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Two-day symposium in Srinagar discusses homosexuality issue - Gaea Times

July 19th, 2009

SRINAGAR - A two-day seminar themed “Theories of Islamic Law: The methodology of Ijtihad” held in Srinagar discussed the issue of homosexuality among other social problems faced by present-day society.

Organised by the University of Kashmir in collaboration with the Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, the event saw religious scholars and academicians deliberating on the ways to explore means and methods of Ijtihad (the analysis of problems not covered precisely in the Qur’an) to find solutions to contemporary problems in the light of original sources of Sharia (Quran and Sunnah).

“We discussed the main issues that are coming forth and also how to solve them in the light of religion and law,” said Prof. Naseem Raifiabadi of the Kashmir University on the concluding day on Sunday.

The Delhi High Court recently ruled that gay sex and lesbian relationships were no longer a crime, a verdict that strengthened demands by gay and health groups for the government to scrap a British colonial law, which bans homosexual sex under section 377 of Indian Criminal Procedure Code and has provision of punishment for indulging in it. Read complete article - Gaea Times

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