Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Church ordains world's first lesbian bishop

Sweden Ordains First Openly Lesbian Bishop

by Emily Dean

Eva Brunne, Sweden's first openly lesbian bishop, was sworn into her new role Monday, reports the Canadian Press.

Just two weeks after it gave priests the right to wed same-sex couples, Sweden's Lutheran church said it had ordained its first openly gay bishop.

Brunne, 55, who is in a registered partnership and has a three-year-old son, is believed to be the world's first lesbian bishop. She was ordained as bishop of Stockholm's diocese in a ceremony on Sunday in Uppsala Cathedral.

"It is very positive that our church is setting an example here and is choosing me as bishop based on my qualifications, when they also know that they can meet resistance elsewhere," Brunne told The Associated Press.

Brunne, who was elected as bishop of Stockholm in a May said she hadn't encountered much resistance within the church because of her sexual orientation. Read complete article – by Emily Dean – SheWired.com

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