a 2006 city law allowing civil unions by giving gay couples access to the same family social security benefits and joint loans as straight couples.

In a last-minute measure, the city's left-dominated assembly overcame conservative opposition to allow gay couples that marry to adopt children.

Activists in the chamber burst into cheers. Some gay men and women hugged, exchanged kisses and waved rainbow-colored flags that have come to symbolize gay rights.

"We are putting an end to segregation and stigmatization of a sector of society, giving access to full marriage rights," David Razu, a legislator from the left-wing Social Democratic Party, or PSD, who promoted the law told Reuters.

The bill now goes to be signed by Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who has backed other progressive measures like the legalization of abortion in some cases, putting the sprawling capital at the vanguard of liberal policies in Latin America…Read complete article - BY MIGUEL ANGEL GUTIERREZ, REUTERS –

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