Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another bishop resigns in Ireland – Spero News

January 4, 2010

Yet another bishop of the Catholic Church in Ireland is facing public calls to resign in the wake of the daming Murphy Report on the failure of the Catholic hierarchy to effectively deal with child abuse. Bishop Martin Drennan of Galway, in the west of Ireland, was one of five bishops mentioned in the report has stunned Ireland and drawn vocal criticism from Pope Benedict XVI.

 Bishop Drennan is the only Catholic prelate mentioned in the report not to have stepped down. Diocesan spokesman Fr. Seán McHugh told The Irish Times that the bishop was "strong in his belief that he did nothing wrong" in a string of incidents.

The chief executive of victim support group One in Four Maeve Lewis said Bishop Drennan should do the "honorable thing" and resign.

 Bishop Eamonn Walsh and Bishop Raymond Field resigned on Christmas Eve 2009, having been named in the Murphy Report for their failure in handling allegations of child abuse within the Archdiocese of Dublin. Read complete article Spero News Photos, Photo

(note: read posted comment for accuracy - Read more - Rob Fuller - Faith and Life)

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Rob Fuller said...

There are a couple of errors in this article.

There were more than five bishops mentioned in the Murphy Report. Not all were criticised. Bishop Drennan was not criticised in the report.

Bishop Drennan is not the only prelate named in the report not to have stepped down. For example, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is also mentioned in the report and has not stepped down either.