Monday, January 25, 2010

NSW government opposes adoption by same-sex couples – by Pat Donohoe, Sydney - Green Left Weekly

23 January 2010

In a disgraceful dismissal of the findings of a six-month parliamentary inquiry, the New South Wales Labor government will continue the legal ban on same-sex couples being able to adopt children.

The inquiry took submissions from activists and lobbyists such as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (NSW) and Rainbow Labor, as well as churches, charities, and adoption agencies.

The Law and Justice Committee, which conducted the inquiry, recommended the Adoption Act 2000 be amended to allow same-sex couples to adopt. Photos

Committee Chair, Christine Robertson MLC, wrote in her forward to the inquiry report that the “committee has concluded that reform to allow same-sex couples to adopt in NSW will protect children’s rights and help to ensure children’s best interests.

It will do so by providing the security of legal recognition for existing parent-child relationships, by broadening the pool of potential applicants from which the most appropriate parents for any individual child are selected, and by enabling children currently fostered by same-sex couples to have that relationship permanently secured where appropriate. Read complete article - by Pat Donohoe, Sydney - Green Left Weekly

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