Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11/01 Twin towers of the World Trade Center, NYC and The Pentagon, Washington DC

The Bush White House: How Covering the Beat has Changed
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Helen Thomas
Daniel Schorr
Scott Lindlaw
First Aired: 10/27/2003 - 58 minutes

New World of Communication - Lost Credibility

11:50 … [Helen], How does one really report in an administration that is in effect is dedicated to giving relatively little out and to spinning what it does give out? Orville Schell

Will I think that it is very difficult, especially when everything they have said practically, now, in terms of a preemptive war evading Iraq without provocation.  Everything has come home to roost so quickly, because this is a new world of communication. Everyone is wired. Everyone is on camera. And it is very little room, running room for really being that deceptive. Helen Thomas

Accountability - Getting the Truth, 
Root Causes of 911? 

15:27… It is very clear that this administration did not want to the root causes of terrorism. What is terrorism? Why? We were the most beloved.  We had a halo. We were on a pedestal. And then all of a sudden we are hated. And no one wants to find out why? The president has tried to kill major investigations of getting to the root causes of this – Bin Laden, the whole phenomena. There is something ongoing now but it is very slow mail.  To get to the truth, I mean how can you solve a problem unless you know the cause. Helen Thomas  ---- The Bush White House: How Covering the Beat has Changed  video -

Bush's Top Republican administration after 8 years left massive destruction, loss of human life in his wake - Ken Mehlman, President Bush's campaign manager announces he is gay on the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina 2005.
Overwhelmingly confusing
by – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz – August 27, 2010

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