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When LGBT Teens Face Bullying at Home, Too - by Darren Rosenblum – Professor, Pace Law School, November 2, 2010 – The Huffington Post

The term "bullying" refers to someone who habitually intimidates weaker people. We usually think of classmates as bullies, and indeed for most of the national conversation about bullying, we have been talking about how "it gets better" with regard to bullying because one grows up and out of the context where the bullies dominate.

Recently, President Obama posted an "It Gets Better" message to teens. The Obama message goes far to encourage LGBT teens to realize that it gets better but fails to speak to the people that really matter in these teens' lives: their parents.

A quarter of LGBT teens who come out to their parents are thrown out of the house. A third of homeless youth are LGBT. What happens to these kids? Their self-esteem is shot, often for life, as they try to find a place to live. Drugs and prostitution replace school as a way of life. At the most critical time of their lives, their parents have denied them the support they need to become productive adults.

Before I came out in the early 1980s at 13, I had many thoughts of suicide. I called a hot line and spoke with social workers to process whether to come out to my parents. I gradually came out to friends and thought that I should tell my parents soon so that I could save up for college if they were to throw me out. What's amazing is that I had these fears at all in a household where my parents took me frequently to theater and a gay-owned restaurant on Christopher Street. When my parents found out later that school year, it turned out that they were fine, and they ultimately became very supportive.
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October 11, 2010 
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Gays plan kissing protest for pope visit to Spain 
AFP, November 1, 2010 
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Spanish gay groups attack Mariano Rajoy's plans to overturn gay marriage 
November 1, 2010 
Typically Spanish

400,000 Anti-gay marriage DVDs - $1 million Nienstedt
“Minnesota Bishops on Gay Marriage” - October 29, 2010

Clergy Abuse Victims Rally At Vatican
by Sylvia Poggioli, November 1, 2010
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Pope 'led cover-up of child abuse by priests'
September 30, 2006
Evening Standard

“Pope Benedict must bear his share of the responsibility for the mishandling of the clerical sex abuse issue.”
“Rome is where we point the finger.”
By Paddy Agnew, October 30, 2010 - The Irish Times

Benedict XVI & Bishops Child Sexual Abuse COVER-UPS 
Victims March on Vatican Demand 
United Nations Recognize Sexual Abuse Of Children As 
A Crime Against Humanity.

Sexual orientation 
- Internalized Homophobia - 
“Auschwitz – Benedict XVI - Christmas 2008 -A flashback far more severe than in Brokeback Mountain” 
Fr. Marty Kurylowicz  
Attachment Theory Photo 
Nothing in life is more precious than the intimate relationships we have with love ones. Healthy love relationships delight us give us confidence to take on challenges and support us in difficult times. Photo
Gay marriage -> Restoring 
"Hope of Love" 
To Children In Early Childhood -> Marriage Equality
March 23, 2010 – by Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
Marriage Equality, like Galileo, is the truth about the facts of growing up gay. Marriage Equality will not become a reality until people learn that its most vital purpose is that it restores the “hope of love” to children in early childhood – essential to their development and well-being for life. Without Marriage Equality we teach children how to hate love and how to be mean and indifferent to people as adults. With all due respect, without Marriage Equality we would teach them in much the same way as has been shown by Benedict XVI and the hierarchy, especially in their lack of care and protection of children for decades.

facing the Roman Inquisition

 Biblical quotes used to Condemn Galileo

Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New International Version)
5 The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.
Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New American Standard Bible)
Also, the sun rises and the sun sets; And hastening to its place it rises there again. 

1 Chronicles 16:30 (New International Version)
30 Tremble before him, all the earth! 
The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
1 Chronicles 16:30 (New American Standard Bible)
30 Tremble before Him, all the earth; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved

Psalm 93:1 (New International Version)
The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty; 
 the LORD is robed in majesty 
 and is armed with strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
Psalm 93:1 (New American Standard Bible)
1 The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The LORD has clothed and girded Himself with strength; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved

Psalm 96:10 (New International Version)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns." 
 The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved; 
 he will judge the peoples with equity.
Psalm 96:10 (New American Standard Bible)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity." 

Psalm 104:5 (New International Version)
5 He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.
Psalm 104:5 (New American Standard Bible)
He established the earth upon its foundations, So that it will not totter forever and ever.
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“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of
all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.”
Erik Erikson

…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.  Photo
Matthew 18:6

Protect children and the entire world will be safe.

Important note: No disrespect meant to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children.
Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

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