Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kids are being hurt !!! - A Documentary Video Series on Human Sexuality regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

What we need is a documentary series for the purpose of explaining and educating people on all the aspects of human sexuality particularly focused on sexual orientation, gender identity and early childhood psychological development growing up LGBT, etc. to be distributed on video, DVD, audio CD, ipod, etc. in all languages. This documentary series needs to be a collaborative effort of the medical and mental health professional associations and organizations internationally, including the input from many of the LGBT organizations related to LGBT children, LGBT civil rights and LGBT grassroots community centers. Creative Commons

We know from social psychology that people’s attitudes are most effectively changed when arguments presented are based on facts that are logically compelling. I found this to be true as a Roman Catholic priest who came out to my parishioners as their “gay” pastor. By supplying plenty of documented facts on sexual orientation is what made my “coming out” as a “gay” priest successful in 1997. It is also what made the Vatican, at the time and still, particularly Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, quite nervous and unable to deny this fact about children and their sexual orientation or to remove me. Many of the Vatican’s teachings on homosexuality were altered immediately afterwards (Always Our Children, 1997, for legal reasons, rewritten no doubt basically by lawyers); the reason why was because I came out on the documented evidence that children as young as 4 and 5 years old are aware of their sexual orientation. This one piece of truth about children renders all the Vatican teachings regarding homosexuality null and void and instead proves them to be life threatening to children, harming them for life.

To be continued...

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