Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Irish Catholics Furious at Pope’s Letter Blaming Clerical Abuse on ‘Secularization’ – ChattahBox.com

(ChattahBox)—-Against the backdrop of shocking revelations of decades of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Ireland, and new reports of abuse in Germany, while Pope Benedict served as Archbishop of Munich, the Pope issued a lengthy public pastoral letter to the Catholics of Ireland, saying he was “deeply disturbed” of reports of “abuse of children” by “priests and religious.” Although the letter was a first by a pope dealing with the problems of sexual abuse in the Church, many victims and their families in Ireland have condemned Pope Benedict’s letter for not acknowledging the Vatican’s role in covering up the abuse and for not demanding the removal of bishops involved in keeping the abuse secret for decades, while innocent children continued to be molested. And many Irish Catholics are particularly rankled by Pope Benedict’s blaming the sexual abuse and its cover up on the secularization of modern society. Read more - ChattahBox.com Photo 

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

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