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Gov Pat Quinn RIGHT about Catholic conscience - KILLING THE SECRECY - Benedict XVI Sexual Abuse Cases Cover-ups | VATICAN RENOUNCES ALL ANTI-GAY TEACHINGS – December 17, 2011

Cardinal George, Catholic bishops — again — clash with Gov. Quinn – December 17, 2011

Gov. Pat Quinn apparently did not understand that when he met with Illinois’ Catholic bishops Friday, they were taking him out to the woodshed.

Quinn said Saturday morning that the two-hour talk between him and Cardinal Francis George and 9 other bishops was “only a little bit” about his positions the bishops say are at odds with Catholic teachings on abortion and gay couples’ right to adopt — a clash that has made headlines recently — and more about the need to help the poor…

But after reading Quinn’s comments posted on the Sun-Times website Saturday, the bishops that met with Quinn issued a written statement saying Quinn characterized the meeting wrong: The primary purpose of the sit-down, they said, was to admonish the governor for using his Catholic up-bringing to justify views that they say aren’t supported by the church. It was the second time in the past two months the bishops have issued a statement blasting the Catholic governor...
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Gov. Quinn to 'follow conscience' on unions
December 2, 2010 - Sun-Times

Illinois Bishops – A Problem with

Cardinal Francis George and 9 other bishops, who came to admonish Gov. Quinn, are hardly in any position to expound on Catholic Church Teachings regarding the formation of a Catholic Conscience.  This is most evident by their continual silence regarding the global child sexual abuse cases for the past 30 years.  Their silence is deafening because not one of them spoke out about the harm to children.  Maintaining their silence allows the continual harm that is caused to the victims of the child sexual abuse by Benedict XVI adamant denial of his responsibility in the cover-ups, as well as, the mistreatment and intimidation to the victims and their families who came to their bishops to report the abuse.  Benedict XVI, the Hierarchy, and the Roman Curia seem to have serious problem with reality testing.  It is an oxymoron to speak about Benedict XVI and his hierarchy in conjunction with the formation of a Catholic Conscience. They have projected their personal misuse of conscience formation onto Gov. Quinn, which they have justified their maintaining silence, excusing themselves from their responsibility for protecting children.  It seems to them that telling the truth is not “consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”   Equally they have ignored many of Christ’s commands, such as, going and selling all they have and giving it all to the poor.  Gov. Quinn could have admonished them about their palatial residences to consider moving out and living more like Christ. This list of the hierarchy’s sins reads like a litany that is longer, wider and deeper than Lake Michigan.  This is even before asking how they became a bishop and what procedures were conveniently overlooked.

Ten bishops had to come together to talk to Gov. Quinn.  The words overkill, hysterical and panicking comes to mind. Gov. Quinn must be one scary dude, although he is Irish.  On the other hand, this delegation may be a reaction to Ireland for their outspoken anger directed at Benedict XVI, for his non-cooperation to help resolve the child sexual abuse cases.

Even though they clearly appear to have selective amnesia or a problem with reality testing this is no excuse for us to follow their example. Because in the end we will all have to answer to God alone and we will not be able to slide by without blame ignorantly using the statement “I was only following orders” given to me by Cardinal Francis George and 9 other bishops that were issued by Benedict XVI.  Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matthew 15:14

Benedict XVI’s Formation of a
Catholic Conscience - Simply Put 

This letter from Cardinal George was written for the benefit of only one person in Rome, Benedict XVI. In this letter that Cardinal George wrote regarding Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois he shamelessly stated without a brink of an eye “As Catholic pastors, we wanted to remind the Governor that conscience, while always free, is properly formed in harmony with the tradition of the Church, as defined by Scripture and authentic teaching authority. A personal conscience that is not consistent with authentic Catholic teaching is not a Catholic conscience. The Catholic faith cannot be used to justify positions contrary to the faith itself. It is a matter of personal integrity for people who call themselves Catholic to act in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.” This is a typical example of one of Benedict XVI circumlocutory definitions or explanations (a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive), which is meant to intimidate by his being verbose and to disguise what he could simply state “DO AS I SAY – COVER IT UP!!!” With all due respect, but for the safety of others, especially children, Benedict XVI is forever in hiding, while at the same time being ruthless and deceitful in his dealings with innocent people, including children. This has been his trademark for the past 30 years. This can be seen repeatedly throughout his public speaking.  

Muslim anger over papal comments grows - 81606

Condemning Galileo

What the Illinois bishops described as Catholic conscience – is not a conscience at all.  It is disguised “totalitarianism” rule and most definitely is NOT Catholicism.   A conscience “…is properly formed in harmony with the tradition of the Church, as defined by Scripture and authentic teaching authority.”  This definition condemned Galileo, as a heretic, threatened his life and placed him under house arrest for 9 years or longer. All this happened to him because from his scientific research he disagreed “with the tradition of the Church as defined by Scripture and authentic teaching authority” and insisted that the earth revolves around the sun.  In 1992, Pope John Paul II apologized to Galileo, declaring that Galileo was right and that the Church was wrong. In 2000 Pope John Paul II repeated the same.

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Galileo & Pope John Paul II
“…the scientist wasimprudently opposed.’” 1992

Trial of Galileo Galilei - 1633
by Douglas Linder(c) 2002

The Vatican's Turn to Recant - 82811
Since the 1633 trial of Galileo, church relations with the world of science have often been strained. Galileo was put on trial by papal authorities for publishing a book defending Copernicus's theory that the earth revolves around the sun. Copernicus had died nearly a century before, and his "heliocentric" view of the solar system was already generally accepted by astronomers and even by some theologians. Nevertheless, the Vatican insisted Galileo stop discussing the idea; threatened by the Inquisition with torture, he recanted his views and spent the last nine years of his life under the equivalent of house arrest. The episode became symbolic of many things, all negative -- religious closed-mindedness, intolerance, antiscientific attitudes, etc…

Galileo and Other Faithful Scientists - 122892
Popes rarely apologize. So it was big news in October when John Paul II made a speech vindicating Galileo Galilei. In 1633 the Vatican put the astronomer under house arrest for writing, against church orders, that the earth revolves around the sun. The point of the papal statement was not to concede the obvious fact that Galileo was right about the solar system. Rather, the Pope wanted to restore and honor Galileo's standing as a good Christian. In the 17th century, said the Pope, theologians failed to distinguish between belief in the Bible and interpretation of it. Galileo contended that the Scriptures cannot err but are often misunderstood. This insight, said John Paul, made the scientist a wiser theologian than his Vatican accusers. More than a millennium before Galileo, St. Augustine had taught that if the Bible seems to conflict with "clear and certain reasoning," the Scriptures obviously need reinterpretation…

Vatican Science Panel Told By Pope: Galileo Was Right - November 1, 1992
Moving formally to rectify a wrong, Pope John Paul II acknowledged in a speech today that the Roman Catholic Church had erred in condemning Galileo 359 years ago for asserting that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The address by the Pope before the Pontifical Academy of Sciences closed a 13-year investigation into the Church's condemnation of Galileo in 1633, one of history's most notorious conflicts between faith and science. Galileo was forced to recant his scientific findings to avoid being burned at the stake and spent the remaining eight years of his life under house arrest.

John Paul said the theologians who condemned Galileo did not recognize the formal distinction between the Bible and its interpretation…

Pope says sorry for sins of church – March 13, 2000
…Seeking forgiveness has been a leitmotif of his papacy since his election in 1978. He has apologised for the crusades, the massacre of French Protestants, the trial of Galileo and anti-semitism…

Galileo Galilei vs The Church: Incompatibility of Science and Religion (1616 - 1642)

After 350 Years, Vatican Says Galileo Was Right: It Moves – 103192
More than 350 years after the Roman Catholic Church condemned Galileo, Pope John Paul II is poised to rectify one of the Church's most infamous wrongs -- the persecution of the Italian astronomer and physicist for proving the Earth moves around the Sun.
With a formal statement at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Saturday, Vatican officials said the Pope will formally close a 13-year investigation into the Church's condemnation of Galileo in 1633. The condemnation, which forced the astronomer and physicist to recant his discoveries, led to Galileo's house arrest for eight years before his death in 1642 at the age of 77.
The dispute between the Church and Galileo has long stood as one of history's great emblems of conflict between reason and dogma, science and faith. The Vatican's formal acknowledgement of an error, moreover, is a rarity in an institution built over centuries on the belief that the Church is the final arbiter in matters of faith…
When the latest investigation, conducted by a panel of scientists, theologians and historians, made a preliminary report in 1984, it said that Galileo had been wrongfully condemned. More recently, Pope John Paul II himself has said that the scientist was "imprudently opposed."

Faith can never conflict with reason
- Pope John Paul II
"The 'Galileo case' teaches us that different branches of knowledge call for different methods, each of which brings out various aspects of reality"

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger [Benedict XVI] - “The Crisis of Faith in Science” - March 15, 1990, Parma
…“The church at the time of Galileo was much more faithful to reason than Galileo himself, and also took into consideration the ethical and social consequences of Galileo’s doctrine. Its verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and revisionism can be legitimized solely for motives of political opportunism.”

Galileo protest halts pope's [Benedict XVI] visit - January 15, 2008 – CNN
The pope had been due to give a speech at La Sapienza university in Rome Thursday to open its academic year.
However, the visit drew criticism from academics at the university who signed a letter demanding that the trip be called off. Separately, students protested outside the university, carrying banners insisting the university is a lay institution and the pope is not welcome…
In the letter, academics -- pointing to a speech the pope gave at the same university as a cardinal in 1990 -- claimed he condones the 1633 trial and conviction of the scientist Galileo for heresy.
The astronomer had argued that the Earth revolved around the Sun, in contradiction to church teachings at the time, and he was forced to renounce his findings publicly…

AUTHORITARIAN ≠ AUTHORITATIVE – June 27, 2009 | Pope described as …"so averse to anything intellectual that everyone has to play dense and ignorant to gain his favor"-- The Trial of Galileo - by Douglas O. Linder (2002) | Benedict XVI UNSUBSTANTIATED Antigay Teachings


Benedict XVI sent his delegation of 10 bishops under the disguise of a friendly meeting with Gov. Pat Quinn. However, it was meant to be intimidating with the threat to publically humiliate and discredit him as a means of forcing him into submission and denounce gay unions, etc. It is quite shocking and a bit disorienting to experience such an unexpected intrusion orchestrated by Benedict XVI.  The surreal feeling it evokes is overwhelming, something like being in one of Salvador Dali’s paintings. Someone once explained after attending such a meeting, remarking, “It was as if everyone there took stupid pills!  They were not drunk or drugged. The scary part that felt surreal was – they appeared quite sane, however, they were definitely NOT dealing with reality. It is as if they are trying to get you to accept something that is not true”

In a state of disbelief after being threatened - you find yourself questioning whether this is the USA or if you just had dreamt what happened. This is why it is important to never meet alone with such a delegation; they have an aversion to the light. One would expect such treatment during the time of Hitler and the overall fear that the Gestapo was able to instill in people to maintain their submission.  The Roman Curia (the administration inside the Vatican) like the Gestapo sends out spies to collect information on key people to be used, as intimation tactics against them to obtain their submission. It sounds incredible, as if it was some kind of fictional movie plot.  Most people are not good enough to think something like this up.

Again, with all due respect, but for the safety of others, especially children, this is an attempt to make visible the injustice that is caused by Benedict XVI and his hierarchy in their continual effort to cover-up their negligence of not protecting children. 

Gov. Pat Quinn is not alone; Benedict XVI used this same strategy on Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York State, Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland and many others.  However, at this time, Benedict XVI has upped the intensity and degree of these attacks. Because he is continually losing a significant amount of support among Catholics and the public, due to his involvement with the global cover-ups of child sexual abuse of the last 30 years.  Benedict XVI and the hierarchy have strenuously tried to shift the blame of the child sexual abuse cases onto homosexuals, but research has proven that sexual orientation is not related and that homosexuals are no more to be blamed than heterosexuals.  This research not only shifts the blame for the child sexual abuse back onto Benedict XVI but it highlights him directly at the center orchestrating the global cover-ups.  Even though these facts are largely accepted the professionals associations around the world, the surreal feeling continues due to Benedict XVI and his hierarchy’s non-acceptance of this research.

Governor Cuomo Is Brushing Off Idiocy & Corruption in the Catholic Church – Not the Catholic Church – March 7, 2011

“However, below the news media radar (except for an occasional leak), far away from any public scrutiny Benedict XVI and the hierarchy have continually promoted globally at the grassroots levels (parishes, the same way they discredit their critics) that homosexual orientation is “intrinsically disordered” or more recently leaked “caused by the devil” and therefore homosexuality is the cause of the child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  By keeping this emotionally charged false notion alive they are able to deceptively rally public support as their real reason for fighting against gay marriage to protect children. “

Satan may cause homosexuality, writes Catholic official – 110311

Benedict XVI and the hierarchy are in a panic because the majority of Catholics are supportive of gay marriage and understand homosexuality has nothing to do with the child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  They realize the real blame for the child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is solely the cause of Benedict XVI and the hierarchy and their efforts to cover them up.

A Reversal more Beneficial

What would seem more beneficial is if a great number of world leaders and government officials arranged a time to meet with Benedict XVI and admonish him about his child sexual abuse cover- ups.  How this does not feel surreal that is because it makes sense about what needs to happen, in order to ensure the protection and safety of children.

Written by – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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New York - GAY MARRIAGE Bill
Gay Catholic Priest Sends LETTERS to All
NY STATE SENATORS - June 7, 2011 - How Strong is the VATICAN in the USA?

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

 Protect Religious Freedom – but not TYRANNY in Religion

The way to begin for us all, not only the NY State Senators, to protect Religious Freedom and not Tyranny in Religion is by obtaining a well-informed conscience.  We start by individually approaching and studying in (great detail because it involves the lives of children) from the best and the brightest (1) scripture scholars regarding the references related to homosexuality and (2) scientists in the field of study of human sexuality, in particular, but [not] limited to, the onset of sexual orientation.  The prerequisite to the formation of a well-informed conscience is making a thorough study of all sides of the issue from all available authoritative data and research, including opposing views. Then in this way we are better equipped to decide who and what needs government protection in regards to the gay marriage bill. This exhaustive procedure follows to the letter the Gospel quotation about the “plank” and the” speck.” photo

“How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. Luke 6:42

The “plank” for us is ignorance.  If we satisfactorily resolve this ignorance, then together we will be able to see more clearly, whether or not, as NY State Senators (government officials) and as citizens we are colluding with the Catholic Hierarchy and are harming children, as was found to be the case in the Ireland Murphy Report.
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To The New York Republican Senators
On The Issue of

This piece of legislation the gay marriage bill is not like any other in that it involves the well-being of children, at its very root. You have been given a “hot potato” because children do not have a voice to protect them, you are, and we are their voices. The responsibility that is involved in this gay marriage is tremendous and overwhelming. I know this because this is the same “hot potato” that landed in my lap, March 1997.   If you run from this responsibility, you will live with unending regret that you allowed innocent children to be continually harmed knowing that you had one chance in a lifetime to do something extraordinary for the well-being of children and people around the world. If you face and accept this responsibility of protecting children, you risk your political career, indeed your very life, as you know it. However, when I came out to my great surprise it was successful at my parish - Holy Family Catholic Parish, Sparta, Michigan and this was 1997.  I think that for the NY State Republican Senators today 2011 - the social climate as polls indicate is significantly better than it was in 1997 with the majority of Catholics now accepting gay marriage.  The reverse may be truer today for NY State Republican Senators that “not supporting gay marriage” could have an adverse effect on your political career.  Photo

I believe this to be true – because gay marriage (human sexuality, sexual orientation) is like Galileo it is about the true facts of science.  Condemning Galileo showed real ignorance on the part of the Vatican, which Pope John Paul II confirmed and apologized for in 1992.

Even though, it is indeed a most unfair situation to be placed in. How I resolved this situation was through hours upon hours of continuous prayer. Afterwards, I came to the realization that my life had already been altered – changed forever. Because there was no way I could pretend I did not know what I knew, how severely children are harmed for life by the unsubstantiated antigay teachings and antigay social norms. I decided that I could not live with the regret knowing that I had a chance to make a profound difference for the better for others, most especially children and that I did nothing. My life would be nothing. I took the bungee jump and I came out to my parishioners. It definitely was not easy, but one thing that happened to me is - I gained a real sense of peace and well-being that has remained constant and unshaken.  The scripture passages that kept repeating over and over in my head were:

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” Matthew 16:25

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?” Luke 9:25 

“Anyone who loves their FATHER or mother more than me is not worthy of me;… Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.” Matthew 10:36-38

 “…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

Even after Benedict XVI and his accomplices’ mistreatment of me and the serious harm they have caused me that sense of peace has never left me. It is remains rock solid. I believe that is the benefit of spending the time and energy of acquiring a well-informed conscience regarding sexual orientation.
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----------------The Letter---------------

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!
Thalamus Center 
Early Childhood Psychological Development Growing Up Gay

June 7, 2011
New York State Senators 
Dear ...... .....,

My name is Fr. Marty Kurylowicz, a Roman Catholic priest from the Diocese of Grand Rapids Michigan ordained June 16, 1979.

In March 1997, after attending a National Symposium of the New Ways Ministry that was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I learned that children as young as 4 and 5 years of age know that they are different. This feeling "different" is only identified in their adult years as being gay. However, the harmful influence of antigay social and religious norms -- in particular, for Catholics, the Vatican’s unsubstantiated antigay teachings -- are severe and last throughout a child’s lifetime.

The harmful effects are not isolated only to these children who grow up to be gay, but also affect their families, siblings, friends and anyone whom they might consider special in their lives. They are a prescribed societal sentence of implicit isolation, which place at risk of suicide so many innocent adolescents and young adults. They stifle an enormous amount of human potential in the world that otherwise could be put to use for finding cures for diseases, offering better ways of maintaining peace among people and improving the quality of life for everyone in the world...
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July 2010 - this Letter was also sent to:

President of the United States
United States Congress
United States Supreme Court
United States Department of Justice
50 United States Governors

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

As Support for Gay Marriage Increases - Benedict XVI & USA Bishops Panic of Exposure Increases - Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Accountability - VATICAN RENOUNCES ALL ANTI-GAY TEACHINGS - November 30, 2011

Majority of Catholics Support Gay Marriage
Threatens Secrecy
Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups

In 2011, the polls indicated that the majority in the USA now supports gay marriage, including the majority of Catholics even exceeding that of any other Christian denomination though not their leadership.  The more Catholics support gay marriage; the more extreme the US Bishops become increasing their spending to fight it (according to polls – not including outside sources).  They have become blatantly oppressive. In November, without the support of the majority of Catholics the US Bishops made a deliberate public spectacle threatening to forcefully attack politicians in particular President Obama to fight gay marriage. As reported in the news media, Minnesota and New York City, archbishops have pressured all Catholic priests to fight against gay marriage threatening priests with severe sanctions if they do not.  They even threatened lay Catholic employees who even participate in a gay wedding ceremony.    Why such immediate seemly irrational reactions, this sudden surge of panic? What is the intense motivation behind this reactionary behavior of the hierarchy? Homophobia alone does not address the degree and intensity of their reactions.  It is equally hard to believe that it is motivated by their empathy for people, i.e. 30 some years of global child sexual abuse cover-ups.  If they were empathetic they would have diligently with reverence studied the facts of human sexuality not deny them.

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Archdiocese plans anti-gay marriage committees in every Minnesota Catholic Church – 101711

Benedict XVI Continues to Deny Reality 
Science about Sexual Orientation

An interesting note is that even though it has been well established and accepted for the last several decades by an overwhelming number of researchers from both the medical and mental health fields globally, including theologians, scripture scholars and other educated professionals that (1) SEXUAL ORIENTATION is a normal part of human development and (2) HOMOSEXUALITY is not the cause of or related to child sexual abuse, however, these two facts have not been accepted by Benedict XVI and the hierarchy. This is the same as if they refused to accept Galileo that the earth revolves around the sun. 

In fact, however, below the news media radar (except for an occasional leak), far away from any public scrutiny Benedict XVI and the hierarchy have continually promoted globally at the grassroots levels (parishes, the same way they discredit their critics) that homosexual orientation is “intrinsically disordered” or more recently leaked “caused by the devil” and therefore homosexuality is the cause of the child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.  By keeping this emotionally charged false notion alive they are able to deceptively rally public support as their real reason for fighting against gay marriage to protect children. 

Satan may cause homosexuality, writes Catholic official – 110311

[In early 2010, it was indeed distributing and overwhelming to read and hear, week after week, month after month, about Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups & Accountability regarding Benedict XVI and the Hierarchy.  This matter to this date remains unresolved (AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - 2011 Report listed Benedict XVI – “The Holy See did not sufficiently comply with its international obligations relating to the protection of children.”  Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have accused the pope, the Vatican secretary of state and two other high-ranking Holy See officials of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, in a formal complaint to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC)). It would be even more distributing if we as human beings decided that because it is too disturbing to read about, we would rather not hear anymore on the subject, again. This would then be to collude with the negligence of the responsible parties in the global cover-ups of the child sexual abuse cases. This would be a most heinous crime on our part, especially because it involves defenseless children. The same would be true if we were to allow this false notion regarding homosexual sexual orientation and child sexual abuse to go unchallenged by us individually, because it too involves defenseless children. This update added 121211]

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The cruelties of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE on CHILDREN are often subtle, unspoken, unrecognized, and even normalized, regarded by many people as natural or “just the way things are.” Daniel J. Christie - Peace, Conflict, and Violence:
Peace Psychology for the 21st Century.

The Holy See did not sufficiently comply with its international obligations relating to the protection of children.  - AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL - 2011 Report

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Says Vatican Not Meeting Obligations On Sex Abuse – 51811

Pope accused of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by victims of sex abuse – 91311

Vatican letter “Jan. 31, 1997” told Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report child abuse – 11811

Irish abuse victim: New letter proves Vatican cover-up – 11811

Vatican Letter Warned Bishops on Abuse Policy – 11811
The letter 1997 Document

Vatican Letter to Irish Bishops on Sex Abuse: A 'Smoking Gun' in Conspiracy? - 11911

Quick Facts: US church sex abuse – 21411
“Time and again the Roman Catholic Church has been forced to defend itself against charges that top officials tried to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by priests.”

Child abuse tragedy made worse by Irish bishops and Vatican – 71411

Angry Ireland finally confronts Vatican over abuse -72111

Kenny defends attack on Vatican – 90411

Disgraceful cover-up by Vatican continues on Irish child abuse---Irish prime minister has absolutely nothing to apologize for - 90411

Letters place Pope at centre of child abuse scandal

Benedict XVI/Ratzinger & Vatican - CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE CASES - “They did as much as they had at each point in time given the public outcry, and no more.” 42710

“WHAT THE POPE KNEW” – by Gary Tuchman, September 25, 2010,
CNN & CNN International (Investigative documentary)

Ireland report - “This is about the reckless endangerment of children in a calculated, purposeful strategy to protect the institutional Church”

Pope 'led cover-up of child abuse by priests' – 2006

Pope Benedict condemns 'petty gossip' over child sexual abuse scandal – 32810

Abuse Scandal in Germany Edges Closer to Pope – 31210

Priest says he was pressurised into taking blame for pope – April 4, 2010

Priest says he was bullied into taking fall for Pope in abuse scandal – April 18, 2010

Vatican Lashes Out At The New York Times Over Sex Abuse Coverage – 40110

Attacks on Pope over child abuse scandal are ‘akin to anti-Semitism’ 40110

How the Catholic Church could end its sex scandal – March 26, 2010
The Vatican has dealt with the sexual abuse scandals as other institutions would. It should be relying on its Christian values.
…The church needs to show it understands the flaws of its own internal culture by examining its own conscience, its own practices, its own reflexes when faced with challenge. As the church rightly teaches, acknowledging the true nature of our sin is the one and only path to redemption and forgiveness…

Who Can Mock This Church? – 50110

What might Benedict XVI and the Hierarchy real reason be for disregarding the truth about homosexuality that it is NOT the cause of or related to child sexual abuse but instead maintaining this public deception of falsely blaming homosexuals? According to the overwhelming documentation that has been revealed in the news media, stating that Benedict XVI played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse, it would strongly suggest it is to protect themselves, in particular to protect Benedict XVI that they are solely responsible for covering up the decades of child sexual abuse cases.  They remain completely unconcerned by the devastating lifetime harm, even death they cause adults and especially children globally by their willful disregard of these two basic facts about human sexuality. This is alarmingly inhuman. Their deception becomes more apparent, as the public acceptance of gay marriage continues to increase, especially among the majority of Catholics. Their efforts escalate to maintain this deception and are publically seen as being more frantic and erratic. (References, documentation listed below)

Anti-gay Marriage
Maintains the Secrecy  
Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Accountability

Why continue this immoral disregard for human life?  What purpose does it serve to deny the truth?  What would happen if Benedict XVI and the hierarchy accepted the two facts listed above?  The Vatican’s antigay teachings would have to be renounced as UNSUBSTANTIATED in the same way that Pope John Paul II renounced that Galileo was not a heretic, but in fact he was right and the church was wrong. This would mean that the Catholic Church would approve gay marriage. It would be taught in the Catholic Church that homosexuality is to be cherished and respected, as a gift from God, a normal part of human development and not related to child sexual abuse anymore than heterosexuality.

What would happen with the elimination of using homosexuality as a scapegoat? The blame, responsibility and the prosecution for the decades of the global child sexual abuse cover-ups would then seem to clearly fall on the Hierarchy (cardinals and bishops).  When cardinals and bishops are facing civil court prison sentences, allegiance tends to dissolve rather quickly, definitely killing any secrecy when they are asked under oath “Who ordered the cover-ups?” Again, as indicated by the documentation in the news media, in every case Benedict XVI would more than likely be implicated in ordering the cover-ups. Could this then be the real motivation for Benedict XVI opposing gay marriage?  This may be why no member of the hierarchy has ever been allowed to be held for prosecution by civil authorities for covering-up the child sexual abuse, because it would lead directly to Cardinal Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI.  This may help to explain why Cardinal Law of Boston 2002 was taken away to Rome instead of having to face the possibility of civil prosecution in the USA. 

Benedict XVI would no longer be shielded from the truth finally coming out that he, as Cardinal Ratzinger, did in fact ordered the cover-ups and threatened those who did not follow his orders. This might then begin a great unraveling of all of Benedict XVI’s decades of covert operations, and include revealing those of his accomplices (cardinals, bishops and others) though not all limited to the child sexual abuse cover-ups. No civil authority is likely to touch Benedict XVI. It is only by losing all of his public credibility that will convict him and imprison him for his 30 some years ordering the covering up of the global child sexual abuse cases.  As the support continues to increase for gay marriage, especially among Catholics – Benedict XVI’s 30 years of secrecy is being exposed (on roof tops) as the truth emerges more fully, then finally children will be safer and for others true healing can begin.  Rebuilding can begin, learning from the devastating mistakes and making the necessary improvements to help assured that this type travesty of Church never happens again. 

Knowledge Is Power
Learning - The Facts Of Human Sexuality Saves Lives
Vatican Renounces All Anti-Gay Teachings

Continually learning the facts of human sexuality is the way to do "Church Cleaning" especially now in the Catholic Church, and how we can begin to rebuild.  It is the most non-violent way to establish change that is lasting. It would begin to stop the lifetime harm and deaths caused to millions of innocent adults and children around the world, by Benedict XVI and the Hierarchy willful negligence to learn the truth about human sexuality and then to teach the truth. This is a way for us to begin working together in helping to create a better world for everyone, especially for children. Our learning the facts of human sexuality is the quickest way to help the Vatican Renounce All Their Anti-Gay Teachings because they are UNSUBSTANTIATED.  

As more people learn the facts about human sexuality, especially Catholics, they no longer blindly accept Benedict XVI and the Hierarchy shifting the blame onto the homosexuals as the cause for the global child sexual abuse. They begin to see through this deception created by Benedict XVI and promoted by the Hierarchy while hiding behind their unearned respect and reverence that comes with holding high offices in the Church. They see all too clearly who is at blame for the child sexual abuse cover-ups.  Catholics, not only those who were sexual abused, but Catholics in general become disillusion and angry. They finally react forcefully much in the same way that the people of Ireland did this September to Benedict XVI and the Vatican years of being non-corporative in actively seeking to resolve the child sexual abuse cases. 

Although, there are Catholics who still blindly follow Benedict XVI and the Hierarchy, but this number is dwindling, as individuals actively study the truth, it then continues to spread around the world. Catholics are remembering the importance of being responsible to acquire a well-informed conscience, and now realize to act otherwise is a serious sin that can destroy people’s lives, including the lives of children. We are never to blindly follow anyone; otherwise God would not have given us individual brains. We are to value all God’s gifts to us, most especially our sexual orientation. Because it is how we are able to experience what it is like to be one with another – to love and be loved, it is our most precious gift as human beings. This kind of love makes the world go around; it helps us to make the world a better place for everyone. 

 Written by - Fr. Marty Kurylowicz

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Archbishop Dolan - According to “DIVINE LAW” the NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE as found in the Bible is that the earth does not move.  Therefore, GALILEO was a heretic because of his idea that the earth revolves around the sun, he, too, was punished severely. 1633

In 1992, POPE JOHN PAUL II apologized to GALILEO declaring that Galileo was right and Church was wrong.  John Paul II himself has said that the scientist was "IMPRUDENTLY OPPOSED." 103192

Archbishop Dolan regarding Gay Marriage - The way for us all to protect “Religious Freedom” and not TYRANNY IN RELIGION is by obtaining a WELL-INFORMED CONSCIENCE – regarding SEXUAL ORIENTATION, human sexuality … – 8911 – Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

ALL BENEDICT XVI’s ROMAN CURIA - Unconscionable Covert Ruthlessness, EXPLOSIVE RETALIATION to Opposition or Exposure -  “…[Benedict XVI] receives the full support of the Roman Curia. The Curia does its best to STIFLE CRITICISM in the episcopate and in the church as a whole and to DISCREDIT CRITICS with all the means at its disposal…” - CHURCH IN WORST CREDIBILITY CRISIS SINCE REFORMATION, THEOLOGIAN TELLS BISHOPS – Hans Kung - April 4, 2010

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN (1976) - President Richard Nixon…gathered around him some very suspect people who were willing to commit criminal acts to ensure that Nixon got re-elected.  They actually created a squad of lawyers and officials that, while they said it was just "DIRTY TRICKS," devoted itself to sabotaging the Democratic Party by criminal activity… [They] BUGGED, FOLLOWED PEOPLE, FALSE PRESS LEAKS, FAKE LETTERS, cancelled Democratic campaign rallies, investigated Democratic private lives, PLANTED SPIES, and STOLE DOCUMENTS.  They even SABOTAGED the candidacy of a Democrat who had a better chance of beating Nixon in the 1972 election, Senator Edmund Muskie of Maine. 

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit, MI – KILLING THE SECRECY – Testifies in Child Sexual Abuse Case 2006 - Admits being a victim of sexual abuse – Criticizes Bishops Dallas Charter 2002 - "It's not over and it won't be over until we within the church deal with it in a very open, honest and thorough way…”  – VATICAN IMMEDIATE VINDICTIVE RETALIATION – to maintain cover-ups - 11411

Ireland - KILLING THE SECRECY - Exposing - Benedict XVI & Roman Curia - Response to Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups as lacking in empathy, plain human respect & well-being for people – even children – Unconscionable Covert Ruthlessness, EXPLOSIVE RETALIATION to Opposition or Exposure – 9611

November 22, 2011

The US Bishops new website “Marriage Unique for A Reason” is NOT A DETAIL explanation of marriage or why they are against gay marriage; it lacks documentation and valid reference sources.  Many of the references that are listed are circular references; they are references back to written material that equally have no documentation or valid references to support what is written. This makes the US Bishops new website “Marriage Unique For A Reason” at best an editorial, a statement of opinion that is a covert ongoing sophisticated form of propaganda lacking in empathy, plain human respect and well-being for people, especially children, therefore it is most definitely it is not about Catholic Church teachings. Benedict XVI and his bishops are to be teachers. And as teachers they must outline in detail a comprehensive list of sources, references, and documentation that has been composed by a great number scholars, theologians, experts, etc., all from a wide range of perspectives, fields of study, cultures, background from both the past and present, in order, to give a thorough account of their understanding of marriage and reason to exclude gay marriage. And as like with any good teachers they must be willing to answer any and all questions. This is the authoritative style of teachings, it is based on “substantiated or supported by documentary evidence and accepted by most authorities in a field: an authoritative edition of Shakespeare; an authoritative treatment of a subject.” However, what the US Bishops have given on their website is an authoritarian teaching style, “favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom: authoritarian principles; authoritarian attitudes.”

The US Bishops new website “Marriage Unique for A Reason” is just a continuation of the ongoing irresponsible form of leadership and an unending form of ruthless vindictive discrimination against a large segment of the human population, which includes children growing up in early childhood. It mirrors the same tone of disregard, an arrogant contempt for humanity that has been demonstrated by Benedict XVI, the Roman Curia and hierarchy for the past 30 years by the alarming magnitude of their global child sexual abuse cover-ups.

Benedict XVI is falling into the same trap that destroyed Hitler. Hitler’s anti-intellectual approach dramatized by the “book burning” was to rid Germany at that time of any intellectual thought or scientific research that was in conflict with his idea of Germany’s future. Hitler not only burnt books but removed the scientists and intellectuals, as well as. After Ratzinger became pope Benedict XVI in 2005 almost immediately - like Hitler he removed all the scientists that Pope John Paul II had in place on the committees (congregations) in the Vatican.  Benedict XVI continuous refusal to incorporate the global overwhelming contributions of scientific research regarding sexual orientation and gender identity is a crime against humanity. The lifetime harmful effects that this criminal irresponsible leadership has on children growing up during their early childhood psychological developmental years are devastating and for many life threatening. Scripture scholars have stated for decades that the bible does not condemn homosexuality and yet Benedict XVI refuses to acknowledge their findings. The Vatican’s antigay teachings are unsubstantiated both in regards to science and scripture. It is a situation exactly like Galileo’s; only this one continues to have devastating effects, even life threatening effects on children, adults, their families and friends.
Homosexuality & the Bible – Galileo

Links found below:

Hitler’s Anti-intellectualism - downfall of German science & Germany’s eventual destruction in 1945

Benedict XVI and the US Bishops violated Pope John Paul II’s directive that science and faith cannot be separated; it will lead to serious error as it did with Galileo. He stressed that there are no irreconcilable differences between science and religion, stating “Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.”

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Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth—in a word, to know himself—so that, by knowing and loving God, men and women may also come to the fullness of truth about themselves (cf. Ex 33:18; Ps 27:8-9; 63:2-3; Jn 14:8; 1 Jn 3:2). 

1. In both East and West, we may trace a journey which has led humanity down the centuries to meet and engage truth more and more deeply. It is a journey which has unfolded—as it must—within the horizon of personal self-consciousness: the more human beings know reality and the world, the more they know themselves in their uniqueness, with the question of the meaning of things and of their very existence becoming ever more pressing. This is why all that is the object of our knowledge becomes a part of our life. The admonition Know yourself was carved on the temple portal at Delphi, as testimony to a basic truth to be adopted as a minimal norm by those who seek to set themselves apart from the rest of creation as “human beings”, that is as those who “know themselves”. 

Moreover, a cursory glance at ancient history shows clearly how in different parts of the world, with their different cultures, there arise at the same time the fundamental questions which pervade human life: Who am I? Where have I come from and where am I going? Why is there evil? What is there after this life? These are the questions which we find in the sacred writings of Israel, as also in the Veda and the Avesta; we find them in the writings of Confucius and Lao-Tze, and in the preaching of Tirthankara and Buddha; they appear in the poetry of Homer and in the tragedies of Euripides and Sophocles, as they do in the philosophical writings of Plato and Aristotle. They are questions which have their common source in the quest for meaning which has always compelled the human heart. In fact, the answer given to these questions decides the direction which people seek to give to their lives… 

(29) “[Galileo] declared explicitly that the two truths, of faith and of science, can never contradict each other, 'Sacred Scripture and the natural world proceeding equally from the divine Word, the first as dictated by the Holy Spirit, the second as a very faithful executor of the commands of God', as he wrote in his letter to Father Benedetto Castelli on 21 December 1613. The Second Vatican Council says the same thing, even adopting similar language in its teaching: 'Methodical research, in all realms of knowledge, if it respects... moral norms, will never be genuinely opposed to faith: the reality of the world and of faith have their origin in the same God' (Gaudium et Spes, 36). Galileo sensed in his scientific research the presence of the Creator who, stirring in the depths of his spirit, stimulated him, anticipating and assisting his intuitions”: John Paul II, Address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (10 November 1979): Insegnamenti, II, 2 (1979), 1111-1112.
Read complete Encyclical Letter: Fides Et Ratio Of The Supreme Pontiff John Paul II

Gay Marriage - Archbishop Timothy Dolan NY - not presenting CATHOLICISM but rather TOTALITARIANISM and/or worst Benedict XVI’s Global Child Sexual Abuse Cover-ups Attempts – 92811


 A flashback far more severe than in --- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
December 26, 2008 – Fr. Marty Kurylowicz
…I have been so saddened by Pope Benedict XVI's cruel words to LGBTQ people around the world, to their parents, families and friends, most ESPECIALLY TO CHILDREN… Photo
…I am a priest and a clinical psychologist… And for one of my research projects I chose to do a qualitative research project of the recorded verbal accounts of survivors of the Holocaust, 50 years after the event…

…And when I heard what Pope Benedict XVI said about homosexuals and transgendered human beings at Christmas 2008, I felt that same trauma all over again. Because in some way, somehow, he was conveying …the horror of the Holocaust, in what appears to be a traumatized, trance-like, accepted social norm from that period of time dictating that some people just don’t count, aren’t important, and can be easily disposed of. And if you rock the boat, you could be next to be disposed of. Photo

…The horror of the Holocaust is like an atomic bomb with fallout so extensive that it spreads over a radius of more than 150 miles. The horror of the Holocaust began in 1933 and ended in 1945. The psychological fallout would have been far more extensive and more deadly, especially when it is not identified as such…

Chronicle of the Third Reich - Michael Kloft – 2010 The past is still with us and will not go away. (Helmut Schmidt) …The Third Reich lasted for 12 years, 3 months and 9 days. It began with great hopes and unprecedented jubilation and ended after a world war in which 50 million people were killed, Germany was destroyed and the European Jews murdered. To mark the 75th anniversary of the seizure of power by the Nazis, SPIEGEL embarks on a unique journey through the bleakest chapter of German history…  

Part II – Carnival 1938 in Nuremberg – The amateur footage documents the Shrovetide Revelry in the Third Reich.  One of the floats is decorated with the anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew hanging from the gallows as if it were the most natural thing in the world. …

What you cannot do is accept injustice.

From Hitler – or anyone.

You must make the injustice visible

– be prepared to die like a

 soldier to do so.

Mahatma Gandhi

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

A partial list:

1.  Sexual orientation is set either just before birth or very soon afterwards 


Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality - American Psychological Association

The Science of Sexual Orientation - Researchers Focus on Twins (Video) 

Attempts to Change Sexual Orientation

Sexual Conversion Therapies - by Jack Drescher, M.D.

Sexual Conversion Therapy - Ethical, Clinical and Research Perspectives (2002) -
edited by Ariel Shidlo, PhD, Michael Schroeder, PsyD, and Jack Drescher, MD

Sexual Orientation & ‘Reparative Therapy’
by Jack Drescher, MD  – video

Bibliography for Facts about Sexual Orientation

Major - Medical and Mental Heath Associations
 Policies & Position Statements - Regarding Sexual Orientation

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association, AGLP

APSAA, American Psychoanalytic Association

American Psychological Association

American Counseling Association

American Medical Association

American Academy of Pediatrics

AFFIRM: Psychologists Affirming their  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Family

Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)

Gender Identity Research and Education Society - UK

Kinsey Institute for Research in  Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

National Association of School Psychologists

National Association of Social Workers

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

2.  Early psychological development – in a social environment that is anti-gay – causes significant harm to the child’s ability to be in relationships, with others, a job, etc.


Sexual orientation is less about sex and more about love, being one with another human being. Attachment Theory - - LOVE & RELIGION

Attachment Theory

Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love – video
ATTACHMENT THEORY - our first relationship with our carers acts as a LIFELONG TEMPLATE, moulding and shaping our capacity to enter into, and maintain, successful subsequent relationships with family, friends and partners...
Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Gay Man
Jack Drescher, M.D. in his book Psychoanalytic Therapy & The Gay Man describes the complexities related to growing up gay; from his research of developmental narratives of gay adults retrospectively recalling their feelings being gay began in early childhood. These gay feelings had remained constant, and were resistant to being altered. Dr. Drescher explains the contrast of how social norms impact the psychology of the early childhood developmental years of a heterosexual boy and a homosexual boy.

Being Homosexual: Gay Men and Their Development – by  Richard A. Isay M.D.
Argues that homosexuality is biologically innate, suggests a natural developmental path for homosexuals, and discusses the problems faced in long-term gay relationships

The overstimulation of everyday life: I. New aspects of male homosexuality
Sidney H. Phillips
Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis, USA
J Am Psychoanal Assoc 49:1235-67. 2001
Western heterosexual culture surrounds the homosexually inclined boy in a climate of erotic overstimulation that powerfully affects his development and adult sexual adaptation. This assertion is illustrated through a case presentation of a homosexual man who shared a bed with his brother from childhood into adolescence. Analysis of the patient's transference enactment—repeatedly falling asleep on the couch—gradually revealed the psychic impact of this everyday overstimulation: the creation of a tantalized inner world of longing. The regular occurrence and developmental understanding of adolescent homosexual boys' unrequited love affairs with adolescent heterosexual boys are described and explored. Finally, the overstimulation of everyday life is proposed as a new model for understanding certain behavioral aspects of male homosexuality, such as the avoidance of rough-and-tumble play in childhood and homosexual cruising.

Homosexuality: coming out of the confusion
Sidney H Phillips
Int J Psychoanal 84:1431-50. 2003
In this paper, Dr. Phillips describes the complications of how the historical context of social norms can significantly influence the classification of the components of homosexuality by clinicians causing them to be blind to their own biases. Mindful of our susceptibility to this kind of phenomenon, Dr. Phillips calls to task these biases that pathologize homosexuality simply because it is not consistent with heterosexuality and therefore to be classified as a mental disorder. He offers an alternative description of homosexuality from his clinical research that is consistent with other researchers of early childhood psychological development of children who grow up to be gay.

The Psychology of the Closeted Individual and Coming Out – Jack Drescher, MD
Many LGB individuals report developmental histories with difficulty acknowledging their homosexuality, either to themselves or to others. This is because, starting in childhood, LGB individuals are often subjected to antihomosexual attitudes, not only from strangers, but also from their own families and communities (Drescher, Stein and Byne, 2005). The childhood need to hide may persist into adulthood, leading many LGB individuals to conceal important aspects of themselves…Read more

Gay Conversion | Religious Conversion - Transforms the Damned into the Saved | COVERING - Kenji Yoshino – 2002 - The Yale Law Journal

Resource Links -- Conversion Therapy
Policy Statements of Professional Organizations
Rockway Institute - Alliant International University

3.  Gay teen suicideFamily Acceptance Project  - shows relationship between a lack of family acceptance of a gay child and the rate of substance abuse, suicide and others problems

Groundbreaking Study Finds Family Acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adolescents Protects Against Depression, Substance Abuse and Suicidal Behavior in Early Adulthood – by Caitlin Ryan, PhD, December 6, 2010 - FAMILY ACCEPTANCE PROJECT

Dr. Caitlin Ryan: Reducing Risk and Promoting Well-Being for LGBT Youth: The Critical Role of Family Support – 2009 – podcast

Dr. Caitlin Ryan: Commitment, Intentionality, and Hard Work: What It Takes To Do Culturally Competent, Ground-Breaking Research 2010 – podcast

Family Acceptance Project™ website:

Dr. Caitlin Ryan – Mental Health Matters: How does the “Family Acceptance Project” work? – 2011

Family Acceptance Project™ - Helping diverse families understand how to support their LGBT children – videos

Family Acceptance of LGBT Youth Protects Against Suicide, Depression & Substance Abuse and Predicts Better Health & Self-Esteem

School Victimization of Gender-Nonconforming LGBT Youth Linked with Depression and Quality Of Life In Adulthood

Best Practice Guidelines for Serving LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care

Family Acceptance Project™ Resource Links:
San Francisco State University Related Programs
LGBT Family-Related Organizations
LGBT Youth Organizations
School-Related Resources
Gender-Related Resources
LGBT Legal Advocacy Organizations
Online Resources for LGBT Youth
Adolescent Health
National LGBT Organizations
LGBT Health-Related Organizations

Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling - By Caitlin Ryan and Donna Futterman

UA professor Stephen T. Russell to Explore LGBT Suicide Risk – 2008

Homophobic families harm gay teenagers, study claims - 2008

Internalized Homophobia and Relationship Quality among Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals - David M. Frost and Ilan H. Meyer - 2009
Journal of Counseling Psychology 2009, Vol. 56, No. 1, 97–109

New Report Shows Inequalities for Children with LGBT Parents

 Talking About Suicide & LGBT Populations - Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

Preventing Suicide among LGBT Youth by Effie Malley  - Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)

Suicide Prevention among LGBT Youth with Effie Malley – 2009

Homophobia Is Killing Our Youth – 2009

Gay Bullying Deaths and Religion: Are Believers the Problem or the Solution? 2010

For Many Gay Youth, Bullying Exacts a Deadly Toll – 2010

Gay bullying and Catholic responsibilities – 2010

Homophobia in the Church: What Catholics Are Doing About It, and What Still Needs to Be Done – 2010

“Most religious denominations continue to condemn homosexuality as sinful and
provide a rationale for marginalizing LGB people.” - Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
Social Environment - Although the social environment itself has not been defined as a risk factor for suicide, widespread discrimination against LGBT people, heterosexist attitudes, and gender bias can lead to risk factors such as isolation, family rejection, and lack of access to care providers. Risk factors may interact in unhealthy ways—for example, internalized homophobia or victimization may lead to stress, which is associated with depression and substance abuse, which can contribute to suicide risk. This risk may be compounded by a lack of protective factors that normally provide resilience, such as strong family connections, peer support, and access to effective health and mental health providers…

Herek and colleagues (2007) describe a framework to understand the social environment for sexual minorities. The framework integrates the sociological idea of stigma with the psychological idea of prejudice. Through stigma, society discredits and invalidates homosexuality relative to heterosexuality. Institutions embodying stigma results in heterosexism, and heterosexual individuals internalizing stigma results in prejudice. The United States legal system has faced challenges by sexual minorities and sympathetic heterosexuals that have led to significant changes. However, the legal system continues to reinforce stigma through discriminatory laws and the absence of laws protecting sexual minorities from discrimination in employment, housing, and services. A minority of states had antidiscrimination laws as of 2005, and most of these only referred to employment and not to housing or services. Most religious denominations continue to condemn homosexuality as sinful and provide a rationale for marginalizing LGB people…

See no Race, See no Gay: What Proponents of a Gay-Blind Approach to Bullying in the Schools can Learn from Race Relations - by Kira Hudson Banks, Ph.D. and Nestor L. Lopez-Duran PhD,
2010 - Psychology Today

Bullying, gay teen suicides, and a need for a solution – 2010 - Nestor L. Lopez-Duran, PhD. - clinical child psychologist and researcher, University of Michigan

Bullies and Victims: Boys will be boys or a symptom of distress? 2009 - Child Psychology Research

The cruelties of STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE on CHILDREN are often subtle, unspoken, unrecognized, and even normalized, regarded by many people as natural or “just the way things are.” Daniel J. Christie - Peace, Conflict, and Violence:
Peace Psychology for the 21st Century.

Pope’s child porn 'normal' claim sparks outrage among victims -122110

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit.” 

…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Matthew 18:6

Important note: No disrespect meant to Pope Benedict XVI or the hierarchy, the one and only concern is the safety and well-being of children.

Kids Are Being Hurt!!!

Galileo facing the Roman Inquisition 

Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New International Version)
5 The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises.
Ecclesiastes 1:5 (New American Standard Bible)
Also, the sun rises and the sun sets; And hastening to its place it rises there again. 

1 Chronicles 16:30 (New International Version)
30 Tremble before him, all the earth! 
The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
1 Chronicles 16:30 (New American Standard Bible)
30 Tremble before Him, all the earth; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved. 

Psalm 93:1 (New International Version)
The LORD reigns, he is robed in majesty; 
 the LORD is robed in majesty 
 and is armed with strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved.
Psalm 93:1 (New American Standard Bible)
1 The LORD reigns, He is clothed with majesty; The LORD has clothed and girded Himself with strength; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved. 

Psalm 96:10 (New International Version)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns." 
 The world is firmly established, it cannot be moved; 
 he will judge the peoples with equity.
Psalm 96:10 (New American Standard Bible)
10 Say among the nations, "The LORD reigns; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity." 

Psalm 104:5 (New International Version)
5 He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.
Psalm 104:5 (New American Standard Bible)
He established the earth upon its foundations, So that it will not totter forever and ever.

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Although the social environment itself has not been defined as a risk factor for suicide, widespread discrimination against LGBT people, heterosexist attitudes, and gender bias can lead to risk factors such as isolation, family rejection, and lack of access to care providers.
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