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J. K. Rowling – A Remarkably Courageous Woman beyond the Fame - Doing " … Her Best She Could With the Talents She Had”

J. K. Rowling

Importance of Children & Reading

By Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, Thalamus Center

I wanted to but never had the time because of my grueling work and study schedule (5:00am -10:00pm), and lack of funds, after I came out 1997, to read and view the “Harry Potter” movies. I learned about J.K. Rowling being on the University campus and from people working for community mental health and their positive reactions to “Harry Potter” and renewed sense of hope. She managed to touch the lives of millions people by her writings. If her books are anything like how she has lived her life, it would explain their worldwide popularity.

As we come to the end of the first decade of the 21st century, we have witnessed many of our public figures both in government and in the Church dropping to an unprecedented low level of blatant immorality and ignorance, and a total disregard of the poor and children. It was like a return to the “Dark Ages” a period in history void of intellectual thought and unbelievable corruption in both church and state.

J.K. Rowling in her quiet nature becomes a bright beacon of hope in her morally neural writing style managing to keep alive the importance of love, loyalty, trust, integrity and the need to stand up against evil. By her determination facing the overwhelming struggles and major disappointments in her life, gives us an example of hope struggling to do our best with the talents we have against seemly all odds, making a difference for the better. She kept alive what we expected from our leaders in both state and church. At a time that has forgotten about the importance of children, she gave to our children hope and a way to live that can benefit everyone. During her struggles in her life, she never expected it to turn out as it has for her. I was most impressed with her work at Amnesty International in London, as she describes in her Commencement Address at Harvard, June 5, 2008. 41,552

She has given an interview to ABC News, explaining more about what her life was like before the fame of “Harry Potter.” Read more and video 665 ABC News interview Photo

J.K.Rowling Official Site

Happy Birthday - J. K. Rowling - July 31, 2009 - Thank you for your work, especially for children.

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