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WHO’S NATURAL LAW!?! Benedict XVI Fails To Define His “Natural Law” Same As His Ordering “Cover-Ups” Child Sexual Abuse Violates GOD'S LAW!!!

Pope condemns gay equality laws ahead of first UK visit - Riazat

Benedict XVI says legislation safeguarding rights of same-sex couples violates 'natural law'

Pope Benedict XVI has condemned British equality legislation for running contrary to "natural law" as he confirmed his first visit to the UK later this year.

In a letter addressed to the Catholic bishops of England and Wales, the pope praised Britain's "firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all". Photo Vatican Staircase

However, he criticised UK legislation for creating "limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs". It is thought his comments relate to laws that came in last year preventing adoption agencies from discriminating against gay couples and also Harriet Harman's equality bill, currently going through parliament.

The pope, whose visit is expected in September, made the comments after hearing representations from English and Welsh bishops on their concerns about the place of religion in an increasingly secular society.

They told him sexual orientation legislation that came into effect on 1 January 2009 had forced the closure of half the Roman Catholic adoption agencies because the law making it illegal to discriminate against gay applicants went against their beliefs. Read complete article - Riazat Butt

***** Kids Are Being Hurt!!! *****

Pope confirms Britain visit, attacks equality bill – by Philip Pullella – The Washington Post

ROME (Reuters) - Pope Benedict confirmed Monday he would make the first papal visit to Britain since 1982 while criticizing legislation that could force churches to hire homosexuals or transsexuals as a violation of "natural law."

In a speech to bishops from England and Wales, Benedict said he looked forward to witnessing at first hand the faith of Catholics in England and Wales during "my forthcoming Apostolic visit to Great Britain."

It was the first time the pope publicly confirmed the trip. He did not give a time but church officials said it is expected to take place in September and will include a visit to Scotland, which has its own Catholic bishops' conference.

A statement issued on behalf of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said: Photo

"The Prime Minister and Sarah Brown are absolutely delighted that His Holiness has announced he will be visiting Britain later this year. It will be a moving and momentous occasion for the entire country and he will receive the warmest of welcomes." Read complete article - by Philip Pullella – The Washington Post

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