Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update on the Closeted Committee & The Ghosts of Studies Past - by Susan Russell

An Inch At A Time: Reflections on the Journey
By Susan Russell                                                
So here's the latest on the committee-in-the-closet "studying" the theology of same-sex relationships: 
Episcopal Life ran this story today, entitled: Bishops' Theology Committee chair declines to release names of same-gender study group 

"It has always been the committee's intention to publish the names of the panel when the work has reached the appropriate stage," Diocese of Alabama Bishop Henry Parsley, chair of the House of Bishops Theology Committee, said in a statement June 3. "We believe that for a season the work can best be accomplished by allowing the panel to work in confidence. This supports the full collegiality and academic freedom of the theologians and provides the space they need for the deep dialogue and reflection that is taking place among them." 

"For a season." Where have we heard THAT before? Oh yeah ... B033. And, for the record, no one is opposed to confidence, dialogue and reflection. We're opposed to what one colleague -- an academic herself -- called as the BS it is: 

I have been a member of the Modern Language Association and the American Association of University Professors. Both groups would contest the idea that a panel of study needed to be unnamed to have academic freedom. An unnamed panel, chosen to study an issue, absolutely contradicts the idea of academic freedom. I am surprised that scholars of any integrity would take part in this charade.

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An Inch At A Time: Reflections on the Journey

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