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Fortunate Families Expands Its Listening Parents Network

October 20, 2009

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Rochester, NY: Only nine months after introducing the Listening Parents Network to help Catholic parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender children, Fortunate Families has expanded its unique “listening ministry” to nearly double the original size. Casey Lopata, president of Fortunate Families, a national resource and networking ministry for Catholic parents of lgbt children, announced this week that encouraging results during the introductory months have prompted the expansion. The Network, according to Lopata, was launched in January, 2009, with 49 Catholic parents volunteering to lend an “understanding and non-judgmental ear to other parents who might be struggling with their child’s sexual orientation.”

“With our new growth,” Lopata said, “ the Network numbers 94 Listening Parents in 26 States and three Canadian provinces. We now have Listening Parents in 50 Catholic dioceses in the United States – parents who know what it’s like to have a lesbian, gay or transgender child, and who are willing to field phone calls or e-mails from other parents who just need someone to talk to.” Lopata said the names, locations and contact information about each Listening Parent can be found on the Fortunate Families website

“Our Listening Parents who have received calls or e-mails have emphatically confirmed the need for this initiative,” Lopata said. “They have found parents in varying stages of fear, confusion and misunderstanding. One Listening Parent reported a Catholic mother who wished her daughter had cancer, rather than being a lesbian.” Lopata added, “The need for compassionate support is real. We hope our expansion will further spread the word about the Network to those who need it, and make it easier for parents to find support from other parents who have walked a similar path.”

The Listening Parents Network was created

by Fortunate Families, a National ministry of

Catholic parents with lesbian, gay, bisexual

or transgender daughters and sons. The

Network was created to offer support to other

parents—Catholic or not

Fortunate Families

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