Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Malawi arrests gay rights activist - Maravi Post

BLANTYRE--Police in Malawi have arrested a 21-year-old man found putting up posters said to be promoting the rights of homosexuals.

"He claimed to have been fighting for gay rights," Southern Region Police publicist Edna Ligowe said on Tuesday.

She said Peter Sawali, who was putting up the posters along the streets of the commercial capital Blantyre and was found with stacks of printed materials, was arrested Saturday night after a public tip-off.

Police said the posters, which looked expensive, contained the message: "Gay rights are human rights."

Police believe Sawali, whose livelihood is yet to be disclosed, could be working with other people. The government recently lambasted local non-government organisations who were offered over $500,000 by international human rights organizations to promote gay rights in Malawi. None of the local organizations took the money but they did attack the country's laws that prohibit homosexuality. Read complete article - Maravi Post

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