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Connie Francis "I can't hurt their feelings…Everybody's gotta earn a living…I could be these kids’ grandmother, and so could you.” A Slice of Heaven!


The 50th Anniversary of the movie "Where the Boys Are"

January 29, 2010

Connie Francis – arrives at Fort Lauderdale Beach, in a vintage muscle car, escorted by 4 young muscle men promoting the 50th Anniversary of the movie "Where the Boys Are" 1960 where it was filmed. Photo

The four models, working for a Fort Lauderdale-based talent agency, attended the press conference as escorts for Francis, the singing actress who first came to Fort Lauderdale to film Where the Boys Are, a 1960 movie about college students on Spring Break. Francis and her hit song of the same name have become iconic touchstones for the gay community. Read complete article – The Palm Beach Post

Connie Francis - Where the Boys Are (short clip) 9,992

Connie Francis greets her 4 young muscular escorts

“Hi boys, I’m Connie Francis,” I said. “There’s one thing wrong with this picture, fellas. I don’t like to hang out with guys who are prettier than I am.” Meanwhile, my girlfriend Anne was going ballistic over these fellas.

“Pull yourself together, Anne,” I said. “I could be these kids’ grandmother, and so could you.”

“It’s all up here, honey,” she said pointing to her head.

Then Jairo summoned me over and he whispered to me, “Connie, I don’t know how to tell you this, but these four guys are gay porno stars.” Photo

“Oh my god!

Tell me you’re joking, Jairo. Say - how do you know? Are they famous?”


“Oh my god! I don’t know what to do. We’re about to leave. I can’t hurt their feelings. Everybody’s gotta make a living. I think it’ll be cool, Jairo. But who knows? With my mazol some sickie like you in the crowd could recognize them.”

Anne was still carrying on, spiraling out of control over the four fellas as we left. “Annie, do me a favor. This is embarrassing already. We’re going to send you back to New Jersey. Lauderdale is too much for you.” And then I whispered in her ear, “Don’t knock yourself out. These guys are gay.”

“Who cares?” she said. “Look at those muscles.” Read complete article – by Connie Francis - Frontpage

Connie Francis, star of "Where The Boys Are," (1960 movie trailer) puts her hand on the bicep of Matthew Rush one of her four young escorts for the event of the 50th Anniversary of the film on January 29, at Fort Lauderdale Beach. Photo - Mike Stocker, South Florida Sun Sentinel

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