Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shining a light on closeted politicians - By Richard Leiby - The Washington Post / May 27, 2009 –

WASHINGTON - Documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick's latest expose, "Outrage," promises to be a PR nightmare for certain closeted gay politicians. He names names. He interviews their alleged sex partners. He portrays these officials - overwhelmingly Republican, with anti-gay voting records - as hypocrites of the worst sort.

But there is a special place in his heart for one particular conservative lawmaker: Larry Craig, the former senator from Idaho, who was famously busted in 2007 on suspicion of lewd behavior in a Minneapolis airport men's room.
"He never should have been arrested," Dick says. "It's a form of entrapment. . . . I don't think that the police should be in that bathroom entrapping people."

Craig was a victim of societal homophobia, "and I feel empathy for him," he says.

This may seem an ironic, if not inauthentic, display of sympathy, given that the film makes good use of the police audiotapes. (As "Outrage" begins, we hear Craig insisting to the undercover officer, "I don't seek activity in bathrooms." It plays as a laugh line.) Still, a conversation with Dick suggests a thoughtful auteur who does, on some level, pity his subjects even as his camera attempts to strip them of their secret sexuality.

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