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Antigay Religious Norms Hurts Everyone Globally

Sexual Orientation

As the earth revolves around the sun, “Research over several decades has demonstrated that sexual orientation ranges along a continuum, from exclusive attraction to the other sex to exclusive attraction to the same sex (American Psychological Association)” Read more. Additional resource: Kinsey Institute, Learn more & Read more Photo

Antigay Religious Norms Hurts Everyone Globally

Based on the sexual orientation continuum research and studies, first reported by Kinsey that only a very small percent of people are true heterosexuals less than 10%. This means that over 90% of people have to some degree a homosexual orientation.

In truth antigay religious norms are not based on "truth" much like the accusations insisting the sun revolves around the earth and using the bible to support these claims (Galileo). As it is said that those who do not studied history are destined to repeat it, possibly much like our current economic situation. These antigay religious norms are not based on any facts from the bible or from science. They are teaching people how to be inhuman to one another. Actually, antigay religious norms have the potential to create monsters, not unlike Hitler, which conceivably begins depending on the severity mistreatment in early childhood regarding human bonding similar to that of a male child growing up gay.

The news reports from countries killing gays will only perpetuate more killings of innocent people, as well as, killing the human potential of the world to solve many of the world problems like terminal illness and the like. It is much like the forceful Christians who obsessively are fighting gay marriage, the money spent is criminal. Because what these people are trying to fight and for others who kill is what they experience personally inside themselves that they have to a degree the essence of a homosexual sexual orientation mixed with a heterosexual sexual orientation. Such a combinations would be quite confusing even terrifying for these people only because they do not know the truth about human sexuality. They only know and remember the terror of being mistreated or witnessing others being mistreated in early childhood because of their homosexual sexual orientation. Read more

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