Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peter Tatchell: Why we oppose the Pope's state visit to Britain -

Pope Benedict comes to Britain next month. As democrats, we believe he has every right to come here and express his opinions. But we also have a right to protest against his often harsh, extreme views. We have a right to say that he is not welcome.

The Protest the Pope campaign is calling on the British government to disassociate itself from the Pope's intolerant teachings on issues such as women's rights, gay equality and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV. On these and many other issues, Benedict is out of step with the majority of British people, including most Catholics. Read more:
Isn’t it time to reopen the windows of the Second Vatican Council ?
By William H. Slavick - Times Record
Pope Benedict XVI's 30-year campaign to reassert conservative Catholicism
By Robert Marquand - The Christian Science Monitor
Pope Rejects Resignations of Irish Bishops Accused in Sex Abuse Crisis
David Gibson – Politics Daily

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