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Projections - Pope Benedict: Insincerity is 'the Mark of The Devil' – 8/26/12

Benedict XVI reveals his true self through the projections he makes on a multitude of nameless people that he has no idea who they neither are nor cares to get to know through dialogue. Benedict XVI is exactly as he describes his understanding of Judas to be. For Benedict XVI being over 30 years in the Vatican, as he describes in this address – he was not and is not about faith or love. It is Benedict XVI who had the secret intention of taking vengeance on the Master, which in his case is Christ, Pope John Paul II, anyone who opposed him and then by default all of humanity. It seems practically every time Benedict XVI speaks out against a speck in someone’s eye or group or nation he reveals far more about who he is. This is why his public addresses come across so twisted and confusing.  They only seem to make any sense when they are reverted back to him.  They become an almost clear description about who he is.  Being oblivious to one’s plank in his or her eye is a form of dissociation from reality can render that same person to be in so ways blind and delusional – almost  like living in a make believe world. For someone like Benedict XVI this type of delusional thinking has disastrous consequences for all of humanity.    Photo

B16 Covert – Ruthless & Deceitful

For more than 30 years, inside the Vatican - as Cardinal Ratzinger, and then in an ever more brazen “no-holds-barred” manner that is ruthless and deceitful after he became pope 2005 - Benedict XVI seems to secretly kept himself hidden in the shadows behind close doors and took his convoluted vengeance out anyone who disagrees with his false understanding about what truth is.   These people who were targeted by Benedict XVI many were gay friendly and supportive they mainly were bishops, priests, sisters, academics, etc.  These targeted church people were by Benedict XVI’s elaborate design in great secrecy were more than just systematically removed. They were attacked in ways that seem to have been methodically thought out that would ensure their almost complete silence.  They were severely harmed - lives were destroyed and many left in near destitute situations that caused unbelievable stress culminating in stressed related illnesses and for some premature deaths.  It is the most shocking reaction to realize that these devious attacks were coming from the least likely place anyone could imagine – the Vatican and in particular from Cardinal Ratzinger himself.   

Not a pretty picture all done in secrecy - leaving the unsuspecting targeted victim completely dumfounded, as their lives were being instantly reduced to ashes.  Many would find themselves for some odd reason isolated from their family and friends and their credibility instantly destroyed without having any real reason, why or how did it happen?  However, as with most dark devious crime against humanity as like with all Benedict XVI clandestine activities, e.g. 30 some years of child sexual abuse cover-ups, the Vatileaks, his deliberate orchestrated smoke screens and lack of transparency (seemly whipped up whenever he needs to divert public attention), and his unending Character Assassinations of his perceived opposition (as the news media continues to report) – all his crimes globally are now coming home to roost in the Vatican.  We remember the tsunami wave in 2010 in what seemed as an never ending accounts of child sexual abuse cover-ups that basically highlighted Benedict XVI as the master mind behind these child sexual abuse cover-ups.    


A quite similar phenomenon happened to President Nixon, but he was only the leader of the USA. Benedict XVI in contrast is a global leader. And he is finding out all too quickly that not even with all the money and strategic planning in the world including even hiring the best and the brightest PR personnel from Fox news – can he stop the magnitude of this tsunami, which is made up of all his deceit from engulfing the entire Vatican, including the hierarchy.  This has the distinct feeling of Noah and the Ark mixed with the fairytale of Humpty Dumpty.  Photo

Fr. Marty Kurylowicz being attacked by Benedict XVI

I am next in line to be one of Benedict XVI casualties.  As a gay Roman Catholic - I have absolutely no recourse regarding my situation – except to make mu case all public. This of course will not stop the Benedict XVI and W. Hurley violent covert operations against me. But it can become a small window into the cloak-and-dagger routine of corruption that is now undeniably characteristic of Benedict XVI, his hierarchy and all their accomplices. In this way Catholics and friends of Catholic can help see that the likes of Benedict XVI’s clandestine activities, child sexual abuse cover-ups, etc. are therefore prevented from ever happening again.  Also, I hope it will bring out publically the true stories of all those bishops, priests, sisters, academics, etc. who were on B16’s list to be secretly sabotaged into silence and then later are removed without any public notice or recourse.

Pope Blasts U.K. Anti-Discrimination Laws - February 2, 2010In Speech, Benedict Raises Fears that Vatican Could Be Prosecuted for Stances Against Gays

Gay Catholic Priest, Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, 1997 “Coming Out” for “Protection of Children From Antigay Social & Religious Norms” – Vatican Ordered REPARATIVE THERAPY for the gay priest – August 2012

GAY MARRIAGE – Propaganda Tactics|B16’s Naturalistic fallacy & Homosexuality - Dehumanizing, Depriving Civil Rights, Silencing Gays - Covering Up B16 Crimes Against Children 30+yrs? |PART 5

VATICAN: GAY DISCRIMINATION Document Released - July 24, 1992 “…that said homosexuals could legitimately be discriminated against in employment, housing and the adoption of children.”

Vatican attacked for opposing gay decriminalization  - December 2, 2008

Vatican OPPOSES UN Declaration on DECRIMINALISATION of HOMOSEXUALITY – December 12, 2008

Sister MARGARET FARLEY - in St. Louis, at the CATHOLIC THEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA - A "profoundly important" question for Catholic theologians, Farley said, is: "SHOULD POWER SETTLE QUESTIONS OF TRUTH?" …her students [at Yale] asked…why she stayed in a church…Because the church "is still a source of real life for me," she would tell them. "It's worth the struggle. It's Worth Getting A Real Backbone That Has Compassion Tied To It." – Her book, "Just Love: A Framework for Christian Social Ethics" - 61112

SR. MARGARET A. FARLEY - emeritus professor of Christian ethics at Yale Divinity School – defends her book - “JUST LOVE: A FRAMEWORK FOR CHRISTIAN SEXUAL ETHICS” respecting and supporting GAY MARRIAGE - from Benedict XVI Approved Homophobic Attacks made by Vatican - 60412 Photo

APATHY is a Killer
of all that is
True and Good and Loving

If people’s apathy remains untouched (which is form of collusion) that lets Benedict XVI and his hierarchy ruthless and deceitful tactics to continue unchallenged in their illicit affairs that has already significantly and severely harmed children globally would then further jeopardize in the future the lives of children – all due to our apathy. Remember that there is no civil court in the world that would prosecute Benedict XVI and his hierarchy. Because for decades they truly believed they are above the law, the results now are indicative of their present indifference, arrogance and smugness. 
The only stimulus for reform in this regard of the above-described hierarchical corruption rests completely with us that is all the people. Not as a hysterical and frenzy mob – but as individuals who have faithfully studied all the variables involved – including making a personal rigorous self-examination. It is not anti-Catholic to expect the hierarchy including Benedict XVI to remain accountable to the highest degree to Christ and all his teaching as spelled out in the Gospels.  It is not only - not anti-Catholic to publically hold accountable our Church leaders – but our sacred duty in the name of Jesus Christ.  What is equally important in times like these – that will help us to avoid the grievous sin of self-righteousness that Jesus endlessly condemned throughout the gospels – is first to take the plank out of our own individual eyes – before presuming to do the same to our Church leaders. 

The Catholic Church does not belong to Benedict XVI, to do as he pleases - like playing house in early childhood. It is absolutely amazing how Benedict XVI reacts to being brought into the light – much like a vampire.  It appears that Benedict XVI to avoid any exposure to the light – takes off in lightening speed to remain hidden in the dark and then from the false security of this darkness he appoints others to do his dirty work. With all due respect - it seems that essentially Benedict XVI is a coward. If we allow Benedict XVI to bully people around - children will not be safe. It could then set a precedence for those who come after him that Benedict XVI’s questionable behavior – is acceptable by all members of the Catholic Church, including our sisters and brothers from other Christian denominations.

Standing Up Against All Odds
We Become A Part Of Something that is Greater Than Ourselves

Every now and then – we must be willing to stand up against all odds, first, by acquiring a well-informed conscience – by thoroughly studying all sides of an issue (though not all the way Benedict XVI describes, which is essentially his demanding absolute blind obedience - the blind leading the blind). Secondly, we must enter into the most sincerest form of pray with Christ – as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

Benedict XVI Modus Operandi

Pope John Paul II seemed in all sincerity to have trusted Benedict XVI; (then as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) however, Benedict XVI appears from documented data to have taken great pains to keep secret his activities as the grand inquisitor.  This may be his personal style of doing business, which seems to be the case as it has been revealed in the news media since he was made pope in April 2005. However, B16 has been and continues to be surrounded by unending scandals though not all unfounded as it relates to him.  There is a substantial amount of documented evidence that indicate his orchestration of the child sexual abuse cover-ups, which would be enough for anyone else to be tried in a civil court.  However, because of his diplomatic immunity the search for the truth is a mute issue and as he says in this address it allows him to keep secret his most serious crime of falsehood. This has and continues to be Benedict XVI modus operandi as can be seen in his letter to his bishops demanding total secrecy regarding his child sexual abuse cover-ups. Benedict XVI lives in a perpetual state of secrecy, lacking transparency in all his dealings that is clearly found in his maintaining a constant vagueness in all his addresses – never being clear and direct.  This perpetual plank of his lifelong INSINCERITY logged in his eye that he seems unwilling to make any attempt to remove – is as he states himself – “the Mark of the Devil.”

It is utterly audacious of Benedict XVI to narcissistically have been allowed to conceive the idea that he owns the Catholic Church “lock stock and barrel.” The poor dear man – how it must hurt to be so off balanced and out of touch with the Catholic Church [the people] to be so terribly alone.  It grieves one to have say that - Benedict XVI clearly hasn’t the slightest clue  - what it means to conform oneself to Christ. What appears to be significantly more true is that Benedict XVI wants the whole world to conform to his ways unquestionably – a global blind obedience to him.  This is his problem and what a doozie of a delusion of grandeur he has – a most serious false impression of his own importance that is unbelievably harmful to millions of people, globally.  How in the name of God was he ever allowed to become pope???  What is so terribly wrong with our Catholic hierarchical system that allowed this catastrophe to take place??? This is an area in the name of all that is good and holy – cries to the heavens to be investigated and to make sure this never ever happens again – for the protection and well-being of children globally.  This is the responsibility of every Catholic member of the Church.

GAY MARRIAGE - An 8 Part Series Professionally providing Reliable Authoritative Data & Research – that Challenges the Accuracy & Truthfulness of Benedict XVI & Hierarchy – Public Antigay Attacks, Tactics – 2012

Benedict XVI Anti-Gay Obsession | DISSOCIATIVE - HOMOEROTIC Feelings - NOT Catholic Church DOCTRINE | Crackdown U.S. Nuns Gay Marriage & Permanent Removing Gay Priest 1997 for his efforts to Protect Children

Gay Marriage - No Mystery – Only TRUTH about Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Will Set Benedict XVI Free – not FOX NEWS NETWORK PR in an USA Presidential Election Year – A 30 year Web of DECEIT & RUTHLESSNESS is Unending Expense & Global Violence Against Children!

APATHY is a Killer

 FLOW, the SECRET TO HAPPINESS – positive psychologist - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: “...understanding what contributed to a life that was worth can find that the lack of basic resources, material resources, contributes to unhappiness, but the increase in material resources does not increase happiness.” “You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.” “BOREDOM begins to be very aversive and APATHY becomes very negative: you don't feel that you're doing anything, you don't use your skills, there's no challenge. Unfortunately, a lot of people's experience is in APATHY. The largest single contributor to that experience is WATCHING TELEVISION…” video & transcript 2004
     JK ROWLAND (author of Harry Potter book series), delivers her Commencement Address, at Harvard 6/05/08 - The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the IMPORTANCE OF IMAGINATION – “…many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they are. They can refuse to hear screams or to peer inside cages; they can close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them personally; they can refuse to know… those who choose not to empathise enable real monsters. For without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves, we collude with it, through our own APATHY.” JK ROWLAND - Harvard University – 60508 – video

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