Sunday, May 17, 2009

Young Boy To Publicly Live Life As Girl

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An Omaha couple is allowing their 8-year-old son to openly live life as a girl. It’s a decision that means the child is no longer invited to attend Catholic school.

Therapists and the child’s parents say the second grade student is transgender, a medical condition where a person’s inner sense of identity doesn’t match their biological gender. Some gender experts say as many as one in 500 people may be transgender or carry significant traits of the opposite sex.

“It’s kind of like you’re trapped somewhere and you can’t get out,” said the child, whose name and face are not being made public to protect the family from potential harm.

“She’s been a girl since the beginning, everything about her, the way she dances and skips around and the things she’s attracted to. It’s more than toys and clothes,” said the child’s mother.

The mother said the child has consistently asked to be called a girl since she was 4 years old.
One night, she said ‘Every night when I go to bed, I pray my inside will match my outside. But it never happens,'" the mother said, recalling the words of her middle child. Read the complete article

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