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Criminal Indictment of the Vatican, Benedict XVI and the hierarchy on charges of globe child abuse of LGBT children growing up –> Bankruptcy

Important note: I mean no disrespect to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children.
Kids are being hurt!!!

Most of us who are LGBT will not remember the harm we experienced as a child growing up. We have successfully put these harmful experiences out of our conscious memories, because they were too overwhelmingly painful to us at the time, as children. The fact these painful memoires are imprisoned in our unconscious minds is what gives them their power to continually be disrupting the forward movement of our lives. These painful memories are brought to light usually in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, then their power to disrupt our lives loses their effect, and we begin living our lives more fully.

However, as more and more gay people begin to find out just how destructive these antigay teachings of the Vatican that are not based on facts from science or the bible were to them as children and continued to be so throughout their lives, then the focus will be directed at the source of this inhuman form of child abuse. For Catholics this will be focused so clearly on the Vatican, Benedict XVI, and the hierarchy for perpetuating this inhuman abusive harm onto children. Related links:Mitchell Gold, Michael A Jones

This will be especially true of Benedict XVI, because since he became pope in April 2005, he immediately started making condemning public statements against LGBT people, continuously. Benedict XVI is oblivious of severe harm he is causing to millions of people, especially to very young children by his ignorance and fear of sexual orientation and gender identity. This reckless behavior in a church leader is criminal. And for Catholics to remain silent about this criminal behavor is to collude with the evil that is done indiscriminately to innocent children and adults.

If we allow ourselves to look even further we will see that these people who espouse these strong antigay statements and teachings we will find them to be more then likely victims themselves of the same inhuman antigay treatment as children. Only, as adults they have reverse their situation from being the victims to becoming the aggressors, as it tends to be with all forms of child abuse. As adults, they inflict onto children the same kind of inhuman abuse they experienced when they were children. There is plenty of documented research to support this fact.

What I am about to present is not from any research data, it is just simply from observations and cannot be used as any valued clinical date. That being stated and I hope understood, I tend to observe three telltale signs of this reversal from being the victim to becoming the aggressor. The first, is a complete void of any factual evidence to support their accusations for being against the homosexual orientation. However, what they may pose as reasons for their accusations are inaccurate and incomplete. The second, their emotional expression tends to be one of intense hysterical condemnation of the homosexual orientation, which others will experience in their expression is an almost frightening, a startling quality. This is quite similar to how a child who is frightened by thunder and lightening and explains their experience to others. Thirdly, they tend to have a "mean streak," which is not part of their normal character, in fact, it is quite the opposite. However this “mean streak” though isolated is a definite sharp cold indifference to cruelly mistreating another human being and afterwards having absolutely no sign of remorse or guilt. This "mean streak" that is isolated has a definite psychopathic quality to it, which is to be “as mean as can be” to another human being with absolutely no regret in having done so. If anything they tend to seem to be relieved and even justified, however, in a kind of forced pressured way. They tend to return to whatever they were doing before they unleashed their "mean streak," as if it never happened. They seem quite oblivious of their "mean streak" it does not seem to enter their consciousness.

To be continued...

Written by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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