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Cambodian authorities evict HIV-affected families – Such inhuman treatment not foreign to Pope Benedict XVI - Ratzinger - long covert history

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Cambodian authorities evict HIV-affected families

By The Associated Press 06.23.2009 4:44pm EDT

(Phnom Penh, Cambodia) Cambodian authorities last week evicted 20 families afflicted with HIV from their homes in the capital, forcing them to move to a tiny settlement on its outskirts in an action critics called discriminatory. Photo

they would be without basic services, have no means of income and lose access to medical treatment at the new location.

Human rights groups charged that the evictions amounted to segregation. Amnesty International said the housing at the new site at Tuol Sambo, 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Phnom Penh, is made from distinct green metal sheets, and local residents call it the “AIDS Village.”

“It is tragic that the government has chosen to create a permanent AIDS colony where people will face great stigma and discrimination,” Naly Pilorge, director of the Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, said in a statement.

…the relocation site lacks clean drinking water, electricity and proper medical services.

…Sok Srey Nath, 45, said she and her husband and 10-year-old twin sons are all HIV-positive, and decided to move to the new location because they were not in a position to battle the authorities.

“I have no choice, if I don’t leave I would lose my property and the offer of new land from the authorities,” said the mother of five. “I really don’t want to leave my current house because this location is near the market, easy for me and my family to earn money and close to the health center.”

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Such inhuman treatment not foreign to Pope Benedict XVI - Ratzinger's covert history

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