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Sarah Brown marches in Pride parade 2009 - By Jessica Geen

Gordon and Sarah Brown host Pride reception

By Staff Writer, • July 4, 2009 - 13:34

Gordon and Sarah Brown hosted an intimate reception in Downing Street's gardens this morning for organisers of London Pride and the pink press.

Those in attendance included gay MPs such as Chris Bryant and Nick Brown, organisers of Pride, Stonewall chair Ben Summerskill and MEP Michael Cashman, along with Attitude editor Matthew Todd, newly-installed Gay Times editor Tris Reid-Smith and

Although the prime minister and his wife did not make any speeches, they spent around ten minutes talking to each attendee. publisher and Channel 4 business and technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen described the event as "very private". He said: "I was really surprised as the door swung open to see Gordon Brown's son playing with a toy car.

"The prime minister told me there was still much to do for gay rights, despite everything Labour has achieved. He pointed to cultural change, especially in schools and sports... Read more - pinknews

Sarah Brown marches in Pride parade - By Jessica Geen • July 4, 2009 - 13:58

The prime minister's wife Sarah Brown today made history by marching in London's Pride parade.

Fresh from hosting a reception for Pride organisers and the pink press, she was flanked by Stonewall chief Ben Summerskill and gay MEP Michael Cashman as she waved a pink Union flag.

Marching without bodyguards at her side, she looked contented and was happy to talk to gay rights campaigners.

Her popularity was proved by the number of marchers shouting "Go Sarah!" publisher Benjamin Cohen marched alongside Mrs Brown.

He said: "She seemed extremely excited to be there. I did spot two discreetly-placed bodyguards around her. She didn't speak to people who were lining the streets but she spoke to a number of campaigners and ordinary people and told me how much fun having people at the reception had been." Read more pinknews

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