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Fr. Marty Kurylowicz - Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay

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Early Childhood Psychological Development
Growing Up Gay


Fr. Marty Kurylowicz 

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SOPHIA CRIES "My Baby Is Gone" 

(The Golden Girls)

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S. The dress thing!  Why didn’t she stop the dress thing?!!!

A. He has been doing that all his life that didn’t start with me. 

S. Oh, so it is my fault?!!

R. Are you worried that people will think that it is your fault, Sophia?

S. ...  

R. Angela, was he a good husband? 

A. Yeah!

R. A good provider, a good father for your children?

A. Yeah!


R.  The point is it was shame that kept Aunt Katina from loving slow Ingmar and it ruined her life.  Oh, don’t let that happened to you, Sophia.  Let go of the shame, so what if he was different. It’s okay that you loved him.    

S. I did loved him.  He was my son, my little boy.  But very time I saw him, I always wondered, what I did, what I’d said, when was the day that I did whatever I did to make him the way he was. 

A. What he was Sophia was a good man. 

S. My baby’s gone. 

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Golden Girl Bea Arthur Dies at 86 Daily News

Bea Arthur Sings, "What'll I Do?"




 Sexual orientation 

is less about sex and 

more about love, 

being one with another human being

        Attachment Theory

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