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Bishop Gumbleton denied entry to Marquette (Upper Peninsula of Michigan USA) Diocese by Bishop Alexander K. Sample

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Bishop Sample statement released - POSTED: October 9, 2009

MARQUETTE - This is the statement of Bishop Alexander K. Sample of the Catholic Diocese of Marquette, issued this morning:

"I attempted to handle this matter in a private, respectful and fraternal manner with Bishop Gumbleton [from the Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan USA]. It is unfortunate that what should have remained a private matter between two bishops of the Catholic Church has been made available for public consumption. Photo

"I want to first of all say that my decision to ask Bishop Gumbleton not to come to Marquette had absolutely nothing to do with the group who invited him to speak, Marquette Citizens for Peace and Justice, nor with the topic of his publicized speech, since the Church is a strong advocate of peace and justice. I am sorry for the negative impact this has had on those planning this event.

"There is a common courtesy usually observed between bishops whereby when one bishop wishes to enter into another bishop's diocese to minister or make a public speech or appearance, he informs the local bishop ahead of time and seeks his approval. I have had no communication whatsoever from Bishop Gumbleton.

"As the Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette, I am the chief shepherd and teacher of the Catholic faithful of the Upper Peninsula entrusted to my pastoral care. As such I am charged with the grave responsibility to keep clearly before my people the teachings of the Catholic Church on matters of faith and morals. Given Bishop Gumbleton's very public position on certain important matters of Catholic teaching, specifically with regard to homosexuality and the ordination of women to the priesthood, it was my judgment that his presence in Marquette would not be helpful to me in fulfilling my responsibility. I realize that these were not the topics upon which Bishop Gumbleton was planning to speak. However, I was concerned about his well-known and public stature and position on these issues and my inability to keep these matters from coming up in discussion.In order that no one becomes confused, everyone under my pastoral care must receive clear teaching on these important doctrines. Photo

"I offer my prayers for Bishop Gumbleton and for all those who have been negatively affected by this unfortunate situation." Read more - The MiningJournal -

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By MIRIAM MOELLER, Journal Staff Writer - Read more - The Mining Journal

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