Monday, January 25, 2010

GENDER OF PARENTS DOESN’T MATTER, SAY RESEARCHERS IN NEW STUDY – lgbtQnews –US and world news of gay interest

Having concerned and involved parents matters for children. The gender of the parents doesn’t matter, according to a new study.

Multiple studies indicate that children raised by two same-gender parents do as well on average as children raised by two different-gender parents, US researchers say. Photo

“That a child needs a male parent and a female parent is so taken for granted that people are uncritical,” said one of the researchers in a statement about the study.

Sociologist Timothy Biblarz of the University of Southern California and Judith Stacey of New York University spent five years analyzing the results of 81 studies about parenting, including available research on single-mother and single-father households, gay male parents, and lesbian parents. They published the results of their investigation Friday as the lead article in the Journal of Marriage and Family. [Journal article available by subscription.]

“The family type that is best for children is one that has responsible, committed, stable parenting,” said Stacey, according to Toronto Star. “Two parents are, on average, better than one, but one really good parent is better than two not-so-good ones. The gender of parents only matters in ways that don’t matter.” Read complete article - lgbtQnews US and world news of gay interest

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