Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The pope, human rights and call centres – by Paul Schneidereit - The Chronicle Herald.ca

REMEMBER the public outrage when Ontario dabbled, a few years back, with the idea of allowing Shariah law to be used to settle family disputes?

In the end, that province wisely rejected that course, holding (what should have been obvious all along) that there must be only one law — the secular law of the state.

The Vatican should now be getting the same message from every country where Catholic priests, aided by a wilful failure to act by their superiors, have been sexually abusing children for decades, if not centuries.

The Catholic Church’s canon law is no different, in this case, than any other religion’s set of internal rules. Whatever canon laws say about such abuse, and whether or not they have been properly applied, is beside the point. Photo

When the actions of Church officials have broken secular laws, including the obligation to report to authorities anyone who has sexually abused mi­nors, the state’s jurisdiction must take precedence. Read complete article - by Paul Schneidereit - The Chronicle Herald.ca

Kids Are being Hurt!!!

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