Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thalamus Center - - A Name Change In Process For The Project


(We were a staff of 5 professionals ready to begin working on the project, however, because of the lack of funding and the hard economic times, the project has solely been my responsibility, the founder, Fr. Marty Kurylowicz. I have been solely responsible for content and the continuation of the Thalamus Center, until the necessary funding is forthcoming. Revised September 20, 2009)

April 14, 2009 - We are going to be changing the name of the project from “Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay” to the “Thalamus Center.” We have been working at and hoping to be partnering with Affirmations, Ferndale, Michigan to obtain our non-profit status so that we can begin to apply for grant funding. This is a long and complicated process. Photo

The idea of the “thalamus" was the thought I had as we were formalizing this project. It was way to think about now to structure the focus and purpose of this project, which was to supply people with the correct information from science and religion. The idea came from my studies in Neuropsychology, Biopsychology and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Michigan.
Having “come out “ to my parishioners March 1997, I found that when people are provided with the correct information from both science and religion about human sexuality it helps to promote better understanding, improving peoples’ self-acceptance and acceptance of others without conflicts or violence. There is a great wealth of valuable untapped information that comes from people when they are provided a safe environment to learn and discuss the facts about human sexuality, ask questions, voice their experiences and their concerns about their children growing up.

When I first mentioned the name "Thalamus" to the staff it was put aside and forgotten until one of the staff members brought it back to life. The Thalamus is located in the center of the brain. It receives sensory information from all parts of the body and then it acts as a relay system sending information to the cerebral cortex, which is connected, to all the other parts of the brain. This is how we see the project. It is about the staff and I collecting information from the best people in science and religion and then displaying it on the blog/website for church people, youths, parents, and for LGBT leaders. We want to be able supplied people with the correct information about the bible from scripture scholars (and other sacred texts) and about the science from researchers on the facts on human sexuality. In this way, these people will be able to correct misinformation about human sexuality, as well as, helping to connect people to LGBT friendly professionals. Photo

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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