Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prop. 8 overturned: Why Vaughn Walker ruled against gay-marriage ban – By Warren Richey – August 4, 2010 - The Christian Science Monitor

Federal Judge Vaughn Walker Wednesday struck down as unconstitutional a state-wide ban on same-sex marriage, setting the stage for a series of appeals in a landmark case likely headed to the US Supreme Court.

Now that Prop. 8 has been overturned, the decision potentially opens the way for resumption of legal marriages between gay and lesbian partners in the nation’s largest state.

In addition, the high-profile case will force the nation and its federal judges to confront the issue of gay civil rights and same-sex marriage. Last month, a federal judge in Boston ruled that the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause…

… The judge belittled the motives of supporters of California’s state-wide ballot initiative, Proposition 8, saying they were acting out of “fear or unarticulated dislike of same-sex couples.” Read complete article

Gay Marriage -> Restores “Hope of Love”
To Children In Early Childhood

Gay marriage - Sexual orientation is less about sex and more about love,
being one with another human being - Attachment Theory

Campaigns Against “Gay Marriage” Have Been A Vehicle
To Convey Certain People Into Political Office

Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional as lacking rational basis
 Nan Hunter 
Professor, Georgetown Law, Washington, DC
hunter of justice

Gay Marriage Ruling A Matter of Simple Justice
by Geoffrey R. Stone 
law professor at the University of Chicago
Chicago Tribune

Same-sex marriage - The Big Picture 
 August 4, 2010 -

Same-Sex Marriages Should Be Allowed, Schwarzenegger Says 
By Edvard Pettersson – August 7, 2010 

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