Monday, August 16, 2010

Reading, writing, ’rithmetic, and reaching out - by Dana Rudolph – Bay Windows

Back-to-school time is upon us once again. We LGBT parents with kids in school are busy buying pencils and notebooks, rulers and knapsacks. We’re not that different from any others.

For many LGBT parents, however, the start of the school year brings up concerns about our children’s inclusion and safety. To begin, we may wonder about how and whether to come out to our children’s new teachers. How do we get a sense of whether they will create an inclusive classroom?

There are three basic approaches one can take. First, one can wait until any questions or issues arise. Some parents may feel most comfortable with this least intrusive method. For parents of older students, too, this may be the way to go, allowing the children to take control over how and when to come out about their families.

Others may choose to be more proactive, setting up a time to meet with the teacher, get a feel for their commitment to inclusion, and answer any questions they may have. If you think there may be issues, this could be the best way to bring them into the open. On the other hand, it might be overkill -- for all you know, the teacher could be LGBT her/himself, or a strong ally. Read more:

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