Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poll: Gay Rights Support Grows in Mich- by Julie Bolcer - Advocate.com

By Julie Bolcer

Results of a new poll released by the Glengariff Group show what one pollster calls a “seismic shift” in public opinion on LGBT issues among registered voters in Michigan, according to the Detroit Free Press .

The poll shows that 46.5% of registered voters support marriage equality; up from 24% in 2004, the year voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Support for civil unions currently stands at 63.7%, an increase from 42% four years ago. Photo 

"Gay marriage is now where civil unions were five years ago," said Richard Czuba, a pollster. He cited the surge in respondents who reported knowing a gay or lesbian person in 2009 (80.2%) compared to 2004 (56%).

Same-sex marriage was the only one of nine issues that did not win majority support in the poll, which also measured support for adoption rights (57.5%), same-sex partner benefits for government employees (65.5%), inheritance rights for gay and lesbian partners (70.9%) and recognition of same-sex marriages from other states (53.5%).

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