Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gay Penguins Take a Chick -

Gay Penguins Take a Chick 

And baby makes three for two gay penguins at Germany’s Bremerhaven Zoo. 

"Z" and "Vielpunkt" have adopted the baby chick they were tasked with looking after before it hatched. 

“Another couple threw the egg out of their batch,” the zoo’s vet said in a statement. “We picked it up and put it in the nest of the gay penguins.” 

The penguin duo immediately took over and looked after the egg for 35 days before it hatched. The chick was born on April 25, and the penguin duo has been looking after it since. 

This isn’t the first time gay penguin parents have been in the news. 

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TWO gay male penguins who have made world headlines for their sexuality have hatched a chick and are now rearing it as its adoptive parents.

The zoo, in Bremerhaven, northern Germany, says the adult males - Z and Vielpunkt - were given an egg which was rejected by its biological parents.

It says the couple are now happily rearing the chick, said to have reached four weeks old. 

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