Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charges Dropped Against Salt Lake City Kissers - by Timothy Kincaid – Box Turtle Bulletin

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Prosecutors will not pursue charges against Derek Jones and Matt Aune, the gay couple cited for trespassing in a public plaza after being confronted by Mormon Church security guards for giving a kiss on the cheek.

Apparently, the Mormon Church decided that it was not the Christian thing to do to try and use the legal system to punish this couple for a chaste kiss. Oh, wait. That isn’t why. The Mormon Church was all for civil punishment.

It turns out that the prosecutor found that the church had not adequately noted the terms under which people could cross the plaza nor adequately let the public know that this plaza was not really public property. That can happen when you blur the line between church and state. (Salt Lake Tribune) Read complete article and more by Timothy KincaidBox Turtle Bulletin

Anything Goes Cole Porter - Tony Awards Photo 289

Patti Lupone funny 4,561

Times have changed, * And we've often rewound the clock, * Since the Puritans got a shock, * When they landed on Plymouth Rock. * If today, * Any shock they should try to stem,* 'Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock, * Plymouth Rock would land on them. * In olden days a glimpse of stocking * Was looked on as something shocking, * But now, God knows, * Anything Goes. *

Good authors too who once knew better words, * Now only use four letter words * Writing prose, Anything Goes.*

The world has gone mad today * And good's bad today, * And black's white today, * And day's night today, * When most guys today * That women prize today * Are just silly gigolos * And though I'm not a great romancer * I know that I'm bound to answer * When you propose, * Anything goes More

Irving Berlin's 100th Birthday Celebration, 1988.

Madeline Kahn - You'd Be Surprised! 49,970 "He's not so good in the house, but on a bench in the park, you'd be surprised." - written by Irving Berlin in 1919

Sondheim - A Celebration at Carnegie Hall (1992 Concert Cast) by Stephen Sondheim

Madeline Kahn "Getting Married Today" - Company

Night Fever - Adam Garcia 1998112,212

Olympic Games in Sydney 2000

Adam Garcia - Olympic Opening Ceremony 43,258

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