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Roman Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and Vatican -> Took Advantage of Unique Position of Power and Privilege In IRISH SOCIETY -> Operated Pedophile Ring

Kids Are Being Hurt !!!

Murphy report is only the beginning

The Sunday Times, November 29, 2009

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, warned that it would “shock us all” and throw up challenges the Catholic church in Ireland has never experienced before. Prostrating himself in front of a congregation in Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral last Easter, Dr Martin seemed to be taking a leaf from the best spin-doctoring manuals, softening up the public in advance of bad news. But no amount of humble pie from the archbishop could prepare the public for the graphic revelations of the Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation report into the church’s and state’s handling of allegations of child sexual abuse against clerics over a 30-year period. Photo

Even a public sickened by the torturous abuse revealed in the Ryan report, published earlier this year, will have struggled afresh to comprehend the litany of perverted, criminal behaviour outlined in such dreadful detail in the report from Justice Murphy’s commission. The nature of the evil to which children were subjected was alarming.

The scale of the abuse, however, points to something far more sinister. The cover-up that senior Catholic figures and the Vatican mounted to prevent criminal charges being laid against their priests suggests that the church took advantage of its unique position of power and privilege in Irish society to operate what amounted to a paedophile ring. The commission concluded that there was no “direct evidence” to show such a ring existed. Nevertheless, it could not resist highlighting the “worrying connections” between a number of the 46 priests whose activities were investigated, in effect inviting readers to draw their own conclusions…

…If last week’s report meant we could draw a line under this scandal, then a proper debate on the role of the Catholic church in this country and the steps it must take to right the wrongs could take place. But the report cannot be the end of the investigative phase. Justice Murphy’s commission merely “sampled” the activities of a limited number of priests, so it cannot be regarded as comprehensive. A report from the diocese of Cloyne will be next and, depending on its findings, the pressure to investigate every diocese in the country may prove irresistible.

In the eyes of many, the reputation of the Catholic church is destroyed beyond repair. An Garda Siochana, whose own reputation needs some repairing, must take two steps. First, it has to come clean about its own role in assisting the cover-up of abuse. Then, taking the Murphy report as a starting point, it must investigate whether or not a paedophile ring was being operated in this country, with pervert priests acting under the auspices of the Catholic church. Read complete article - The Sunday Times – Times Online, November 29, 2009

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"Kids Are Being Hurt !!!"

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