Saturday, May 23, 2009

Polish Gay Elephant Causes Controversy - Pope Benedict XVI's Protege "And No Gay Marriage For You"

Polish Gay Elephant Causes Controversy 

May 23, 2009 by James Hipps
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Gay Elephant Ninio 
Leaves Polish Politician In 
Tears of Rage

The sexual orientation of humans have for long pushed gays into the limelight and into the line of fire from fundamentalists and crazed obsessives who believe that none should survive or be given the right to live happily unless their main desire in life is to procreate.

Although homosexuality is neither a disease nor a disorder and is a normal occurrence in the human and animal species, it appears that the need for the continuance of the species has led people to view it as an abnormality. The last one to face discrimination because of its sexual orientation is an elephant in a Polish zoo.  Though homosexuality has been seen in zoo animals before, Ninio’s fate may be worse than that of the others. A Polish politician, Michal Grzes, is infuriated that the elephant at the Poznan zoo may be gay. Ninio prefers being with other males and has shown aggressive behaviour towards female elephants in the past years. Read more 

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